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They Call Me Buckshot! US vs Comanches 1872 [Free Scenario]

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HRGWORLDS Sponsoring Member of TMP of HRG Worlds writes:

They Call Me Buckshot!
Background: On July 14th 1872, two companies of U.S. Cavalry were sent out to meet a wagon train with the much-needed ammunition and supplies for the newly formed outpost. The Comanches had moved south and were not an imminent threat… or so it seemed.

Scenario: B and C companies have left Fort Smith and are on their way to the meeting point. The meeting point is an old, abandoned Spanish hacienda, an early victim of the Comanche 'law of the west' and is known to still have a functioning well. The troopers are to wait for the wagon train's arrival. The Comanches, led by the notorious slow-speaking chief Tose Siwa, are looking to secure the rifles and ammunition for themselves.

Download the free scenario at the Free Scenarios folder in the

They Call Me Buckshot!

Terra Incognita: Company-Level Rules for the Age of Exploration 1492-1900

Terra Incognita was a long time in development (ten years), and in that time, many concepts were perfected and improved upon. The reason for the rules was to serve the need for a fast-playing ruleset that has enough detail to satisfy most gamers that were looking for a company-level game.

They Call Me Buckshot!

Each model is approximate five to ten men, and one vehicle (wagon, boat, etc.). Game flow is very straight forward, with a game limited to 24 turns, players rolling for initiative and then going at it.

The leaders take on a role, but are not overbearing to the events of the day. Players move units as a body, measuring from the center of the group or formation to their destination.

They Call Me Buckshot!

A unique aspect to the rules is the lack of stamina (morale) tests. It is assumed that combatants are prepared for what they are about to engage in, and do not have to constantly be reminded that they might not want to be there. In TI, you only test morale when a formation is within twelve inches of a friendly formation that falls back based on a failed stamina check. The stamina check is only caused by losing a melee, seeing your C in C killed or wounded, or seeing the army standard captured or destroyed.

Natives falling back twice will force them to disperse, but all others simply continue to fall back as they fail a stamina test or are dispersed by pursuers.

They Call Me Buckshot!

Natives move very well, and often to do not suffer penalties for terrain and their natural ability to maneuver. They are automatically in skirmish mode, and if they try to evade, will have some special abilities to lose their opponents.

The innovative Quick Reference Card has a unique and fast way to present the factors and information needed to play the game. Using a "spoked wheel" design, the information is cross-referenced quickly and easily. We hope that you will find it useful.

This scenario places a lot of pressure on the U.S. cavalry as they do not know how many, and where they will be hit. The scenario lends itself to solo play as well. Shooting is resolved easily, with the class of warrior determining their fire die and range of weapon. Both players are involved in every turn, as one player rolls one die per model, and the defender rolls their cover die per model to determine if they are hit. Hits will only wound a model, but a second hit will kill the model.

Give the scenario a try, and download the Quick Reference Chart from the Terra Incognita group site, and get those wagons home, soldier!

Use Terra Incognita for any action from 1492 to 1900!

They Call Me Buckshot!

The rules are available now from our online store at, On Military Matters, Noble Knight Games; in the U.K., Caliver Books.

Visit the Terra Incognita for free scenarios and discussions on the rules.

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