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First Look: Barrage's 28mm Streets & Sidewalks

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Battlegroup Northag: 10mm Soviet T-62 Company

Battlegroup Northag: 10mm Soviet T-62 Company Box contains ten Ultracast 10mm plastic T-62 tanks. $27.00 USD

Battlegroup Northag: 10mm Soviet BMP-1 Company Box contains ten Ultracast 10mm BMP-1 plastic vehicles. $27.00 USD

Battlegroup Northag: 10mm Soviet BTR-60 Company Box contains ten Ultracast 10mm BTR-60 plastic vehicles. $27.00 USD

Battlegroup Northag: 10mm Soviet T-64 Company Box contains ten Ultracast 10mm plastic T-64 tanks. $27.00 USD

Battlegroup Northag – 10mm Soviet T-80 Company Box contains ten Ultracast 10mm plastic T-80 tanks. $27.00 USD

Battlegroup Northag: 10mm British Chieftain Troop Box contains four Ultracast 10mm Chieftain plastic tanks with Stillbrew turret option. $27.00 USD



So Convenient for Hewing: Dark Age Skirmish Rules Skirmish system uses action cards to control an ever-changing order of play. Command chits are used to activate individual units. The action deck consists of twelve action cards, two shoot cards, two move cards, two charge cards, two rally cards, two Free Choice of Action cards, and two end-of-turn cards. Half the cards are red, and half are blue – showing which side has the initiative on a given card. A game turn consists of going through the action deck, one card at a time. Each turn, Veteran units and Senior Leaders receive two command chits, Warrior/Regular units get one command chit, and Green units do not get a command chit. Thus Green units are dependent on Senior Leaders to act. $24.00 USD

Uniform Plates…

 PLAY THE THIRTY YEARS' WAR: 1618-1648 – Additional plates

Play the Thirty Years War: 1618-1648 – Additional Plates These full-color, 8.5x11-inch plates on cardstock depict hundreds of 30YW troops in 25/28mm that you can, for personal use only, photocopy on thicker cardboard for gaming. These plates are not in the books – these are in addition to those in the books. Includes instructions to help assemble these paper troops for the tabletop. Each plate is $9 USD. Plates:

Plate PB&D-1-1 Pappenheim cuirassier and cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-2 Imperial cuirassier and cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-3 Saxon, Imperial and light cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-4 Bavarian and light cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-5 French cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-6 Dragoons and arquebuisers at horse
Plate PB&D-1-7 French, dragoon an cuirassier cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-8 Croatian infantry and cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-9 French, Bavarian and protestant cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-10 Generic pikeman infantry
Plate PB&D-1-11 Pikeman in charge and light cavalry
Plate PB&D-1-12 Generic musketeer infantry
Plate PB&D-1-13 Generic marching musketeer infantry
Plate PB&D-1-14 Imperial and Spanish pikeman infantry
Plate PB&D-1-15 Scottish army and general commander in carriage
Plate PB&D-1-16 Generic standardbearer infantry
Plate PB&D-1-17 Generic standardbearer infantry 2
Plate PB&D-1-18 Generic standardbearer infantry 3
Plate PB&D-1-19 Various commander and generals of the war
Plate PB&D-1-20 Artillery guns in 3D
Plate PB&D-1-21 Artillery baggage wagons
Plate PB&D-1-22 Artillery baggage wagons 2
Plate PB&D-1-23 Artillery guns and crew
Plate PB&D-1-24 Various commander and generals of the war 2
Plate AS PB&D-1-1 Heavy & Cuirassier cavalry & staff
Plate AD PB&D-1-2 Heavy & Cuirassier cavalry & staff 2
Plate AD PB&D-1-3 Artillery guns and crew
Plate AD PB&D-1-4 Cuirassier & heavy single cavalrymen
Each plate is $9. USD

Play the Burgundian Wars: 1474-1477 – Additional Plates These full-color, 8.5x11-inch plates on cardstock depict hundreds of 30YW troops in 25/28mm that you can, for personal use only, photocopy on thicker cardboard for gaming. These plates are not in the books – these are in addition to those in the books. Includes instructions to help assemble these paper troops for the tabletop. Each plate is $9. USD. Plates:

Plate PB&D-2-1 Burgundian cavalry 1
Plate PB&D-2-2 Burgundian cavalry 2
Plate PB&D-2-3 Burgundian cavalry 3
Plate PB&D-2-4 Burgundian cavalry 4
Plate PB&D-2-5 Burgundian cavalry 5
Plate PB&D-2-6 Burgundian cavalry 6
Plate PB&D-2-7 Burgundian and standardbearer cavalry
Plate PB&D-2-8 Burgundian infantry and Duke
Plate PB&D-2-9 Burgundian infantry 2
Plate PB&D-2-10 Burgundian infantry and artillery
Plate PB&D-2-11 Generic artillery and guns 3D
Plate PB&D-2-12 Generic Artillery baggage wagons 3D
Plate PB&D-2-13 Burgundian artillery and camp tents
Plate PB&D-2-14 Looting at the Burgundian camp
Plate PB&D-2-15 Swiss crossbow men and arquebusier
Plate PB&D-2-16 Swiss crossbow men and arquebusier 2
Plate PB&D-2-17 Swiss garrison and house
Plate PB&D-2-18 Swiss pikemen 1
Plate PB&D-2-19 Swiss pikemen 2
Plate PB&D-2-20 Swiss crossbow men and pikemen
Plate PB&D-2-21 Swiss crossbow men and pikemen 2
Plate PB&D-2-22 Swiss pikemen 3
Plate PB&D-2-23 Burgundian and Swiss artillery
Plate PB&D-2-24 Swiss cavalry
Plate PB&D-2-25 Burgundian marriage diorama
Each plate is $9. USD

Uniform Books…

 PLAY THE SEVEN YEARS' WAR: 1756-1763 – Volume 1

Play the Seven Years War: 1756-1763 – Volume 1 Booklet of paper soldiers to cut out and play the period on the tabletop. Volume 1 covers the armies of Prussia, Great Britain, Hanover and its allies. $39.00 USD

Play the Seven Years War: 1756-1763 – Volume 2 Booklet of paper soldiers to cut out and play the period on the tabletop. Volume 2 covers the armies of France, Austria, Russia and Saxony. $39.00 USD

Bersaglieri d'Italia: 1940-1945 In this first book of the new series, Andrey Akimov offers 23 beautiful plates dedicated to WWII Italian bersaglieri. $34.00 USD

L'Esercito Pontificio NEL 1708-1709: War of Comacchio and Ferrara – Volume 1 Covers the army the Pope hastily raised in 1708 to face Imperial armies, which, after the victory of Turin in 1706, raged down the Peninsula, threatening the minor states of the Italian princes, claiming the right to dispose of the territory and its resources at will of the Vienna court, and engaged in a bitter war for the succession of Spain to support their claims to that throne. Includes 24 color plates. [Italian Text] $42.00 USD

L'Esercito Pontificio NEL 1708-1709: War of Comacchio and Ferrara – Volume 2 Includes 19 color plates. [Italian Text] $42.00 USD


Le Guerre Hussite: Volume 1 Armies, armaments, and tactics of the battles and campaigns 1419-1437, with eight color plates and many other color images. [Italian Text] $44.00 USD

Le Guerre Hussite: Volume 2 Armies, armaments, and tactics of the battles and campaigns 1419-1437, with eight color plates and many other color images. [Italian Text] $44.00 USD

Bockler and Lowler Krieg Contains 53 mostly colored photographs of reenactor events, with individual drawings of castles and contemporary illustrations, one map, and three other illustrations. In the late 15th Century, first the Bockler, then the Lowler, suffered a variety of uprisings by knights. Bavarian Duke Albrecht IV proved to be a clever tactician and capable administrator, who was able to assert himself against rebellious knights, his hostile brothers, and the suspicious head of the Reich Emperor Frederick III. By intervening with Bohemian mercenaries, the conflict also gained an international touch. The Swabian Covenant experienced its baptism of fire. [German Text] $41.00 USD

