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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

OMM is Open for Internet Orders & Shipping!

The shoppe is not open for walk-in trade at this time.

If you wish to pick up your order at the store, call ahead and we can leave a package outside the door.

Musket & Tomahawk sets are due to arrive March 20, 2020. Orders will ship out ASAP, most likely Monday.

Victory at Sea Boxed Sets…

Victory at Sea: Pre-Order Exclusive Bundles

Victory at Sea: Pre-Order Exclusive Bundles 1:1800 scale WWII game of naval combat, including capital ships, aircraft carriers, submarines, aircraft and more. Games can be skirmishes involving single destroyers hunting down merchant men or a clash of massive fleets. All models are 1:1800 scale, in resin and Warlord resin. Ships look to be molded onto bases. Bundles available: U.S. Navy (26 vessels and four aircraft) plus U.S.S. Idaho
Imperial Japanese (26 vessels and four aircraft) plus IJN Yamato
Royal Navy (26 vessels and four aircraft) plus HMS Warspite
Kriegsmarine (26 vessels and four aircraft) plus Bismarck

Each bundle will also include the Battle for the Pacific starter set (with rules, mat, dice, etc. – see below) and two additional ships, possibly U.S.S. Arizona and Altmark. $233 USD each bundle.

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now – $198.05 USD for each bundle

Victory at Sea: Battle for the Pacific Starter Set The starter set includes A4 Battle of the Pacific rules manual; die-cut game tokens sheet; 15 Warlord resin model 1:1800 scale ships: (U.S.S. Indianapolis 1944, U.S.S. Northampton 1942, U.S.S. Chicago 1942, Mogami 1939, Kumano 1944, Furutaka 1939, Fubuki-class destroyer x 3, and Fletcher-class destroyer x 6); Ship Cards and damage sliders x 15; ten-sided dice x 4; six-sided dice x 12; and A0 Sea Mat x 2. $80.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $72.00 USD

Victory at Sea: Royal Navy Fleet Box Contents: Eagle-class Carrier – HMS Eagle 1940; King George V-class Battleship – HMS Duke of York 1943; Leander-class cruiser – HMS Neptune 1941; Edinburgh-class cruiser – HMS Belfast 1942; Dido-class cruiser – HMS Dido 1940; Tribal-class Destroyer x 3; Torpedo-Bomber Aircraft – Fairey Swordfish x 4 flights; Ship Cards and Damage Sliders; Assembly Instructions. All ships 1:1800 scale. $128.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $115.20 USD

Victory at Sea: Kriegsmarine Fleet Box Contents: Scharnhorst-class Battleship – Scharnhorst 1939; Admiral Hipper – class cruiser – Blucher 1940; Admiral Hipper – class cruiser – Prinz Eugen 1940; Admiral Hipper-class cruiser – Admiral Hipper 1939; Konigsberg – class cruiser – Koln 1941; Konigsberg – class cruiser – Konigsberg 1940; Type 1936A-class Destroyer x 3; Dive Bomber Aircraft – Junker Ju-87 Stuka flight x 4 flights; Ship Cards and Damage Sliders; Assembly Instructions. All ships 1:1800 scale. $128.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $115.20 USD

Victory at Sea: U.S. Navy Fleet Box Contents: New Mexico-class Battleship – U.S.S New Mexico 1941-42; Essex-class Carrier – U.S.S. Essex 1944; Northampton-class Cruiser – U.S.S. Houston 1940; Northampton – class Cruiser – U.S.S. Chester 1941; Portland-class Cruiser – U.S.S Portland 1942; Clemson-class Destroyer x 3; Fighter Bomber Aircraft – F4-U Corsair x 4 flights; Ship Cards and Damage Sliders; Assembly Instructions. All ships 1:1800 scale. $128.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $115.20 USD

Victory at Sea: Japanese Fleet Box Contents: Kongo-class Battleship Kongo 1941; Shokaku-class Carrier – Zuikaku; Mogami-class Cruiser – Suzuya 1944; Mogami-class Cruiser – Mikuma 1942; Agano-class Cruiser – Yahagi 1943; Kagero-class Destroyer 1941 x 3; Fighter Aircraft – Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero x 4 flights; Ship Cards and Damage Sliders; Assembly Instructions. All ships 1:1800 scale. $128.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $115.20 USD
Victory at Sea: Yamato

Victory at Sea: Yamato One 1:1800 ship. Yamato Great Harmony and her sister ship, Musashi, were constructed shortly before the outbreak of World War II. They were the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever constructed; armed with nine 18.1-inch Type–94 main guns – the largest guns ever mounted on a warship. $25.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $22.50 USD

