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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

We Have Had a Load of New Rules Made Available This Week. So Take a Look Below at What's Just in!

H29568 – El Ejercito de Los Borbonnes 5) Fernando VII 3) 1814-1833 / Ruiz Vert large format hardback, near fine. 340 pages. Spanish text. Vwey well illustrated in color uniform plates. £95.00 GBP

H29570 – Pony Wars or B Troop Ain't Coming Back / Fantastic full-color hardback edition of these classic Indian War rules. This edition also comes with a full-color laminated 110 strong card deck, essential for playing the game. The rules themselves are as they were written originally, but with modern production values and presentation. There are extra sections on using the rules with figures larger and smaller than the original 15mm versions used in the demonstration games. £27.25 GBP

Silver Bayonet

H29572 – Silver Bayonet: A Wargame of Napoleonic Gothic Horror / McCullough Hardback. Napoleonic Horror skirmish. Pre-order special offer: free 28mm Plucky Armed Regency Heroine. £21.50 GBP

H29573 – Drapeaux Et Etendards Du Xixeme Siecle: Restauration a la Republique / Charrie. Near mint paperback. 210 pages. French text. Very well illustrated in color plates French flags 1815-1880. One only. £95.00 GBP

H29574 – Lion Rampant: A Viking in The Sun: The Mediterranean Adventures of Harald Hardrada – latest supplement for this set of rules. Pre-crusade army lists, optional rules and campaigns. £15.00 GBP

Viva La Revolution

H29575 – Viva La Revolution, Viva Mexico: A Wargamer's Guide to Refighting the Mexican Revolution 1910-1920 / Blake, Mike & Swan, Chris. 130 pages. Large format full-color paperback. Scenarios for battles and skirmishes; real and hypothetical foreign intervention etc. Latest in the Partizan Press' Mexican series. £27.50 GBP

H29576 – Viva La Revolution, Viva Mexico: A Wargamer's Guide – hardback edition – limited to 25 copies. Hardback edition of the above. Direct from U.S. only. £37.50 GBP

H29577 – Deadzone 3.0 – Warpath Universe – Mantic Games – out late October. £77.50 GBP

This Very Ground

H29578 – This Very Ground – Sinister Lab Laboratories Wargaming warfare in North America in the Age of Matchlocke and Flintlocke. This Very Ground: Victory or Death is a small-unit skirmish, miniature wargaming system for the black powder period. £18.00 GBP

The List Below Includes Some of the Duncan Macfarlane Book Collection, With Proceeds Going to the Gurkha Welfare Trust. If You Need Anything, Just Email Us!

52082 – Die Infanterie-Regimenter Friedrich des Grossen 1756-1763 / Dorn & Engelman. Hardback. Large format. German text. 164 pages. Illustrated in full-color and black-and-white. Excellent uniform and standard detail. Condition very good. £19.95 GBP

52083 – Die Preussischen Kavallerie-Regimenter 1913/1914. Nach dem Gesetz vom 3. Juli 1913 / Schulz, Hugo F.W. Hardback. Large format. German text. 197 pages. Illustrated in full-color. Condition like new. £28.00 GBP

52084 – Die Preussischen Kavallerie- Regimenter 1913/1914. Nach dem Gesetz vom 3. Juli 1913 / Schulz, Hugo F.W. Hardback. Large format. German text. 197 pages. Illustrated in full-color. Condition new book in presentation slip cover. Slight knock to cover. £35.00 GBP

52085 – Sir Richard Grenville of the Civil War / Miller good condition hardback. £6.50 GBP

52085 – Die Regimenter der europaischen Staaten im Ancien Regime des XVI. bis XVIII. Jahrhunderts / Tessin, Georg. Hardback. 440 pages. German text. Condition new book. £110.00 GBP

52086 – Roots of Conflict: British Armed Forces and Colonial Americans, 1677-1763 / Leach 230 pages. Near fine hardback. £16.50 GBP

52086 – Die tragbaren Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Reiches / Hessenthal & Schreiber. Hardback. Approximately 600 pages. German text. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition like new. £150.00 GBP

52087 – Discovering Wargames. An Introduction to Table Top Battles and Miniature Warfare / Tunstill, John. Paperback, 1973 re-print originally published 1969. 64 pages, black-and-white plates and line drawings. Condition good. £8.00 GBP

