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3Dprintable Meat & Gore for Fallout Available

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Wargame Vault announces the availability of:

From Modiphius

STL (3D Model) – $48.00 USD

Meat and Gore
The fact that any wildlife survived the bombs and the subsequent fallout is astonishing, but that some began to mutate and thrive is downright miraculous. Even so, the Wasteland is still deadly, if the radiation doesn't kill a creature, the mutated wildlife, or other inhabitants surely will. It's therefore common to stumble across the carcasses of brahmins, molerats, and even dolphins, rotting in the sun. While a single carcass is barely worth noticing, a region with large numbers of corpses is probably an indication of heavy rads or an apex predator such as a Deathclaw (or worse), and thus a region you'll want to avoid.

It's not just the wildlife that's a danger, however. Sentient inhabitants often collect the flesh and meat of their kills and keep them in disgusting heaps or suspended from ceilings in dripping bags of gore. Such a nightmarish location is another that you will want to avoid, but is perhaps more likely to hold some good loot, if you would dare to risk meeting the cannibal raiders or ghouls who make their gruesome homes there. Gore-filled totems of carnage can be either a horrific warning or a lurid treasure trove depending on your perspective.

This 3Dprint product lets you print a number of scatter terrain pieces to help build and elevate your tabletop scenes. The bones and corpses of dead wildlife can be found throughout the wasteland victims of hunters, radiation, or other predators. Gore piles and meatbags are likely to decorate the lairs of super mutants, ghouls, or cannibalistic raiders.

Files have been pre-hollowed where possible, and all files include supported versions for easier printing.


Brahmin Corpse 1
Brahmin Corpse 2
Brahmin Corpse 3
Dolphin Corpse 1
Dolphin Corpse 2
Dolphin Corpse 3
Gore Pile 1
Gore Pile 2
Gore Pile 3
Gore Pile 4
Meatbag, Fallen 1
Meatbag, Fallen 2
Meatbag, Floor 1
Meatbag, Floor 2
Meatbag, Hanging 1
Meatbag, Hanging 2
Molerat Corpse
Whale, Closed
Whale, Open
Yao Guai Corpse

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