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28mm WWII German Riflemen in Greatcoats II Revisited

A more wintry portrayal of German Riflemen with Greatcoats II.

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Reminder: OMM remains open for internet orders and shipping. Thank you for your continued support.

The shoppe continues not to be open for walk-in trade at this time.

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Altar of Freedom

Altar of Freedom: Grand Tactical Rules Army-level rules for American Civil War designed for 6mm/10mm miniatures, with an available conversion to 15mm. Designed for historical scenarios like Antietam or Chickamauga, not for points-driven tournament matches. As corps or army general, your challenge will be coordinating divisions to be in the right place at the right time and wrestling with the outsized personalities of your sub-commanders. $26.00 USD

Age of Hannibal

Age of Hannibal Game large battles of antiquity in a single evening on limited table space and with flexible basing. Focus on the critical nature of pre-battle strategy, when commanders sought the best possible ground for their armies. An innovative terrain card system allows players to create unique battlefields, while also incorporating elements of scouting, flank marches, and possible ambushes. Includes a full campaign system for map-based play, plus a chapter on conducting sieges such as Carthage or Syracuse. $26.00 USD

Feudal Patrol Bundle: Skirmish Gaming in the Ancient, Medieval and Fantasy Periods The bundle includes rules and card decks. Pre-order bonus: Printed reference cards – one artillery card, six infantry cards, and three cavalry cards. Designed for solo-, two-player, and team-play. The solo option uses the concept of posture to determine an opponent's reactions, depending on relative casualties, successes and morale. Any single-based miniatures, in any scale, can be used. A typical game uses 20 to 50 figures per side, and can be played in two to three hours. Command friction is provided by a double-random activation system that provides fog of war, drama, and unpredictability to games. Feudal Patrol uses a streamlined, intuitive card-based combat resolution mechanism, which eliminates the need for look-up tables and cross-referencing. $50.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $21.25 USD

Eagle's Prey: Advance & Retreat: Regimental Rules for the American Civil War 1861-1865 Supplement for the Age of Lincoln and the American Civil War rules to game 20,000 troops per side in three to four hours. Includes HRG's terrain generation system; historical organization and unit capabilities; scenario generator; player-aid tools; leader ratings for brigade and division commanders; command brigade-level or regimental action; scenarios with more available online; naval rules for transports (can be used with Casemate and Cannon ACW naval rules); can be used with 19th Century Eagle's Prey campaign system. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 10%, now $27.00 USD

Uniform Guides…

374: Austrian Empire: Hussar Regiment No.11 Szekler Border Hussars 1809-1815

374: Austrian Empire: Hussar Regiment No.11 Szekler Border Hussars 1809-1815 Another in the terrific series. Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD


Wargaming Wellington in India: A Wargamers Guide to the Armies and Battles

Wargaming Wellington in India: A Wargamers Guide to the Armies and Battles Much-enlarged second edition of the classic Grant and Asquith study. Campaign outlines, battles, orbats, tactics, and detailed look at the armies, uniforms, etc. Color plates by Bob Marion. $55.00 USD

Wellington and the British Army's Indian Campaigns: 1798-1805 Book covers the 1798-1805 campaigns of Arthur Wellesley – later the Duke of Wellington – and General Lake in the Deccan and Hindustan. While it fully acknowledges Wellington's vital role, it also addresses the nature of the warring armies, the significance of the campaigns of Lake in North India, and leaves the reader with an understanding of the human experience of war in the region. For this was a brutal conflict in which British armies clashed with the formidable forces of the Sultan of Mysore and the Maratha princes. There were dramatic pitched battles at Assaye, Argaum, Delhi and Laswari, and epic sieges at Seringapatam, Gawilghur and Bhurtpore. The British success was not universal. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $36.55 USD