52088 – Die Uniformen der Infanterie 1933 – 1945 / Horn, Werner. Hardback. German text. Still in unopened shrink wrap. Mint. £48.00 GBP

52089 – Germany Army Divisions of the First World War – 750 pages. Orbats and history of each division. Near fine paperback. £25.00 GBP

52090 – Lovers, Rakes and Rogues: A New Garner of Love-Songs and Merry Verses, 1580 to 1830 / Wardroper, John. Paperback. 366 pages. Condition like new. £15.00 GBP

52091 – Ebro 1938: Death Knell of the Spanish Republic (Praeger Illustrated Military History) / Henry, Chris. Hardback. 96 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white, some color. Condition new book but has small tear damage to spine of cover. Does not affect book internally. £18.00 GBP

52092 – Disturbed State of the Russian Realm / Bussow, Conrad. Hardback. 244 pages. Condition new. Mint. Covering the time of troubles (1598-1613) in Russia. £37.00 GBP

52093 – Dispatches & Letters of Lord Nelson: The Nicolas edition Volume II 1795-1797 / Nicolas. Near fine paperback. 495 pages. Like new. Minor marks to outer cover. £5.00 GBP

52094 – Dress Regulations 1900 (for the officers of the army including the militia) / Carman/ War Office. Hardback. Large format. Approximately 250 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition very good. Slight shelf wear. £16.29 GBP

52095 – Dragon Wagon, Part 2: A Visual History of the U.S. Army’s Heavy Tank Transporter 1955-1975 (Visual History Series) / Doyle, David. Paperback, published 2015. 120 pages. Illustrated throughout. New, still in shrink wrap. £6.00 GBP

52096 – Sam Dreben: The Fighting Jew (Great West & Indian Series No. 67) / Leibson, Art. Hardback. 199 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition very good. Dust cover shows signs of light wear and some pencil annotation in margins. £120.00 GBP

52097 – Inkerman, 1854: The Soldier's Battle (Praeger Illustrated Military History) / Mercer, Patrick. Hardback. 96 pages. Illustrated in full-color and black-and-white. Condition like new. £14.00 GBP

52098 – Gustavus Adolphus a History of Sweden 1611-1632 Volume 2 / Roberts, Michael. Hardback. Published 1990. 848 pages. With pull out map. Condition good/very good. Example library. No dust cover. Internally, very good clean copy. £0.00 GBP

52099 – Fighter Operations of the German Air Force / Air Staff U.S. Intelligence, 206 pages. Paperback reprint of a 1945 publication. 208pp. The importance of this document cannot be overstated, as it is the only official analysis of German fighter tactics in English to have survived the war. It covers the organization and mobility of the German Air Force, ground attack operations, sweeps against aerial targets, defensive patrols, fighter escort, attacks against bombers (split into single- and twin-engined aircraft attacks), special methods of attacking bombers (including rocket attacks), jet and rocket propelled fighter operations, day air defense of Germany, the quality of fighter pilots and commanders throughout the war and a German Air Force evaluation of Allied fighter aircraft, pilots and tactics. The title has a wealth of important information which should not be missed. Like new. Slight knock to corner and minor shelf-edge wear. £28.00 GBP

52100 – Special Campaign Series: Napoleon's Campaigns in Italy: 1796-1797 and 1800 / Burton, R. G. Brig.-Gen. Paperback. Facsimile reprint. 150 pages. With six maps and army plans. Condition like new. Small knock to corner. £13.95 GBP

52101 – Lovers, Rakes & Rogues / Wardroper, John. Very good condition paperback. 370 pages. 325+ Bawdy and love songs from 1560 to 1860. £4.50 GBP

52102 – Division of Christendom: Christianity in the Sixteenth Century / Hillerbrand, Hans J. P.back. 504 pages. Condition like new. Near fine. £20.00 GBP

52103 – Doctor Goebbels: His Life and Death / Manvell, Roger & Fraenkel, Heinrich. Paperback. Modern reprint. 329 pages. Condition new book. Minor shelf edge wear. £10.50 GBP

52104 – Documentary History of Dunmore's War, 1774: Compiled from the Draper Manuscripts in the Library of the Wisconsin Historical Society and Published at T / Thwaites, Reuben Gold & Kellogg, Louise. Paperback. Published 1989. 472 pages. Some shelf-edge wear with little crease to front, bottom corner. Light markings to page edges otherwise excellent condition. £15.00 GBP

