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Ospreys are due in the shoppe by late February, while most of the other items are due in early to mid-February.


SAGA: 2nd Edition – Rules Only

Saga: 2nd Edition – Rules Only This is the 2nd edition of the popular skirmish game and contains only the rules – army lists are contained in separate supplements. System can cover any heroic age, whether they are historical, mythological, or imaginary from the minds of writers. Players control a warband, made of 30 or so figures, chosen from among the available SAGA factions. Each warband uses a specific Battle Board and SAGA dice which grant them particular abilities in battle. This book contains SAGA's simple and innovative basic rules. They are easy to learn and illustrated with numerous examples. they apply to all the universes you might explore. These rules are the fruit of years of development and the contributions of a large community that plays SAGA around the globe. $22.00 USD

SAGA Age of Vikings: Saga Supplement Covers Europe from the emergence of the Norse kingdoms to the Battle of Hastings with twelve factions covering all four corners of Europe during this period, each with its own Battle Board, history, legendary units and special rules. Also includes rules for mercenary units and an appendix on Relics & Artifacts. You will need a copy of the SAGA rulebook to use this universe/supplement. This book comes with twelve Battle Boards which may not be sold separately. Factions covered are – Anglo-Saxons, Welsh (including Strathclyde), Normans (including the Bretons), Vikings, Anglo-Danes, Last Romans (Byzantines), Norse-Gaels, Irish, Pagan Rus, Scots, Carolingians, and Jomsvikings. $59.00 USD

Age of Valor: Before The Leaves Fall 1914 Independent Age of Valor (AOV) expansion mini-module for Age of Eagles II (also known as Napoleonic Fire & Fury) for World War I. As such AOE II is needed to properly play this game. In most cases all rules changes have been embedded in the Data Charts, as well as the charts and tables on the Quick Reference Sheet. All players need to do is use these new specifications or DRM's with the original rules, then play as normal. Changes unique to the World War I period, circa 1914, and the subject of this expansion set, are found within the rules. $14.00 USD

Bolt Action: Campaign: Market Garden Market Garden was a bold plan, designed to capture the Rhine crossings along the Dutch-German border and establish a foothold for an advance into Germany. A massive combined arms operation involving airborne landings and an armored thrust, it was one of the most dramatic and controversial operations of the war. This new campaign book for Bolt Action allows players to command the forces facing each other across the Rhine, fighting key battles and attempting to change the course of history. New, linked scenarios, rules, troop types and theater selectors provide plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $25.50 USD

'NAM: The Vietnam War Miniatures Game From Battlefront. The U.S. and its allies have all the advantages of mobility and firepower. The ubiquitous Huey helicopter has become a symbol of the war itself as it carries troops into battle and unloads rockets on the enemy. Heavily armed flotillas sail up the windy Mekong Delta. Heavy tanks and M113 tracks bash their way through the jungle searching for enemy strong points, and resolute grunts hold firebases against fierce enemy assaults. Meanwhile, the Nationalists have all the advantages of the home team. They fight as guerillas, choosing the time and place of major operations or surprise attacks and appearing from nowhere to ambush enemy hunting them. When the time is right, they even commit their tanks, armored personnel carriers, and seasoned troops into the fray to achieve total victory. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $34.00 USD


318 THE KUBAN 1943: The Wehrmacht's Last Stand in the Caucasus

318 The Kuban 1943: The Wehrmacht's Last Stand in the Caucasus Campaign series. $24.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $20.40 USD

Savoia-Marchetta S.79 Sparviero Bomber Units Combat Aircraft series. $23.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $19.55 USD

112 Defenses of Bermuda: 1612-1995 Fortress series. $19.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $16.15 USD

255 T-90 Standard Tank: The First Tank of the New Russia New Vanguard series. $18.00 USD
516 World War II Vichy French Security Troops Men at Arms series. $18.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $15.30 USD each

004 Malta 1940-42: The Axis' Air Battle for Mediterranean Supremacy Air Campaign series. $20.00 USD
003 Rolling Thunder 1965-68: Johnson's Air War Over Vietnam Air Campaign series. $20.00 USD
030 Gebirgsjager versus Soviet Sailor: Arctic Circle 1942-44 Combat series. $20.00 USD

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Osprey Books…

Morning Star, Midnight Sun: The Early Guadalcanal-Solomons Campaign of World War II August-October 1942

Morning Star, Midnight Sun: The Early Guadalcanal-Solomons Campaign of World War II August-October 1942 Quite readable account with all the nuances of command interlaced with operational maneuvers and tactical anecdotes. Hamstrung by arcane pre-war thinking and a bureaucratic mind-set, the U.S. Navy had to adapt on the fly in order to compete with the mighty Imperial Japanese Navy, whose ingenuity and creativity thus far had fostered the creation of its Pacific empire. Starting with the amphibious assault on Savo island, the campaign turned into an attritional struggle where the evenly matched foes sought to grind out a victory. $35.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $29.75 USD


Sakura: Game

Sakura: Game Players: 2 to 6, Ages: ten plus, Playing Time: 20 to 40 minutes, Contents – Playing board, 60 cards, 52 prestige tokens, six player figures, and Emperor figure. Every year, the Emperor walks through the Imperial Gardens to greet the spring, every year, he stops beneath the sakura trees, and every year, you try to paint his picture. Sakura is a light game of pushing your luck and pushing your friends. Each player will simultaneously decide how far to move both their character and the Emperor. The player closest to the Emperor when the cherry blossoms are reached will gain a huge amount of prestige, but if you push too far, you risk bumping into the Emperor and walking away in disgrace. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $25.50 USD