Victory at Sea: U.S.S. Idaho One 1:1800 ship. U.S.S. Idaho, the third of three ships of the New Mexico class of Battleship, was the fourth vessel to bear the name. She was launched in June 1917 and commissioned in March 1919. She was armed with a battery of twelve 14-inch guns in four turrets and was protected with heavy armor plate (13.5-inch thick in the main belt). $25.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $22.50 USD

Victory at Sea: Bismarck One 1:1800 ship. Named for Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, the battleship was laid down in July 1936 and launched February 1939. She and her sister ship, Tirpitz, were two of the largest battleships built by any European power, and certainly the largest built by Germany. Whilst the physical power they held was tremendous, they also wreaked psychological havoc amongst the Allies. Churchill was determined that the two battleships not be let loose upon the Atlantic. $25.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $22.50 USD

Victory at Sea: HMS Warspite One 1:1800 ship. HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship of the Royal Navy. Built during the early 1910s, she served in WWI, including at the Battle of Jutland. Modernized in the 1930s, she went on to serve in WWII. $25.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $22.50 USD

Peter Bunde Uniform Plates…

368: Kingdom of Wurttemberg: Mounted Jaeger Regiment Konig 1806-1810

368: Kingdom of Wurttemberg: Mounted Jaeger Regiment Konig 1806-1810 Uniform plate with 20 plus color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD

368: Kingdom of Prussia: Infantry Regiment No.8 1806 Uniform plate with 20 plus color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD


Painting Wargaming Figures: WWII

Painting Wargaming Figures: WWII in the Desert Includes 200 color illustrations. The four main sections of the book cover British, Italian, German, and U.S. troops, as well as tips on assembly and painting camouflage uniforms. Each section is divided into three levels of complexity, 'conscript,' regular, and elite, allowing the reader to build up an array of techniques as they gain confidence and experience. $23.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now – $19.55 USD


Hail Caesar Army Lists: Biblical to Early Medieval

Hail Caesar Army Lists: Biblical to Early Medieval Consolidates 123 Hail Caesar army lists ranging from around the 30th Century BC up to the early 13th Century AD. Includes special rules and army compositions not necessarily found within the main Hail Caesar rulebook, thus allowing players to use a list that pertains to their personal collection of miniatures. $38.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $34.20 USD

Blood and Valor: WWI Rules Initiative system uses simultaneous and secret bidding of points to determine player order. Strong forces can increase the number of points a player has to bid with, thus giving the player a better chance to act quickly. Players will take this into consideration when building their armies. Can be used for the Western Front, Alps of northern Italy, open spaces of the Eastern Front, Gallipoli peninsula, and more. $35.00 USD


Instrument of War: Volume 1 – The Austrian Army in the SYW

Instrument of War: Volume 1 – The Austrian Army in the SYW by Christopher Duffy. The battles and campaigns of the Seven Years War cannot be understood without knowledge of the instruments necessary to conduct such a war. Duffy examines the structure of the army, the life of its soldiers, its strengths and weaknesses, the personalities that gave it such a unique character, from top to bottom, are all considered. Not only is the Austria of Maria Theresa examined, but fascinating views appear of Prussian opponents and French, Swedish and Russian armies. Efforts were made to reshape the army, the state, and the world of diplomacy. Maria Theresa wanted to be a mother to her army, to serve it as faithfully as it served her. This is a study of what problems they faced. Includes 72 black-and-white illustrations, six black-and-white maps, three diagrams, and numerous tables and graphs.

The army and its needs affected all around it. Conscription, taxation, constitutional change, bureaucracy, logistics, all of these dominated countries that never witnessed a campaign. To most of the inhabitants of Central Europe the army was the state, and their lives cannot be understood without examining it. Conscription tells us much about the homelands of the soldiers – the languages they spoke, the professions they served, their willingness to serve what to many was an alien monarch. The army provides an important view of 18th Century Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia, Lombardy, Belgium and Austria. Even the distant Irish played an important role in this army.

Duffy's examination of the 18th Century includes the words of perceptive diplomat Kaunitz, experienced generals like Daun and Loudon, Prussian spies and foreign attaches, a cynical Belgian prince, a young Italian officer, and many others. Their first-hand accounts explain the successes and failures of Austria at war. $80.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 10%, now – $72.00 USD

Who Really Won the Battle of Marathon? A Bold Re-appraisal of One of History's Most Famous Battles In particular, the authors argue that the Greek numerical inferiority was less marked than previously thought, largely because the hoplites were accompanied by many light infantrymen who are given unprecedented credit for their role in the fighting. The contribution of these poorer citizens, it is argued, led to the immediate strengthening of democracy in Athens. The authors also tackle the much-debated mystery of the whereabouts of the Persian cavalry, generally thought to have been absent on the day of battle. Their bold answer is that it was not only present but played a central role in the fighting. However, the Greeks managed to defeat the Persian cavalry by their ingenious use of the terrain. Karyanos and Lagos also claim to have located the site of the Greek camp. $35.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now – $29.75 USD