52105 – Eyewitness to War: Prints and Daguerreotypes of the Mexican War, 1846-48 / Sandweiss, Stewart & Huseman. Hardback. 368 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white throughout. Condition very good. £68.00 GBP

52106 – Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two. Revised edition / Chamberlain & Doyle. Hardback. Published 1990. 272 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition very good. £15.00 GBP

52107 – Dutch East India Company: Expansion and Decline / Walburg Pers. Hardback. 191 pages. Illustrated in full-color and black-and-white throughout. Condition very good. £19.50 GBP

52108 – Emblems of the Rising Sun: Imperial Japanese Arm Air Force Unit Markings / Scott, Peter. Paperback. 128 pages. Condition like new. Near fine. £40.00 GBP

52109 – Chinese Steam Navy, 1862-1945 / Wright, Richard NJ. Hardback. 208 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white throughout. Condition very good. Light surface wear only. £29.50 GBP

52110 – Classic Gunfights: Volume One. True West / Bob, Boze, Bell. Paperback. 128 pages. Illustrated mainly in color. Condition very good. Small tear to back cover. Internally near fine. £44.00 GBP

52111 – Diaries of Two Ansbach Jaegers / Burgoyne, Bruce E. Paperback. 166 pages. Condition new. £7.55 GBP

52112 – Combat WW II: European Theater of Operations / Ed. Congdon, Don. Paperback. 749 pages. Condition like new. £10.00 GBP

52113 – Adventures Of Serjeant Benjamin Miller, Whilst Serving in the 4th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Artillery 1796 to 1815: Adventures of Serjeant… The Royal Regiment of Artillery 1796 to 1815 – Paperback. 43 pages. Condition like new. Near fine. £5.00 GBP

52114 – Art of Warfare in the Age of Napoleon / Rothenberg, Gunther E. Paperback. 272 pages. Condition like new. Light foxing. Looks unread. £20.00 GBP

52115 – Baltimore and Ohio in the Civil War / Summers, Festus P. Hardback. 304 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition very good. £37.00 GBP

52116 – Battle of Paoli (Stackpole Military History Series) / Mcguire, Thomas J. Hardback. 270 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition very good. Two small tears to edges of dust cover. Internally excellent condition. £11.00 GBP

52117 – Army of the Heartland: The Army of Tennessee, 1861-1862 / Connelly, T.L. Hardback. 305 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition very good. £11.00 GBP

52118 – Athenian Empire / Meiggs, Russell. Paperback. 625 pages. Condition Like new. New book with slight shelf-edge wear and faded spine. £50.00 GBP

52119 – At Them With the Bayonet: The first Sikh War / Featherstone, Donald. Hardback. 197 pages. Condition good. £18.00 GBP

52120 – Arms and the Wizard: Lloyd George and the Ministry of Munitions, 1915-16 / Adams, RJQ. Hardback. 252 pages. Condition very good. £15.00 GBP

52121 – Admiral Lord St. Vincent, Saint or Tyrant?: Nelson's Patron and First Sealord: The Life of Sir John Jervis, Nelson's Patron / Davidson, James D.G. Hardback. 230 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition like new. £20.00 GBP

52122 – Lochiel of the '45: Jacobite Chief and the Prince: The Jacobite Chief and the Prince / Gibson, John Sibbald. Hardback. 207 pages. Condition like new. Near fine. £20.00 GBP

52123 – Louisbourg Journals, 1745 / Effingham De Forest, Louis. Paperback. 253 pages. Condition new. £12.75 GBP

52124 – Peninsular Journal 1808-1817- Napoleonic Library / D'Urban, Major-General Sir Benjamin. Hardback. 355 pages. Condition new. Slightly yellowing pages. £50.00 GBP

52125 – Patriots, Royalists, and Terrorists in the West Indies: The French Revolution in Martinique and Guadeloupe, 1789-1802 / Cormack, William S. Hardback. Published 1990. 390 pages. Condition like new. Near fine. £40.00 GBP

52126 – Prisoners of the Red Desert: The Adventures of the Crew of the Tara! During the First World War / Williams, R.S. Gwatkin. Paperback. 288 pages. Condition new. £7.50 GBP