God's City: Byzantine Constantinople

God's City: Byzantine Constantinople In the late 11th Century, Constantinople was the largest and wealthiest city in Christendom, the seat of the Byzantine emperor, Christ's vice-regent on earth, and the center of a predominately Christian empire, steeped in Greek cultural and artistic influences, yet founded and maintained by a Roman legal and administrative system. Despite the amalgam of Greek and Roman influences, however, its language and culture was definitely Greek. Constantinople truly was the capital of the Roman empire in the East, and from its founding under the first Constantinus to its fall under the 11th and last Constantinus – the inhabitants always called themselves Romaioi, Romans, not Hellenikes, Greeks. Over its millennium long history, the empire and its capital experienced many vicissitudes that included several periods of waxing and waning and more than one golden age. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $34.00 USD

A Rabble of Gentility: The Royalist Northern Horse, 1644-45 Includes 8 pages of color illustrations and 30 black-and-white illustrations and maps. Formed from those elements of the Marquis of Newcastle's Northern Royalist Army which elected to continue to fight after the crushing defeat at Marston Moor (2 July 1644) during the next 15 months, the Northern Horse swept across much of England and Wales, becoming increasingly notorious in the process. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $34.00 USD

The Other Norfolk Admirals: Myngs, Narbrough and Shovell Biography of three 17th/18th Century Norfolk admirals: Cloudesley Shovell, John Narbrough, and Christopher Myngs. Narbrough and Shovell came from the small North Norfolk hamlet of Cockthorpe and Myngs from nearby Salthouse. In the 1660s, Myngs was the captain, Narbrough the lieutenant and Shovell the lowly cabin boy in the same ship. It is also possible that they were all related at least by marriage. In the majority of the naval wars of the second half of the 17th and the early 18th centuries, one or other of them was invariably present. $60.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $51.00 USD

Crucible of the Jacobite '15: The Battle of Sheriffmuir 1715 Just over three centuries ago, there was a major battle in Scotland that was to decide the fate of the newly established – and bitterly contested – union of England and Scotland. On one hand there was a numerically superior army, trained and armed but officered by men of varying experience. Facing them was a small, but better experienced and officered British Army. Both armies; one entirely Scottish and the other a mixture of Scots, English and Irish were led by Scottish noblemen. Victory to either side meant control of the gateway from the highlands to the lowlands and then England, where the political prize awaited. $50.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $42.50 USD

Wellington and the Siege of San Sebastian: 1813 Reassessment of the Duke of Wellington's siege of San Sebastian during the Peninsular War is a fascinating reconstruction of one of the most challenging siege operations Wellington's army undertook, and it is an important contribution to the history of siege warfare during the Napoleonic Wars. Analyzes the siege in the context of the practice of siege warfare during the period and Wellington's campaign strategies following his victory at the Battle of Vitoria. $45.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $38.25 USD

Year of Glory: The Life and Battles of Jeb Stuart and His Cavalry, June 1862-June 1863 Focuses on the twelve months in which Stuart's reputation was made, following his career on an almost day-to-day basis from June 1862, when Lee took command of the army, to June 1863, when Stuart turned north to regain a glory slightly tarnished at Brandy Station, but found Gettysburg instead. $20.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $17.00 USD

General Lee's Immortals: The Battles and Campaigns of the Branch-Lane Brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865 Unit history includes 88 images and twelve maps. Comprehensive history of the unit, including that infamous day at Chancellorsville when its members mistakenly shot Stonewall Jackson. Two months later, they were in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, and thereafter throughout the titanic battles of 1864. $35.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $29.75 USD

Challenger 2: The British Main Battle Tank – Images of war series Superbly illustrated book tells the story of the evolution and subsequent successful career of Challenger 2 which has seen distinguished service in war and peace since 1990, and has proved itself one of the worlds most formidable fighting vehicles. Includes technical detail and comparisons with competitors. $25.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $21.25 USD

The Royal Army Medical Corps in the Great War: Images of war series Includes 200 illustrations. The Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) supported the British Army throughout WWI, treating sick and wounded military personnel. The RAMC also had a range of sanitation responsibilities. The military nursing services and voluntary medical personnel provided vital support to RAMC medical units and hospitals, ensuring the effective treatment of casualties. $30.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $25.50 USD


Ancient History Magazine #14

Caesar: S&T Quarterly – Spring 2018 New magazine from Decision Games. No games or simulations, just articles. Each in-depth issue focuses on one topic by a single author, and includes over 20 detailed maps, plus one large map poster. This magazine is a stepping stone for military history magazine readers who are interested in going beyond stories to examine and understand the how and why of military history. We evaluate the strategies, forces, and leaders, analyze the operations and maneuvers, and examine alternative plans and possibilities. The Lessons Learned section summarizes how the topic and outcome influenced later events, and why certain principles and techniques are still important today. We also include an annotated bibliography for further reading, as well as an overview of other media and games on the topic. Debut covers Caesar, as well as profiling figures that are still known to us today – Cleopatra, Spartacus, Cicero, and many more. Includes maps, battle diagrams, and descriptions of weapons of the Roman world. It also includes a map poster depicting the campaigns of Caesar. $15.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $13.50 USD

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