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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Reminder: OMM Remains Open for Internet Orders & Shipping!

The shoppe continues not to be open for walk-in trade at this time.

However, if you wish to pick up your order at the store, call ahead and we can leave a package outside the door.

Most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks.

Mortem Et Gloriam…

Mortem et Gloriam cover

Mortem et Gloriam: Rules for the Ancient/Medieval Covering 2000BC to 1500AD 2nd edition. Contains boxed set of the new MeG rulebook, CCC grass set, cards and dice. This 240-page hardback book with a new look and 20 world class pieces of artwork by Giuseppe Rava. It will integrate all clarifications, include a more extensive set of diagrams and will combine Maximus, Magna, and Pacto in a single volume. CCC Grass set: Contains command cards and discs, a disc bag, and a set of wound/slow markers. All are blended with grass background to make games look great. The wound and slow markers have printed casualties and troops on them. $72.00 USD

Mortem et Gloriam: Late Imperial Roman MeG Pacto Starter Army – 15mm Ultracast Plastic Figures Contains 96 figures: 2 x mounted Consuls, 2 x mounted Generals, 8 x Cataphracts, 12 x Equites Alares, 8 x Equites Sagitrri, 24 x Armored Infantry, 24 x Unarmored Infantry, and 16 x Archers. $55.00 USD

Mortem et Gloriam: Gothic MeG Pacto Starter Army – 15mm Ultracast Plastic Figures Contains 96 figures: 4 x mounted Generals, 6 x Armored Cavalry, 22 x Unarmored Cavalry, 52 x Warriors, and 12 x Archers. $55.00 USD

Mortem et Gloriam: Sassanid Persian MeG Pacto Starter Army – 15mm Ultracast plastic figures Contains 66 figures: 2 x Generals, 22 x Asvaran cavalry, 8 x Horse archers, 2 x Elephants and crew, 8 x Slingers, 8 x Archers, and 16 Levy foot. $55.00 USD

Battlegroup Northag…

Battlegroup Northag: Fictional Setting 1983 – 10mm scale cover

Battlegroup Northag: Fictional Setting 1983 – 10mm scale For those that know and love the Battlegroup WWII system, Northag carries a lot of its DNA from the parent system, like the Battle rating system and army list building, but has been specifically designed and streamlined for the smaller scale of 10mm (1:144th) to allow for more vehicles on the table and longer gun ranges. The first Northag book contains rules, scenarios, detailed equipment data, and army lists for Soviet and British forces. Future expansions will add U.S., West and East German, and other Warsaw Pact and NATO forces. $35.00 USD

Battlegroup Northag: 10mm British Starter Army Contains: 4 x Chieftain tanks with both normal and Stillbrew turret options, 4 x FV432 APCs, 2 x Scorpion/Scimitar light tanks (both turret options included), and 35+ Infantry including Milans, Blowpipes, Carl Gustavs, sGPMG and sniper. $50.00 USD

Battlegroup Northag – 10mm Soviet Starter Army Contains: 10 x T64 tanks, 10 x BTR60 APCs, 2 x BRDM2s, and 100+ Infantry including Saggers, Spigots, Grails, AGS17s, sPKM and snipers. $110.00 USD


Triumph: Version 1.1

Triumph: Version 1.1 Uses a variant of the standard ancients basing system. Most frequently this is 15mm figures on 40mm wide bases and 25mm figures on 60mm wide bases. However, the rules are base-width independent and work with bases of any width. Uses a lightweight point system, so there is some variation in army size. For the standard game, most armies are in the range of 12 to 16 stands. The standard game board is rectangular, 24 base-widths wide and 16 base-widths deep. This works out to a little larger than 3 x 2 feet for 15mm figures on 40mm bases. From set-up to finish, a game usually takes about one hour to play. $30.00 USD

Swordpoint: Genghis Khan Campaign supplement. It provides you with all the information you need to refight the campaigns of the legendary Mongol rules, Genghis Khan! The book contains three new and six tailored or revised Army Lists plus nine new scenarios: Mongol 1206AD to 1227AD; Xi XIa 1038AD to 1227AD; Jin Dynasty 1115AD to 1234AD; Kara-Khitai 1132AD to 1218AD; Khwarezmian Emoire 1218AD to 1223AD; Kipchak 1200AD to 1280AD; Georgia 1089AD to 1221AD; Rus 1132 to 1243AD; and Volgar Bulgar 965AD to 1241AD. $20.00 USD

Refighting History Volume 8: The Seven Years War – Small Actions in the Western Theater Nine small actions described plus additional chapters on the armies of the author and Highland troops in the Western theater. Paperback version. $55.00 USD

Peter Bunde Uniform Plates…

372: Austrian Empire: Cuirassier Regiment Lothringen (Lorraine) 1809-1815

372: Austrian Empire: Cuirassier Regiment Lothringen (Lorraine) 1809-1815 Another in the terrific series. Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD


The Mighty Warrior Kings: From the Ashes of the Roman Empire to the New Ruling Order

