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New Captain at Flagship Games!

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Flagship Games writes:

@ VirtualScratchBuilder ~~>

{ Pirate-Talk Mode }

Yahhhr, Matey !! Cap'n Tom'0 Here ~~
Them AzTek / Tejano Mecha Be Under Construction,
says I & Aye … !!
… 'Tis But the Plain Truth I&Aye be Speakin' …..

{ end Pirate-Talk Mode }

the Original Molds were lost to the Aether some 20+ years ago.
BUT !!
Fortune Favours the Build !!

I, Personally;
happen to Caretake (what evidence suggests is) the single Largest extant collection of
the Original Mecha: Spirit Warrior Empires model line currently in existence . ( I cleaned out my former FLGS, Infinte Frontiers { Plug !! } in Kennewick, WA some 23 year' ago, when they clearanced the whole shebang)

I Truly _LOVE_ these Designs, and am over the Moon about the acquiring the Milieu !
( It's not for 'No Reason' I acquired the Line )
That being Said…? Technology has long surpassed the Models as they currently exist;

Why; Neodymium Magnets -alone- change the design parameters -significantly-.

Fear Not, True Believer !!

I have a 2 talented 3D Visual Artists Onboard, (and am shopping for a 3rd)
("And One of the Blighters is Me Own First-Born", says Cap'n Tom'0 )
who are currently Working feverishly on slightly Updated Models.
(read: 'More Gubbins!! More Modularity…!! MORE DESIGNS!!! )

(See attached Photos for the level of Detail we are striving for)

All ~That~ having Been Said…?

If you, personally, VirtualScratchBuilder; are really Really interested in the Original Designs
(to complete a Faction Detachment or some-such)
I can likely squeeze an extra Few Castings out of my secret Underground Bavarian Dwarrow Laboratory, Svartalfheimr.
There is something Numinous & Wonderful in those Old sculpts, to be sure !

Shoot me a PM via Facebook
or my Other, 'civilian' TMP Persona " Volstagg Vanir "
TMP link
& we'll discuss !

{Still in the Process of sending the Cheque to Bill to get 'Flagship Games' "official"}

As to the Spaceships: I do believe Mark Severin of Scale Creep Miniatures (Hi, Mark!) retains the Rights to those;
I know I did not acquire those particular molds…
_THAT_ Being Said… ?
"We Gots Plans, Big Plans, I say" (…"I'm IN", says the Mynah Bird) !!

{ Chuckles Maniacally }





(Important Disclaimer:
The {above) Phots are _NOT_ our Original Designs
(which currently are Propitiary!)
But Rather the Designs of Mecha-Master Mamoru Nagano of Heavy Metal L-Gaim Fame.

Those pictures -do- show the level of detail
we plan on bringing to the MarketPlace,
as soon as the current State of the 'Real' World allows…
We may Speed the process via KickStarter (…but that way Also lies Madness!).

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Personal logo Extra Crispy Sponsoring Member of TMP of Scale Creep Miniatures writes:

A number of years ago, Scale Creep Miniatures acquired Flagship Games. Well, there's a new captain aboard! Scale Creep Miniatures has sold the rights to all of the pirate ships, submarines, and ironclads, as well as the rights to the old Spirit Warrior Aztec mecha miniatures.

Scale Creep is retaining all of the rulebook rights, and will continue to sell those. But the new captain of the Pirates! miniatures will be online soon. The plan over the coming months is to bring the range back in to production and to expand it, especially with Asian ships.


There is a lot of work to be done between now and then. But in the mean time, Scale Creep Miniatures has sent the masters, castings and remaining inventory on to the new owner: Cap'n Diener. He'll acquire the name and the website (, as well.

For now, the range will be offline, but you can direct inquiries to the new captain via email at

Please join me in wishing him all the best in this new venture. Unless he crosses me, of course, in which case it's the black spot fer sure!

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