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Brit 4.7" Gun for 2nd Boer War Back at TVAG

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unknown member writes:

Quite the collection of weaponry available there, and I like the looks of the 4.7!

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unknown member of The Virtual Armchair General writes:

Houston's 4.7" Gun on field carriage

Houston's 25mm Naval Guns & Fittings

Just when it seemed this classic piece designed by Richard Houston was no longer going to be available, TVAG's Casting Master, Chris Ferree, was able to fashion a new production mold.

Several customers had already been told it was no longer possible to produce this, one of the most popular items in Houston's 25mm Naval Guns and Fittings range, but now we are proud to eat those words right here!

Item WC-65 4.7" Gun on field carriage, as used by the British for the Second Boer War, is now officially ready again for ordering.

You may find it, and so many other bargain-priced 25mm naval guns and weapons for mounting on your gunboat models, here; and for use with rules such as Boilers And Breechloaders.

Houston's 4.7" Gun on field carriage

Houston's 4.7" Gun on field carriage

And please credit Mr. Roger Castle for the photographs of his beautifully painted model and German crew!

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