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Blue Moon Italian Wars Released - Phase 1

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WKeyser writes:

They look great, I will have to add my collection of Italian Wars. Any ETA on the cav and French?

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MrsMiniatureships Sponsoring Member of TMP of Blue Moon Manufacturing writes:

With the holidays, weather and illness, we are running about a month behind. But, none the less, we are pleased to announce the release of the 15/18mm Blue Moon Italian Wars. The list below is the full range we will be releasing. We have a great start with getting these finished. The first grouping ready to go are eleven codes from the Landsknechts. A group of the Swiss are right behind, so keep watching for announcements. The available codes are on the website, so you can check there also.

Italian Wars


15WL-100 – Officers
15WL-101 – Standard-Bearers
15WL-102 – Drummers
15WL-103 – Fifers
15WL-104 – Pikemen with Grounded Pikes
15WL-105 – Pikemen Advancing
15WL-106 – Heavy Pikemen with Grounded Pikes
15WL-107 – Heavy Pikemen Advancing
15WL-108 – Halberds
15WL-109 – Two-handed Swords
15WL-110 – Arqubuissiers
15WL-111 – Artillery Crew
15WL-112 – Stradiot Cavalry
15WL-113 – Gendarmes
15WL-114 – Spanish Genitors
15WL-115 – Spanish Sword and Buckler
15WL-116 – Spanish Pikes
15WL-117 – Spanish Arqubuissiers
15WL-118 – Crossbowmen
15WL-119 – Spanish Crossbowmen
15WL-120 – Wounded
15WL-121 – Dead
15WL-122 – Mounted Generals

Swiss & Italians

15WS-100 – Officers
15WS-101 – Standard-Bearers
15WS-102 – Drummers
15WS-103 – Fifers
15WS-104 – Pikemen with Grounded Pikes
15WS-105 – Pikemen Advancing
15WS-106 – Heavy Pikemen with Grounded Pikes
15WS-107 – Heavy Pikemen Advancing
15WS-108 – Halberds
15WS-109 – Crossbows
15WS-110 – Mounted Crossbows
15WS-111 – Arqubuissiers
15WS-112 – Italian Gendarmes
15WS-113 – Italian Infantry
15WS-114 – Mounted Arqubuissiers
15WS-115 – Italian Artillery Crew
15WS-116 – Mounted Archer
15WS-117 – Wounded
15WS-118 – Dead
15WS-119 – Mounted Generals

Italian Wars Artillery

15WA-100 – Culverin
15WA-101 – Light Guns
15WA-102 – Guns on Burgundian Carriage
15WA-103 – Organ Guns
15WA-104 – Light Horse Drawn Guns

Ready to go are:

15WL-100 – Officers (10 figures) – $9.00 USD


15WL-101 – Standard-Bearers (10 figures) – $9.00 USD


15WL-102 – Drummers (10 figures) – $9.00 USD


15WL-103 – Fifers (10 figures) – $9.00 USD


15WL-104 – Pikemen with Grounded Pikes (30 figures) – $17.50 USD


15WL-105 – Pikemen Advancing (30 figures) – $17.50 USD


15WL-106 – Heavy Pikemen with Grounded Pikes (30 figures) – $17.50 USD


15WL-107 – Heavy Pikemen Advancing (30 figures) – $17.50 USD


15WL-108 – Halberds (30 figures) – $17.50 USD


15WL-109 – Two-handed Swords (30 figures) – $17.50 USD


15WL-111 – Artillery Crew (12 figures, 1 barrel, 2 cannon ball piles) – $9.00 USD


We will have more releases coming soon, so keep watching for more announcements. You can get these great new releases on the website, as well as the Old Glory Corp manufacturer's direct website: For our Old Glory Army members, your discount applies to these Blue Moon figures. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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