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New 15mm Venexia Italian Wars at Lancashire Games

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Condottiere writes:

sorry your wrong we don't have the pikes in moulds yet so no pikes in the packs,

To bad. The pikes in the moulds were quite nice.

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marmont1814 Sponsoring Member of TMP of Lancashire Games writes:

New 15mm Italian Wars Renaissance

At last, we have tested the molds and all is fine, we will put pictures of all the figures in the next two weeks but by popular demand…

Standard packs – £2.60 GBP each (10 Foot, 4 Mounted or 8 Foot Command)


GI01 - Command pack (1 General, 3 gendarmes), barded horses
GI01a - Command pack (1 General, 3 gendarmes), Unbarded horses
GI02 - Gendarmes, lance upright, barded horses (4 mounted figures)
GI02a - Gendarmes, lance upright, Unbarded horses (4 mounted figures)
GI03 - Gendarmes, war hammer & sword, barded horses (4 mounted figures)
GI03a - Gendarmes, warhammer &sword, Unbarded horses (4 mounted figures)
GI04 - Gendarmes, levelled lance, barded horses (4 mounted figures)
GI04a - Gendarmes, levelled lance, Unbarded horses (4 mounted figures)
GI05 - Lesser Gendarmes, lance upright, Unbarded horses (4 mounted figures)


Light Cavalry – £2.60 GBP

GI06 - Mounted crossbowmen (4 mounted figures)
GI07 - Mounted Arquebusiers (4 mounted figures)
GI08 - Stradiots (4 mounted figures)
GI09 - Ginettes (4 mounted figures)

Infantry – £2.60 GBP

Spanish, Swiss, French & Italian

GI11 - Generic infantry, command (8 figures)
GI11a - Spanish infantry, command (8 figures)
GI12 - Generic infantry, lowered pikes (10 figures)
GI13 - Generic infantry, advancing pike men (10 Figures)
GI14 - Spanish infantry, advancing pike men (10 Figures)
GI15 - Swiss infantry, advancing pike men (10 Figures)


GI16 - Generic infantry, marching pike men (10 Figures)
GI17 - Generic Arquebusiers Standing (10 Figures)
GI17a - Spanish Arquebusiers Firing (10 Figures)
GI17b - Spanish Arquebusiers Loading/At Ready (10 Figures)
GI18 - Generic Crossbowmen (10 Figures)
GI19 - Spanish: sword and buckler (10 figures)
GI20 - Venetian: archers (10 Figures)


GI21 - Landsknecht command – officer, standardbearer, drummer, Doppler-solder (8 Figures)
GI22 - Landsknecht pike advancing. Pike at 45 degrees (10 Figures)
GI22a - Landsknecht halberdiers advancing. Halberd at 45 degrees (10 Figures)
GI23 - Landsknecht pike marching. Pike upright (10 Figures)
GI23a - Landsknecht halberdiers marching. Halberd upright (10 Figures)
GI24 - Landsknecht Arquebusiers (10 Figures)
GI25 - Dopplesoldner (10 figures)

Casualties – £2.00 GBP Per Pack

GI31 - Gendarmes 4 pieces (2 horses and 2 men)
GI32 - Foot (4 Figures)


GI41 - Heavy Artillery (2 guns, 6 artillerymen)
GI41a - Heavy Artillery (2 guns, 6 artillerymen)
GI42 - Light Artillery (2 guns, 4 artillerymen)

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We have also added some free flags on our site, I hope you enjoy, and that we can add more over soon!

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