The Mighty Warrior Kings: From the Ashes of the Roman Empire to the New Ruling Order Traces the history of early Europe through the biographies of nine kings who had the courage, determination and martial might to establish their dominance over the fragmented remnants of the Roman Empire. Includes Charlemagne, Robert the Bruce, Alfred the Great of Wessex, William I of Normandy, Frederick I Barbarossa, Cnut, Louis IX of France, and others. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $29.75 USD

Anna Komnene and the Alexiad: The Byzantine Princess and the First Crusade A woman of extraordinary education and intellect, Anna Komnene was the only Byzantine female historian and one of the first and foremost historians in medieval Europe. Yet few people know of her and her extraordinary story. Subsequent historians and scholars have skewed the picture of Anna as an intellectual princess and powerful author. She has been largely viewed as an angry, bitter old woman, who greedily wanted a throne that did not belong to her. Accusations of conspiracy and attempted murder were hurled at her and as punishment for her transgressions she was to live the last days of her life in exile. It was during her time in a convent, where she was not a nun, that she composed the Alexiad, the history of the First Crusade and the Byzantine Emperor, Alexios I Komnenos (1081-1118), her father. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $36.55 USD

The Waterloo Archive Volume VIII: German and Netherland Sources Ken Trotman Publishing is now the publisher of the prestigious Waterloo Archive series. This is a continuation of the series (but with slightly different covers). This volume concentrates on the KGL, but in particular, sources covering the forces from The Netherlands. $40.00 USD

The Waterloo Archive Volume IX: British Sources This volume concentrates on 21 contemporary illustrations of the battlefield in June-July 1815 with three maps and includes significant material relating to the Guards and the 52nd, 33rd, and 92nd regiments. $40.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $28.05 USD

The Waterloo Archive Volume X: British Sources This volume concentrates on 19 contemporary illustrations of the battlefield in June-July 1815, plus the letter books of various commanding officers containing a mass of letters sent by a myriad of correspondents on an astounding variety of subjects. Also has information on the organisation of the Army of this time. $40.00 USD

Hitler's Anti-Tank Weapons 1939-1945: Images of War

Hitler's Anti-Tank Weapons 1939-1945: Images of War Comprehensive book shows this formidable range of weapons in action from Poland in 1939, through North Africa and the Eastern Front to the final collapse in 1945. Using many rare unpublished images this Images of War book covers the full Nazi anti-armor capability from the 3.7cm Pak 35, 5cm Pak 38 and 7.5cm Pak 40 to the versatile 8.8cm Flak feared by the Allies. Also featured are the half-tracks and converted Panzers that pulled or mounted these weapons and carried forward observers and reconnaissance elements. Includes 250 black-and-white illustrations. $23.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $19.55 USD

Korean War: Chinese Invasion Volume 1 – People's Liberation Army Crosses the Yalu, October 1950-March 1951 First of four volumes traces the progress from the North Korean invasion of June 1950, the desperate American defense of the Pusan Perimeter, General Douglas MacArthur's daring and highly successful amphibious offensive at Inch'on, and his subsequent advance across the 38th Parallel to the Yalu River on the Chinese Manchurian border. Includes 24 color and 75 black-and-white illustrations. $23.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $19.55 USD

North Vietnam's 1972 Easter Offensive: Hanoi's Gamble By the end of 1971, in what Hanoi called the American War and at the height of the Cold War, the fighting had dragged on for eight years with neither side gaining a decisive advantage on the battlefield and talks in Paris to the end the war were going nowhere. While the United States was steadily drawing down its ground forces in South Vietnam, Washington was also engaging in a grand effort to build up and strengthen Saigon's armed forces to the point of self-sufficiency. Not only had the ranks of Saigon's forces swelled in recent years, but they were now being equipped and trained to use the latest American military equipment. Perhaps now was the time for Hanoi to take one last gamble before it was too late. Includes 75 black-and-white and 20 color illustrations. $23.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $19.55 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Russia Besieged: Player's Guide

Russia Besieged: Player's Guide 64-page magazine with a half-sheet of counters describes the history of the game, from its design inspiration and origins to the published product and includes optional and variant rules: Rudel counter, Italy not attacking Greece (Germany invades Russia one turn early), plus errata counters are included to correct a few omissions/errors in the printed version. Gamer's Guide section offers examples of play, analysis of mechanics, and techniques to enhance not only your understanding of the rules but further develop your style of play. $49.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 15%, now $41.65 USD

Modern War # 48: Block by Block: Hue Two-player conflict simulation of of the 1968 Battle of Hue. Players must balance the military difficulties imposed by the challenges of constrained urban warfare and unique terrain of the Hue Citadel, with the overriding considerations of each side's respective political goals. The North Vietnamese player must hold the city for as long as possible, to create a media event and lay the groundwork for a new revolutionary government. The South Vietnamese and American player must retake Hue before this process can advance too far, but not also jeopardize their own political sensitivities from casualties and heavy-handedness. The map covers an area of 13 square kilometers (approximately five square miles). Each turn represents four to five days. Units represent platoon/detachment- to battalion-sized units. Components: One 22 x 34-inch map on one sheet and 176 counters. $40.00 USD

OMM Discount: Save 10%, now $36.00 USD

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