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ChrisBBB2 Supporting Member of TMP writes:

As the author, let me express a big thank you to OMM for promoting "Bloody Big HUNGARY '48 Battles!" – much appreciated!

For anyone interested in knowing more about this book or the war in general, I encourage you to visit the BBBBlog:
Lots of after-action reports, not to mention other resources related to the '48.

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BLOODY BIG BALKAN BATTLES: Hungary 1848-1849 Contains 16 scenarios for battles during the Hungarian War of Independence of 1848-1849. Each scenario provides the historical situation, simple victory conditions, and forces. Most also offer scenario options to explore what-ifs and increase replay value. Campaign options allow players to link battles so that each has consequences for the next. BBHB is a scenario book for use with the Bloody Big Battles wargames rules (BBB). The Hungarian War of Independence was the largest and longest of the conflicts arising from Europe's Year of Revolution in 1848. It lasted a year, saw half a million troops engaged, and generated dozens of significant engagements on three major fronts. Dedicated research now makes this neglected conflict accessible to wargamers. $30.00 USD



MILITARY HISTORY OF LATE ROME: Volume 6 – 565-602 Provides a new fresh analysis of the Roman Empire in the aftermath of the reconquests of Justinian I (527-65). It is often claimed that Justinian overstretched Roman resources, but this analysis proves that view wrong. It demonstrates that the initial troubles were largely the result of the mistakes of Justin II (565-78) and that his successors, Tiberius II (578-82) and Maurice (582-602), not only restored its fortunes but were, at the time of the death of Maurice, actually poised to complete the reconquests of Justinian. $53.00 USD

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 THE BATTLE OF ACTIUM 31 BC: War for the World

THE BATTLE OF ACTIUM 31 BC: War for the World The naval battle between Octavian and Antony that decided the leadership of the Roman Empire receives a fresh look. Re-examines the ancient evidence and presents a compelling and solidly documented account of what took place in the waters off the promontory of Leucas in late August and early September of 31 BC. $35.00 USD

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EARLY ROMAN WARFARE: From the Regal Period to the First Punic War Traces the development of Rome's military might from its earliest discernible origins to the First Punic War. Shows how her armies evolved from ad-hoc forces of warriors organized along clan lines and assembled for the city's survival, to the sophisticated organization of the legions that went on to dominate all of Italy and then (after the period covered) the entire Mediterranean world. Reviews literary sources and the latest archaeological evidence to provide a fresh analysis of Roman military organization, equipment, tactics, and strategy. Shows how Rome's military apparatus adapted to meet the changing strategic needs of new enemies and broader ambitions. $27.00 USD

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FORTS AND ROMAN STRATEGY: A New Approach and Interpretation Proposes a new system for the recording and mapping of Roman forts and fortifications that integrates all the data, including size, dating and identification of occupying units. Application of these methods allows analysis that brings new insights into the placement of these forts, the units garrisoning them, and the strategy of conquest and defense they underpinned. Includes 16 color illustrations and 60 color maps. Focuses on several major Roman campaigns in Britain as case studies. Lavishly illustrated with color maps, the book is also supported by a website and blogs, encouraging further investigation and discussion. $53.00 USD

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 CHARLES XII's KAROLINERS VOLUME 1: The Swedish Infantry & Artillery of the Great Northern War 1700-1721

CHARLES XII's KAROLINERS VOLUME 1: The Swedish Infantry & Artillery of the Great Northern War 1700-1721 Examines the evolution and changes in Swedish infantry and artillery uniforms during the Great Northern War. Reconstructs in detail the appearance of infantry and artillery officers, NCOs and privates at the time of Charles XII, drawing on a number of studies and articles, and based on extant artifacts, and written and iconographic documents that have survived to our time. Illustrates major and minor changes in the cut, style, and adornments of the uniforms of infantry and artillery officers, NCOs and privates that occurred shortly before or during the war. It also provides detailed insights into the differences between the Carolean uniforms of the older model of 1687, which served as the basis for later modifications, and the younger model of 1706, as well as into different variations in transitional models existing between the two. Also studies the different variations of headgear used by Swedish officers, NCOs and privates, with a particular focus on grenadier caps, and examines soldiers' accouterments and dress. The uniforms and insignia of Swedish infantry and artillery officers are described in a separate section. Includes 33 black-and-white ills, 9 black-and-white photos, 61 color illustrations, and 55 color photos. $50.00 USD

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 INSTRUMENT OF WAR: The Austrian Army in the SYW – Volume 1

INSTRUMENT OF WAR: The Austrian Army in the SYW – Volume 1 Examines the structure of Maria Theresa's army, the life of its soldiers, its strengths and weaknesses, the personalities that gave it such a unique character, from top to bottom. Also considers her Prussian opponents, as well as French, Swedish and Russian armies. Efforts were made to reshape the army, the state, and the world of diplomacy. Maria Theresa wanted to be a mother to her army, to serve it as faithfully as it served her as she addressed various problems. The 18th Century army and its needs affected all around it. Conscription, taxation, constitutional change, bureaucracy, logistics, all of these dominated countries that never witnessed a campaign. To most of the inhabitants of Central Europe, the army was the state, and their lives cannot be understood without examining it. Conscription tells us much about the homelands of the soldiers – the languages they spoke, the professions they served, their willingness to serve what to many was an alien monarch. The army provides an important view of 18th Century Bohemia, Hungary, Croatia, Lombardy, Belgium and Austria. Even the distant Irish played an important role in this army. $80.00 USD

