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New Releases From Battlefont & Victrix as Well as Post-Apocalyptic Survivors, 19th Century Female Militia, African-American Cavalry, Italian Wars & Modern African Troops

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darren redstar Inactive Member writes:

I'm both a committed 6mm player and subscriber to Prime. While I acknowledge the valid criticism of the war gaming magazines' obsession with 28mm eye candy, I think that WI and Prime are far from being the worst. There are always different scales featured in the magazines and in the online newsletters.
At the end of the day they have to reflect the hobby as it is, and unfortunately it is dominated by 28mm manufacturers and players.

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32mm Post-Apocalyptic

32mm Post Apocalyptic

Alternative Armies are a company who have been around for a number of years. One of their most recent releases is the Sulphur range. If you imagine the Mad Max movies, you're not too far away from the intention.

28mm Middlemarch Fencibles

28mm Middlemarch Fencibles

Black Pyramid Gaming continues to add more miniatures to their 19th Century militia range, with a couple of twists with regard to choice of subject.

28mm 10th U.S. Cavalry

28mm 10th U.S. Cavalry

Lman/1898miniaturas"1898 Miniaturas is a Spanish company whose latest additions to the range are figures from the Spanish-American War. These represent the 10th Cavalry, the African-American troops who started out fighting the Native Americans during the Plains Wars.

28mm Cibo's Little Dudes

Cibo's Little Dudes are an Italian-led company with a base in Switzerland. There are a number of ranges available, stretching from the Wars of Italian Unification to Modern Africa.

28mm Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Infantry

28mm Early Imperial Roman Auxiliary Infantry

Victrix Ltd. continues to release some of the best plastic miniatures on the market. Following the success of their Early Imperial Roman Legionaries, they have added the next logical step, Roman Auxiliary Infantry.



Battlefront continues to support their Team Yankee range with various supplement and miniature releases. But where should a new player begin?

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