Military History of Late Rome: 425-457

Military History of Late Rome: 425-457 Analysis of how the Romans coped with the challenge posed by masses of Huns after the Germanic tribes had gained a permanent foothold in the territories of West Rome. Reassesses the strategy and tactics of the period, and includes 32 color and black-and-white maps and battle diagrams. Shows how cooperation between Aetius, the West Roman Master of Soldiers, East Roman Emperor Marcian saved Western civilization from the barbarian nightmare posed by the Huns of Attila. Includes a fresh appraisal of 451 Battle of Catalaunian Fields, offers new insights into the mechanics of the fighting, and shows that it was a true battle of nations. Had Aetius and his allies lost the battle and had Marcian not cooperated with Aetius in 451 and 452, we would not have seen the rise of the West and the rise of scientific thinking. $40.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $34.00 USD

Sherman: The M4 Tank in World War II The Medium Tank, M4, better known to the British as the Sherman, was the most widely used medium tank by the United States and Western Allies in World War II. Reliable, relatively cheap to produce, and easy to maintain, thousands were distributed to the British Commonwealth and the Soviet Union by the Lend-Lease program. It first saw combat in North Africa, where it outclassed lighter German and Italian tanks. By 1944, the M4 was outgunned by the German heavy tanks, but it still contributed to the fight when deployed in numbers and supported by artillery and fighter-bombers. Includes 360 photographs, 110 diagrams. $50.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 10%, now $42.50 USD

U.S. Army Ambulances & Medical Vehicles in World War II This fully illustrated, comprehensive book covers all types of medical vehicles used both in-theater and in the United States, including ambulances and technical-support vehicles. It details vehicle markings modifications for use in the evacuation of troops from the battlefield. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $29.75 USD

The 3rd SS Panzer Regiment The 3rd SS Panzer Regiment was part of the Totenkopf Division – one of the 38 Waffen-SS divisions active during World War II. Notorious for its brutality, most notably a mass execution of British prisoners in the Battle of France, Totenkopf had a fearsome reputation. The 3rd SS Panzer Regiment was formed in France in late 1942, and transferred to the Eastern Front in early 1943 where it fought for the rest of the war. Includes 150 photos, maps and profiles. $25.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $21.25 USD

Riverine Craft of the Vietnam Wars With its unparalleled level of visual information – paint schemes, models, line drawings and photographs – this book is simply the best reference for any model maker setting out to build one of these unusual craft. $25.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $21.25 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Miniatures Wargames: Issue #449

Miniature Wargames: Issue #449 Cover: Enter The Portal – Exclusive solo-play scenario for Kings of War: Vanguard, plus a step-by-step painting guide for some Mantic Miniatures Abyssal Dwarfs. Plus, with the print version, you get a sprue of Dwarfs absolutely free to paint and play with! Features: Keep Taking The Tablets: Anglo-Egyptian Sudan scenario and rules ideas for Archaeology and Arms using an adaptation of Black Powder; Make Your ACW Mind Up: Command Decision scenario Antietam 1862; Peninsula Adventures: Three Skirmishes in Spain, then Chillianwallah (Punjab) 1849, and a bloody conflict with the British East India Company; Send three and four pence: Realism in wargames is a trap; Oathmark Express: Concluding part of building two fantasy armies at speed under lockdown; Napoleon Solo: Tips on how to start solo wargaming; Practical Wargames Scenery: Scratchbuild a Roman Mile Castle; Club Spotlight: Tanelorn Wargames Club; Defense in Depth: Figures and rules reviews; Quartermaster: Scenery and accessories reviews; Forward Observer: News; Recce: Book reviews; Last Word: Andy Copestake of Old Glory. $9.00 USD

Ancient History Magazine #29: Fashion in Antiquity

Ancient History Magazine #29: Fashion in Antiquity Theme: Fashion in Antiquity: Necessity or Nuisance: The Roman Toga; A La Mode in Ancient India: From Texts to Textiles; Womens' Clothing in Ancient Greece: Ladies Dressing the Part; Aristocratic Athenian Identity: Rich Men Dressing Down; Everything Old is New Again: Timeless Egyptian Style. Features: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Decoding Status in Pompeii; A Game of Thrones set in Ancient Korea: The Three Kingdoms; The Big Business Behind Roman Bread: Stronger with Sourdough; Origins Instruments, and Musicians: Roman Theater Music; Holidaying with the Ancients in Southern Italy: Exploring Benevento. $10.00 USD

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