The War of the Venetians Contains 41 photos, partly of re-enactment events, nine contemporary illustrations, one map, two other illustrations, and two double-sided colored drawings. The Venetian War of 1487 between the maritime great power of Venice and the Alpine Archduchy of Tyrol led to considerable political upheavals – especially in Tyrol. The conflict is closely linked to the partly tragic, partly bizarre biography of Archduke Siegmund of Tyrol. This book was written in close cooperation with reenactment groups from Italy, Austria and Germany. It also contains detailed illustrations of weapons, color illustrations, and some of Wolfgang Braun's excellent reconstruction drawings. [German Text] $41.00 USD

The Armies of the Schmalkaldic War In the middle of the 16th Century, the Holy Roman Empire was shaken by a series of conflicts that anticipated the sectarian conflicts of the Thirty Years' War. In 1546/47, the Schmalkaldic League rose up against Emperor Charles V. After some inconclusive campaigns, the troops of the Confederation were decisively defeated in 1547 in Mulberg, Saxony. When a little later the emperor's most important ally, Moritz of Saxony, sided with the unruly Protestant princes, a new uprising against the emperor took place in 1552, which could only be resolved by the Augsburg religious peace. Includes 26 mostly color illustrations, including contemporary illustrations and full-page drawings, and two maps. [German Text] $29.00 USD

The Ennetbirgische Campaigns Depicts the campaigns of the Swiss and Valais against Milan, as well as the conflicts between the Graubundner and the Duchy of Milan, with the conquests of the Confederates over the Alpine passes to the south. Also deals with the internal conflicts of the Swiss in connection with the Ennetbirgische Campaigns. The armies of the Confederates and their opponents are portrayed in detail in terms of composition, armament, tactics, and use. Includes contemporary illustrations, maps, and images of international re-enactment groups. [German Text] $41.00 USD



Command and Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising First stand-alone game for Commands & Colors: Tricorne (ownership of Tricorne is not required) and features 13 battle scenarios by Richard Borg. Mounted game board, terrain tiles, blocks, command and combat cards, stickers, and large, molded dice are all included. You will find many new and interesting play concepts which bring new experiences and challenges covering the world of the Highland clans in the time of the Jacobite Risings. Scenarios: Killikeankie – 27 July 1689; Dunkeld – 21 August 1689; Cromdale – 1 May 1690; Alness – 10 July 1715; Sheriffmuir – 13 November 1715; Glen Shiel – 10 June 1719; Prestonpans – September 1745; Clifton – 18 December 1745; Inverurie – 23 December 1745; Falkirk (Stage 1) – 17 January 1746; Falkirk (Stage 2) – 17 January 1746; Culloden – 16 April 1746; and Culloden (Flanking Move) – 16 April 1746. Components: 1 Rule and Scenario Booklet; 1 Battlefield Game Board (Mounted); 4 Terrain and Accessories punchboards (60 Double-sided Terrain Tiles; 18 Double-sided Victory Banner counters; 6 Double-sided Clan Chief / Chief Officer Markers); 52 Command cards; 58 Combat cards (29 English, 29 Jacobite); 8 Engraved Battle dice; 5 Block Sticker sheets; 2 Double-sided Summary Cards; 283 Blocks: blue Jacobite units, red British units, dark blue German units (176 small, blue and red blocks for infantry units; 68 medium, blue and red blocks for cavalry units; 39 rectangular, blue and red blocks for leaders and artillery). $99.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $84.15 USD


 GREECE AGAINST ROME: The Fall of the Hellenistic Kingdoms 250-31 BC

Greece Against Rome: The Fall of the Hellenistic Kingdoms 250-31 BC Towards the middle of the 3rd Century BC, the Hellenistic kingdoms (the fragments of Alexander the Great's short-lived empire) were near their peak. In terms of population, economy, and military power, each individual kingdom was vastly superior to Rome, not to mention in fields such as medicine, architecture, science, philosophy and literature. However, over the next two-and-a half centuries, Rome conquered and took over these kingdoms while adopting so much of Hellenistic culture that the resultant hybrid is known as 'Graeco-Roman.' Refreshingly, the story is largely told from the viewpoint of the Hellenistic kingdoms. $33.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $28.05 USD