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BY FORCE OF ARMS: The Austrian Army in the SYW – Volume 2 To avenge defeats in a former war, Austria assembled a massive superiority in forces, thanks to powerful alliances, and an army reformed and far more effective than ever before. But Prussia hung on, to force a long war and a bloody draw. The brilliance of Frederick the Great and the Prussian army have been given credit for this outcome, but Austria had more than its fair share of good soldiers and skilled generals. Wars never turn out as expected when there are formidable foes, and this book tells what went wrong. This is more than an account of battles and marches. The story of the Seven Years War in Central Europe has been long neglected, and yet it was there that the Austrians (followed closely by the Prussians) broke with the former rigidity of the armies of monarchical Europe, and not just foreshadowed but put into actual effect initiatives that are normally associated with the campaigns of the Revolution and Napoleon. $80.00 USD

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ARMIES OF PLANTAGENET ENGLAND 1135-1337: The Scottish and Welsh Wars and Continental Campaigns The ascent of the Plantagenets to the English throne in 1154 led to the beginning of a new historical phase in the British Isles, which was marked by numerous wars that were fought between the Kingdom of England and the 'Celtic nations' of Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Covers all these conflicts, following the campaigns of Richard the Lionheart as well as those of his younger brother who was defeated on the continent at the large Battle of Bouvines; the conquest of Wales is analyzed in detail, as well as the First Scottish War of Independence that saw William Wallace playing a prominent role. The organization and equipment of all the troop types taken into account is described in full detail and lavishly illustrated with color images of reenactors, bringing these forces to life. Includes 80 color illustrations. $43.00 USD

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THE PTOLEMIES: Rise of a Dynasty – Ptolemaic Egypt 330-246 BC First volume of a trilogy explains how Ptolemy I established the dynasty's power in Egypt in the wake of Alexander the Great's death. Egypt had been independent for most of the 4th Century BC, but was reconquered by the Persian Empire in the 340s. This is essential background for Ptolemaic history since it meant that Alexander was welcomed as a liberator and, after the tyranny of Kleomenes, so was Ptolemy. This was the essential basis of Ptolemy's power. He conciliated the Egyptians, but reinforced his military strength with Greek settlers, mainly retired or available soldiers. He built the city of Alexandria, but to his own requirements, not those planned by Alexander. The empire outside Egypt was acquired, perhaps for defense, perhaps by sheer greed. Ptolemy took over Cyrenaica (with difficulty), Cyprus, and Syria/Palestine. These had to be defended against his rivals, hence the development of his navy, and the Syrian Wars. $43.00 USD

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ARMIES OF THE CRIMEAN WAR The Crimean War of 1854-1856 was one of the largest military conflicts of the 19th Century, and saw Russia fighting against an international coalition that comprised Great Britain and France, in addition to the Ottoman Empire. Under many points of view, it was the first 'modern' war of Europe, since it saw the introduction of many military innovations that changed warfare forever. In this book, all the military contingents taking part in the conflict are taken into consideration: the Russian Army, British Army, French Army, and Ottoman Army. Also the Piedmontese Army that joined the allies later in the war will be analyzed. All kinds of troop types are covered, including the following: Russian Cossack and irregulars, British foreign legions, French Imperial Guard and colonial troops, Polish cavalry in Ottoman service, and Greek volunteers supporting Russia. The whole book is illustrated with a large number of color plates, reproducing all the uniforms worn by these contingents. $30.00 USD

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NAPOLEON'S INFANTRY: French Line, Light and Foreign Regiments 1799-1815 Covers the infantry units of Napoleon's Imperial Army during 1800-1815. Cover all the categories of units that were part of Napoleon's infantry: line regiments, light regiments, foreign corps, and special corps, including foreign units such as Irish Legion, Corsican light infantry, and mountain infantry. When the future Emperor assumed control of France, the infantry of his army was disorganized and poorly equipped; it lacked discipline and was trained in a quite old-fashioned way. Napoleon acted very rapidly to resolve the major problems of his foot troops, by giving them a new structure and by teaching them new tactics. By 1805, the French infantry was without a doubt the best in the world in terms of combat capabilities. Includes 84 color illustrations, including some rare contemporary uniform plates that have never been published before. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD

VICTORIAN CRUSADERS: British and Irish Volunteers in the Papal Army 1860-70 The struggle for Italian unification brings to mind images of patriotic heroes such as Garibaldi and Mazzini. However, there is another side to the story: thousands of Catholics from across Europe (and beyond) volunteered to defend the pope from those who threatened his authority and his kingdom. These 19th Century crusaders included around 1,600 from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Focuses on the turbulent period between 1860 and 1870, which saw a Piedmontese invasion of the Papal States (1860), an attempted capture of Rome by Garibaldi (1867), and finally the newly formed Italian Army's attack of 1870, which left Rome as the kingdom's capital. It was also a time of reform and modernization in the Pontifical army, with at times inspired leadership and the introduction of new weapons and technologies. Includes 58 color and black-and-white illustrations and five black-and-white maps. $50.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $42.50 USD