More Like Lions Than Men: Sir William Brereton and the Cheshire Army of Parliament, 1642-46 Study of the recruitment, organization, payment, equipping, leadership, and war service of the forces raised and maintained in the service of Parliament in Cheshire between 1642 and 1646. The Cheshire Army of Parliament was commanded by the devout, energetic, and strategically astute Sir William Brereton, MP for the county. Includes 33 black-and-white photos and illustrations, three maps, and 16 pages of color plates. $50.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now – $42.50 USD

The Conquering 9th – The Ninth U.S. Army in World War II The Ninth Army came into existence in May 1944, under the command of General William Hood Simpson, himself a rather unknown but highly successful ground commander. By late August, the Ninth Army was ready to join the crusade in Europe. Known by its radio call sign Conquer, they landed at Utah Beach, France, on August 28 and 29. They were now at war and ready for their first assignment. It entered the fray in Brittany, taking over from the Third Army. The biggest port in Brittany was Brest, and operations to capture it began mid-August, with the Ninth Army completing what General Patton had begun by late September. 25 images and maps. $35.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now – $29.75 USD


Napoleon's Eagles

Napoleon's Eagles Card game set during the wars of 19th Century Europe. Two major battles (Borodino and Leipzig), two smaller battles (Shevardino and Lieberwolkwitz), and two campaign games (September 5th-7th, 1812 at Borodino and October 14th-18th, 1813 at Leipzig) are included.

Components: 225 Poker-sized cards which include 89 Unit Cards, 32 Terrain and Info Cards, and 104 Playing Cards; Two Player Aid Cards; Three Scenario Set-up Cards; One Rules and Scenario Book; and 1 Box and Lid set
Product Info: Complexity: 5 out of 10; Solitaire Suitability: Low (card-driven game); Time Scale: abstract (one full day of battle is 6 turns); Unit Scale: Infantry and Cavalry Corps; Players: Two; Playing Time: 30 to 90 minutes; 4 hours for large campaign. $55.00 USD

TMP Discount: Save 15%, now – $46.75 USD
VAE Victis # 150: Bautzen 1813

VAE Victis #150: Bautzen 1813 Two-player game of the second day of Bautzen, May 21, 1813. Emperor Napoleon assaulted the fortified positions of the Russo-Prussian army of Wittgenstein and Blucher. The total victory the emperor needed depended on Marshal Ney, who did not completely fulfilled his enveloping maneuver. Rules are an evolution of the Battle of Paris (VV 114). Complexity: 6/10; Solo playability: 8/10; Game Duration: 2 to 3 hours; Scale: one turn: one hour, one unit: one division or one brigade. Rules in English and French.

Magazine (French Text) includes articles on: Boardgames: (Stalingrad '42; Fortress Europa; Kernstown; Command & Colors Medieval; Tinian; Black Orchestra; Front Toward Enemy; Civilization of the Inner Sea; Soleil Noir; Fate of the Reiter); Scenarios (Advanced Squad Leader; Memory 44; What a Tanker); and Miniatures: (Le siege de Malte; Alsace 1945 avec BA; Le Bren Carrier; Black Seas; Tribal; Ballade au Hanovre, regles serie 120 pour la Guer). $26.00 USD

And Don't Forget The Magazines…

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #390

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #390 With a theme of Assassins and Spies, this issue is full of reviews, scenarios, how-to, and other articles, including How to… modeling guide. $9.00 USD

Miniature Wargames: Issue #444 Includes the exclusive Salute show guide and a set of cards to accompany Voice of the Sky (exclusive scenario for Elder Scrolls by Modiphius Entertainment) and you can download more cards from the TTG site. Other articles include: The Amigasa Uprising: Test of Honour scenario; Zombie Outbreak: The Siege of Sidney Street – Deadzone scenario; Mean Streets 2084: Scenario, rules, and painting guide; Command Decision: 1719 Jacobite Fury in Glen Shiel, Scotland; The Frontiers' Cup: Fantasy Football with Guildball campaign system; Send Three and Fourpence: Tips for running really big games; Log Cabin: Scratch build instructions; Sculpting Chains: 28mm How-To; Weathering on 3mm AFVs; Show Recap: Cavalier; Club Spotlight: Cross Gaming Club; Defense in Depth: Figure reviews; Forward Observer: News; Recce: Book reviews. $9.00 USD

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