Septimius Severus and the Roman Army The assassination of Emperor Commodus in 192 sparked a civil war. Septimius Severus emerged as the eventual victor and his dynasty (the Severans) ruled until 235. He fought numerous campaigns, against both internal rivals and external enemies, extending the Empire to the east (adding Mesopotamia), the south (in Africa) and the north (beyond Hadrian's Wall). The military aspects of his reign, including his reforms of the army, are the main focus of this new study. After discussing his early career and governorship of Pannonia, covers his war with Pescennius Niger, the siege of Byzantium, and the campaign in northern Mesopotamia that added it as a province. The much more difficult campaign against Clodius Albinus in Gaul is also studied in detail, as is that in North Africa. The narrative concludes with an account of the last campaign in Britain and Severus' death. The final chapters analyze Septimius' reforms of the army and assess their impact on events of the next 70 years until the accession of Diocletian. $33.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $28.05 USD

Special Operations in the American Revolution Describes and analyzes numerous examples of special operations conducted during the Revolutionary War. Despite early defeats, the Americans had a reservoir of tough, self-reliant frontier fighters, who were brave beyond compare and entirely willing to contest the King's men with unconventional tactics. Most of the operations were conducted by American irregulars and volunteers, carefully selected, with specialized skills, and led by leaders with native intelligence. Includes naval operations, too. $25.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $21.25 USD

Hell in the Central Pacific 1944: The Palau Islands – Images of War Series Another in the photo-heavy series. In September 1944, to prevent Japanese air interdiction against General MacArthur's planned invasion of the Southern Philippines, the Americans attacked Peleliu and Angaur in the Palau group of the Western Caroline Islands. Admiral Halsey, commanding the U.S. Third Fleet, feared the heavily defended Palaus would be costly for his III Amphibious Corps comprising the 1st Marine Division and the 81st Infantry Division. Includes 250 black-and-white photos. $25.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%, now $21.25 USD

Last Panzer Battles in Hungary: Spring 1945 Replenished after the failed Ardennes Offensive, the 6th Panzer Army was deployed in Hungary and participated in the Operation Spring Awakening, launched in the western part of the country on 6th of March, 1945. Includes 22 photos, 26 black-and-white and color maps, and twelve organizational charts. Besides giving a detailed chronological description of the events, the book covers tank effectiveness, Axis and Soviet tactics, and overall goals. Includes new archival sources kept in Russian archives and some newly published German memoirs. $70.00 USD

OMM Discount: 15%, now $59.50 USD

Logistics in the Vietnam Wars: 1945-1975 Reveals that basic traditional techniques proved superior to expensive state-of-the-art systems during North Vietnam's wars with French, U.S., and South Vietnamese. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount: 15%, now $29.75 USD

Armor Attacks: The Tank Platoon – An Interactive Exercise in Small-Unit Tactics and Leadership In this unique, interactive story, you are the leader of a U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank platoon. Throughout the text, you will have an opportunity to make life-or-death decisions, and the events that unfold will be dictated by the choices you make. As you progress through the book, you will learn important tactical and operational lessons. Whether or not you are-or want to be-a tank platoon leader you will find this book highly entertaining and instructive. There are two operations to survive – an assault and a counter-reconnaissance mission. In each, you must bring your knowledge and judgment to bear on the scenario in order to achieve the objective. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount: 15%, now $25.50 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines

 MEDIEVAL WARFARE: Volume 10.4 Prisoners of War

Medieval Warfare: Volume 10.4 – Prisoners of War Theme: Prisoners of War: Captivity and Enslavement During the Viking Age: Human Commodities; Prisoners of War and English Rulers: Taken Into the King's Hands; and What it was Like to be a Captive in the Middle Ages: The Capture of Thessaloniki. Features: A Manx Game of Thrones; More Time in the Saddle that on the Ground: The Turkish Cavalryman; The Late Reinvention of Backplates: Turning Your Back; Duke Godfrey in the First Crusade: Cut in Two at Antioch; Reconstructing a Medieval Weapon: The Fire Arrow; Seventh-Century Inter-Asian Warfare: Baekje has Fallen!; and Once They Numbered in the Thousands: The Motte Castle. $10.00 USD

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