52127 – Panzer Commander: The Memoirs of Colonel Hans von Luck / Luck, Hans Von. Hardback. 282 pages. Illustrated in black-and-white. Condition good. Dust cover tatty. Internally very good. £26.00 GBP

52128 – Sketches of the Character, Manners, and Present State of the Highlanders of Scotland, With Details of the Military Service of the Highland Regiments 2 Volume set / Colonel D Stewart. 590 pages. Two volumes near mint paperbacks. As a serving officer of the Forty-Second Regiment, Colonel Stewart is much concerned with the soldierly qualities of the Highlanders and the emphasis in the book is of their military achievements. Campaigns which are covered include the American War of Independence, General Wolfeâs Expedition to Canada, Flanders, France and Egypt, and West Indies; in fact, practically all the theatres in which the British Army was involved from 1740 to 1815. £29.50 GBP

52129 – Army of the Roman Republic: From the Regal Period to the Army of Julius Caesar / Sage, Michael M. Hardback, published 2018, 332 pages, color illustrations. New book, mint condition. £11.50 GBP

52130 – German Artillery in the Franco-Prussian War / Hoffbauer, E. Mint paperback facsimile reprint. 380 pages. Text perfect and complete but spine missing a few letters of titles. A cheap way to get the info. New perfect copies available Incredible detail on the use of artillery- even down to number of horses lost and types of ammunition used by battery. £19.50 GBP

52131 – Armies of Ancient Persia: The Sassanians / Farrokh, Kaveh. Hardback, published 2017, 466 pages, color illustrations. New book, mint condition. £9.99 GBP

52132 – Betrayed Ally: China in the Great War / Wood, Frances & Arander, Christopher. Hardback, published 2016, 194 pages, black-and-white illustrations. New book, mint condition. £14.99 GBP

52133 – On Ancient Warfare: Perspectives on Aspects of war in Antiquity 4000 BC to AD 637 / Gabriel, Richard. Hardback, published 2018, 313 pages, some maps and black-and-white sketches. New book, mint. £9.99 GBP

52134 – Lucullus: The Life and campaigns of a Roman Conqueror / Fratantuono, Lee. Hardback, published 2017, 188 pages, color illustrations. New book, mint condition. £13.75 GBP

52135 – Castrum to Castle: Classical to Medieval Fortifications in the Lands of the Western Roman Empire / Kaufmann, JE. Hardback, published 2018, 278 pages, color illustrations. New book, mint. £9.99 GBP

52136 – Honorable Warriors: Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan / Streatfield, Richard. Hardback, published 2014, 219 pages, color photographs. New book, mint. £17.99 GBP

52137 – Black Prince and the Capture of a King: Poitiers 1356 / Livingstone, Marilyn & Witzel, Morgan. Hardback, published 2018, 218 pages. New book, mint. £10.97 GBP

52138 – Red Wind Over the Balkans: The Soviet Offensive South of the danube, September – October 1944 / Matev, Kaloyan. Hardback, published 2019, 661 pages, illustrated with black-and-white photographs. New book, slight nick to dust jacket. £21.95 GBP

52139 – Kings of the Sea: Charles II, James II & the Royal Navy / Davies, J. D. Hardback, published 2017, 288 pages, color illustrations. New book, mint condition. £11.95 GBP

52140 – At the Forward Edge of Battle: A History of the Pakistan Armored Corps 1938-2016 Volume 1 / Hamid, Major General Syed Ali. Paperback, published 2019, 88 pages, color and black-and-white illustrations. New book, mint. £14.50 GBP

52141 – At the Forward Edge of Battle: A History of the Pakistan Armored Corps 1938-2016 Volume 2 / Hamid, major General Syad Ali. Paperback, published 2019, 128 pages, color and black-and-white illustrations. New book, mint. £14.50 GBP

52142 – Napoleonic Wars: As Illustrated by J. J. Jenkins / Jenkins, J. J. Hardback, published 2018, landscape format, 168 pages. Color illustrations throughout. New book, mint. £11.99 GBP

52143 – Indian Wars of Pennsylvania 1789-1795 Volume 2 / Sipe, C. Hale. Paperback, facsimile of 1929 edition, published 2000. 793 pages. Like new. £75.00 GBP

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