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Special Tribute to Tom Anders of Impact! Miniatures

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ImpactMiniatures writes:


The first post was by my business partner Chris.

This is Tom Anders. Yeah these guys kept this figure a complete secret from me until Monday.

Between September 2005 and December 2011 I was involved with a project with GW to revamp the rules for Blood Bowl. In November 2005, the other team members dropped out and Jervis was pulled for another project. Jervis Johnson was over to my house for dinner and told me that the project was either finished or I could take it over completely and do whatever I thought was best to make the game better without some guidelines he gave me. I accepted and finished the project which ended on July 2006 with the release of Living Rulebook 5 which represented a major change in the game. From July 2006 to December 2011, a smaller team was reorganized to review the playtester results and tweak anything that showed issues over the next 3 1/2 years … I was the front man for that effort. Going to the forums and playtesters daily to discuss what was being seen, collect opinions and organize the effort to release the final rulebook. I turned in the final copy of the rulebook in early December 2009. In late December 2009, GW sent me a legal letter letting me know that I was banned from working with them ever again and requiring me to destroy all the source files I had created for Blood Bowl on my computer after sending them a copy of it all. See … GW had lost the source files for the Blood Bowl rulebook so I worked and recreated/retyped the electronic source file for the rulebook that they now host for free on their site. In all … my records show I donated 3000 hours to GW to revamp the Blood Bowl rules to the LRB 6 (also called CRP) version. For that I received a legal letter from GW and when they published the rulebook online …. they removed the name of everyone from my team from the section.

To be clear … I'm not bitter at all. I've heard similar tales from others now in the years. I'm VERY happy that the work I did was made official by GW for everyone to play the game. That was more important to me than my name in a credits box. But it was a huge sucker punch when it all happened. Without my work …. there literally would be no Blood Bowl rulebook as GW lost the electronic source files in 2002 and I took over the PDF edits and then eventually the totally recreation of the source files for them. Maybe they would have done it … but the more I learn about internal GW … the more I'm not sure about that.

But I still love Blood Bowl …. and I appreciate the humour enough to love this figure that Chris, Ramsay, Patrick Keith and Mike Noe did for me. Thanks guys … its very cool.

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ImpactMiniatures of Impact! Miniatures writes:

Thom A. Sanders & the Greedy Witch

All sales of this miniature will go directly to Tom, as thanks for all the hard work he's done in making the game better. Available here - and you can get the Greedy Witch separate, if you have your own ideas of what to do with her. Special thanks to Patrick Keith, who did a fantastic job sculpting Thom; and Mike Noe at Iron Wind Metals for casting it and keeping it a secret; and the NAF, for lending its logo.

Once upon a time… there lived a Halfling named Thom A Sanders. Thom loved two things more than anything in the world. Like all Halflings, he loved food eating, cooking, experimenting, you name it, he loved it. He also had a love of a strange and violent sport called Fantasy Football. Thom was never brave enough to play the game, it must be said, but so passionate was he about the sport that he joined the Iron Chefs as head chef, and later as the head coach, and he led them in many successful (and a few unsuccessful) campaigns.

All this time, the fame of Thom grew. Whether it was his aggressive play-calling or his mouth-watering recipes, it did not seem to matter. Thom always gave everything his full effort, and the resulting fame was well deserved. The expertise of Thom was soon sought out by a spiteful, nasty old lady who surrounded herself with lickspittle lawyers and shallow sycophants. Her real name was unknown, though she was often called the Greedy Witch by those lucky enough to have mercifully escaped her clutches!

The Greedy Witch asked Thom to give her all his recipes for something which would be called the Lil Recipe Book, or LRB. Thom so loved to cook and so wanted to share his knowledge that he gladly, and some might say naively, accepted. He enthusiastically set to work on the book for the Greedy Witch. He worked for her for hours, days, weeks, months, and eventually even years! The Greedy Witch never said thank you, or well done, she just kept publishing the hard work of Thom and claiming all the credit for herself, even though she did not really care at all about what was in there, as long as people kept buying it!

Thom had finally completed the sixth compilation of his best recipes when the Greedy Witch threw Thom out of her castle and refused to ever speak to him again. She published the book without many of the best recipes of Thom, and did not even so much as give him a mention in the text!

Thom refused to cower, as so many others had done, though. Despite being just a lowly Halfling, he vowed revenge on the old crone. She sent her despicable lawyers, Ceez and D. Cyst, to threaten him, but he chased them off with little more than his steely gaze. Thom modified his recipes to have even more flavor and be able to be made in half the time, and published them under his own name thereafter, and while these new recipes are not as famous now as the ones Thom still speaks fondly of that are found in the LRB6, they were much, much better!

On the left, we see our cheerful head chef standing proudly with his beloved LRB6 beneath his feet; and on the right, we see our hero as he triumphantly knocks the Greedy Witch, and her filthy litigation, to the ground.

Greedy Witch
Thom & the Witch