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Deep-Cut Studios: "Meadow" Mats On Sale

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unknown member writes:

Hi Rallynow, I'd also prefer it if Plains came without stones but alas it's not an option. I don't find the stones terribly obtrusive, and in any case I tend to lay terrain pieces over the mat as you describe- often over the stones!

Meadow, of course, has not a single pebble. :-)

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unknown member of BigRedBats Ventures writes:

Deep-Cut Meadow mats are a lush green, rather darker than the equivalent plains mat. They are suitable for battles fought in Northern Europe or the U.S.A..

Meadow mat with grid

Meadow mat with grid – close-up

I stock the mats in 6' by 4' and 4' by 3' sizes, both with and without grids. The size of the grass has been reduced on the smaller mats for use with smaller scales – you can't see the blades of grass on these. The gridded versions are perfect for games such as To the Strongest! and Rommel.

These mats are printed on a thin, light cloth and can be washed, ironed, and folded or rolled away for storage. Hills can be placed on top or even, if shallow, underneath. These mats (along with many other designs) can be found in the BigRedBatShop.


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