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Cold War3! 4th Edition Released

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Personal logo Murphy Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

Will there be additions for US Forces and West German Forces?

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Wargame Vault announces the availability of:

Cold War3! Rules for Modern Warfare 1960-1990

Cold War3!

Fully revised 4th Edition of COLD WAR3! – in fact, so revised and shiny and new, it's a completely new book!

Includes rules for combined arms using artillery, armor, mechanized, aircraft and support troops (such as engineers and medical personnel). Rules for the electronic battlefield, nuclear, biological and chemical battlefield. Recovering and repairing knocked out vehicles; building bridges, defenses, trenches and repairing defenses. Fighting in buildings, built-up areas and in a contaminated environment. Rules are included for paratroopers, reconnaissance elements, assaults and close-combat (even assaulting tanks if you are so inclined). A flexible figure scale of anything from 6mm right through to 54mm (with it optimized for 15mm) can be used with a flexible ground scale that can take in the vast ranges of modern artillery. Included are rules for conducting air support missions, air-to-air combat, air-to-ground attacks, helicopter operations, anti-aircraft artillery and missiles. Rules are also included for morale and their effect on our little model soldiers. Wounds and recovery of those (using medics if you've paid for them!).

Rules for various armors such as Chobham, Dorchester, ERA bricks, BAR armor, and all manner of nasties that can defeat those armors, including 2nd generation (Top-Attack. Tandem Warhead) ATGMs such as Improved TOW II and the Russian Svir missiles.

This New Version Includes the Following New TO&Es:

A complete BAOR (British Army of the Rhine)/Northag battlegroup for the 14th/20th Royal Hussars and Royal Green Jackets; including Chieftain Mk.V Tanks, Fv432 APC, Abbot and M-109 Self-Propelled Guns, RAMC Medical Teams, 9th/12th Lancers Reccee Teams (in Scorpion AFV), Swingfire ATGM, Blowpipe and Rapier SAM and 661st Squadron Army Air Corps in Lynx HELARM and the Royal Air Force with shiny Harrier GR.III and Lightning Ground Attack Aircraft.

For the Soviet forces, we have the 3rd Shock Armies 10th Guards Armored Divisions: with T80u and T-64bv tanks, BMP-1 and BMP-2 APCs, BTR-70s and of course a whole plethora of artillery such as the BM-21, BM-27, 2s1 and 2s3 artillery, anti-aircraft artillery such as the Tunguska, ZSU-23-4 and the ZSU-23-2 AA guns, the Soviet Air Force flying Su-25 Frogfoots and even Mil-Mi-8 Hip attack helicopters!

All in all, this is a slightly slimmer tome, but packed with awesome goodies and all-new color photographs and illustrations.

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