PALESTINE: The Ottoman Campaigns of 1914-1918 Hardback. The campaigns fought by the Ottomans against the British in Palestine are often neglected in accounts of the Great War, yet they are fascinating from the point of view of military history, and critically important because of their impact upon the modern Middle East. Edward Erickson's authoritative and absorbing account of the four-year struggle for control of Palestine between 1914 and 1918 – of the battles fought for Suez, Sinai, Gaza, Jordan and Syria – opens up this little-understood aspect of the global conflict, and it does so in a strikingly original way, by covering the fighting from the Ottoman perspective. $40.00 USD

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PALESTINE: The Ottoman Campaigns of 1914-1918 Softcover. $30.00 USD

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THE BEF CAMPAIGN ON THE AISNE 1914: In the Company of Ghosts The river Aisne featured prominently in August 1914 during the retreat from Mons, and in September was the scene of bitter fighting when the BEF re-crossed it in their unsuccessful attempt to dislodge the German Army entrenched along the Northern Crest. Places the Aisne battles in their context from the BEF and German viewpoints. Highlights the early deficiencies and unpreparedness of the British Army staff and logistics organization, as well as friction among the command structure, all of which hampered effective operations. $30.00 USD

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HITLER'S ARMED SS: The Waffen-SS at War, 1939-1945 Traces the Waffen-SS' origins, structure, development, and operational role during the war under Himmler, from modest beginnings in the early 1930s as Hitler's personal protection squad of elite soldiers, to a force which eventually amounted to 38 divisions. Towards the end of the war, many Waffen-SS units were formed from foreign volunteers and proved to be of poor quality, but its premier panzer divisions thoroughly deserved their reputation as tough fighters. $35.00 USD

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END GAME BURMA 1945: Slim's Masterstroke at Meikila Hardback. When the Burma campaign is discussed, the turning-point battles of Imphal and Kohima are crucial, but analysis of General Bill Slim's bold but risky plan to outflank the Japanese on the Irrawaddy at Mandalay deserves far more credit. Describes the plan, the risks, the actions, the seemingly insuperable logistic problems, and the efforts to retain U.S. air support (for which Mountbatten was largely responsible). $40.00 USD

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END GAME BURMA 1945: Slim's Masterstroke at Meikila Softcover. $30.00 USD

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HUNTING THE VIET CONG: The Counterinsurgency Campaign in South Vietnam, 1961-1963 Volume 1: The Strategic Hamlet Programme Examines the early stages of the Vietnam War, and how the counterinsurgency policy of the American-backed Diem government separated the Viet Cong from many of their supporters, forced many VC into hiding, and created a platform for further government success. Includes 180 black-and-white photos, three color illustrations, 22 color profiles, and five maps. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD

UKRAINE WAR VOLUME 1: Armed formations of the Donetsk People's Republic, 2014-2022 Focuses on the armed formations of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), the largest of the two separatist entities in the east of Ukraine. Offers an overview of DPR formations in 2014, their status up to the end of February 2022, and combat equipment, while also exploring issues around identity and symbology. Includes 119 color photos, 21 color profiles, four maps, one diagram, and two tables. $30.00 USD

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AGAINST THE ODDS #57: A Crowning Glory: Austerlitz 1805

AGAINST THE ODDS #57: A Crowning Glory: Austerlitz 1805 This two-player grand-tactical simulation by Ty Bomba presents the Battle of Austerlitz between the French under Napoleon and a combined Austrian/Russian army under Emperor Francis of Austria and Tsar Alexander I. Aimed at beginners, system provides interactive movement and combat. Each hexagon on the 22x34-inch map represents about 600 yards. The infantry and cavalry units represent both brigades and divisions on each side. Each turn represents one hour of real time. Magazine includes articles on the battle, On Guards: Napoleon's Marshals, Advanced Rules for Red Dragon Blue Dragon game, Column: WWI and WWII were the same war, book reviews on the Battle of the Philippine Sea 1944, and more. $45.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $40.50 USD

WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED: Issue #418 Theme: Valour & Fortitude: Full rules booklet (collaboration between Wargames Illustrated, Jervis, and Alan and Michael Perry); Jervis Johnson Q&A about big-battle Napoleonics; Valour & Fortitude Army Lists, Fate Tables, and Special Rules; and The Battle for Wurzen: Scenario and Playthrough. Other Articles: Pseudo-nostalgia with Mark's Little Soldiers; North Africa Painting, Part Two: A Second Pass; 02 Hundred Hours battle report; Pantile Painting; Britcon 2022; A Slumbering Dragon No More; Whiterun Guard; Insider Interview: Eureka Miniatures. Departments: Quick Fire; Observation Post; Release Radar; and Full Paper Jacket. $9.50 USD


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