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Some Christmas Goodies From Caliver Books

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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

We Shall be Open Over the Holidays, Apart From Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year's Day!

We'd like to thank all our customers for making 2018 another record-breaking year for Caliver… Also a special thanks to our authors who are beavering away, producing some even more interesting stuff for Partizan Press in 2019!

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

If you do have panic gifts to give, then consider a Caliver Books or Minifigs gift voucher – we can email you up until just after lunchtime Monday!

With that, here are our releases for the week!

Swordpoint: Charlemagne

H26909 – Charlemagne / Gripping Beast. The first campaign supplement for the Swordpoint Ancient & Medieval ruleset! Re-fight the campaigns of legendary Frankish King, Charlemagne! Contains three new and five extended army lists plus nine new scenarios. N.B. You will need a copy of Swordpoint ruleset to use this book! £11.50 GBP

Ancient Gallic Warriors

H26910 – Ancient Gallic Armored Warriors – Victrixpost-free worldwide / Victrix. £21.50 GBP

H26911 – FGV242 – Thief & Barbarian II – Frostgrave women / Northstar Figures. £5.40 GBP

H26912 – FGV243 – Knight & Templar III – Frostgrave women / Northstar Figures. £5.40 GBP

H26913 – FGV244 – Apothecary & Markswoman – Frostgrave women / Northstar Figures. £5.40 GBP

H26914 – FGV245 – Tracker & War Hound II- Frostgrave women / Northstar Figures. £5.40 GBP

H26915 – Go Strong Into the Desert: The Mahdist Uprisings in the Sudan 1881-85 / Snook back in print. £25.00 GBP

H26916 – 6239 SU-76M Soviet SP Gun / Zvezda. £3.99 GBP

H26917 – 6240 Panzer IV AUSF H – World War 2 – Zvezda. £3.99 GBP

H26918 – Beau Geste Algerian Tuareg Revolt – 6183 – Italeri. £52.50 GBP

H26919 – 3rd Scots Guards in Time of War: The Memoirs of Sergeant John Stevenson, 1793-1814 / Stevenson & Glover, 224 pp., illustrations, 10 maps. 2018. This important memoir, quoted by both Fortescue and Oman, is without doubt one of the rarest, there only being five copies recorded. His memoir covers campaigns including Ireland in 1798, Egypt 1801, Hanover 1806, Copenhagen 1807, the Peninsular war 1809-11 (Oporto, Talavera, Bussaco, Torres Vedras and Fuentes d'Onoro) and Bergen op Zoom 1814. It is also an important study of the rise of Methodism in the British Army. He served as a private for five years and was promoted sergeant in 1800. £19.50 GBP

Winning the Peninsular War

H26920 – Winning the Peninsular War: The Manuscript Notebook and Maps of Major Archibald F. Becke, from Salmanca to Toulouse / Becke & Summerfield 114 pp. Large format mint hardback, 34 color maps. This is a gem of a unique study. It is a transcript from a beautiful notebook which the distinguished historian Archibald F. Becke created in 1907. Becke's notes deal largely with the strategy of the period involved, fascinatingly from the point-of-view of an early 19th Century historian who particularly understood horse-transported warfare, only a 100 years away from the time he wrote. But the real gem are his exquisitely-drawn color maps which are faithfully reproduced, as well as a few other maps either from another source or which were included in the notebook. This book goes well with our bestselling Waterloo Logistics. £29.50 GBP

H26921 – New System of Cavalry Swordmanship / Lieut. Charles Edward Radclyffe (1st RO 111 pages, large format mint hardback, being a transcription of the original manuscript of 1818 with historical notes on the author, plus a complete facsimile of the original notebook printed in color, the whole containing 15 original sketches by the author. 2018. This extremely handsome manuscript cavalry sword exercise is of particular importance because it proves the change in sword tactics at the end of the Peninsular War & Waterloo, from the use of the cavalry sword as a slashing instrument to a stabbing one (hence the evidence of heavy cavalry grinding their swords to a point before battle). Radclyffe served with the Royal Dragoons in the Peninsula from 1809 to 1814. He also served with distinction during the Waterloo Campaign. During his distinguished service, he reported upon necessary changes to sword tactics, resulting in this vitally important study. No printed copies of it have been recorded until now. Because of its importance and charm, we have reproduced the original work in straight facsimile but also reset it for easier reading. A biography and letters from the Waterloo campaign are also included. £29.50 GBP

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