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Crabmen Pre-Order Updated to Include USD Prices & Painted Pics

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Tor Gaming Inactive Member writes:

Tee-hee…. I'm not sure what a ŁUS is worth (as currently listed on the page), but I like the idea!

Opps, fixed.

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Tor Gaming Inactive Member of Tor Gaming writes:

Pre-Order Now in U.S.D.

I've had a few requests to price the Crabmen in U.S.D. as well as G.B.P., so I've updated the Buyer Power pre-order page to include pricing in U.S.D. All orders from outside the E.U. are now processed in U.S.D., so should help with those tricky sums of converting currencies…..

Poorly painted samples by me!!!

Yellow and Red

Also, I was playing about slapping some paint on a few sample casts today to decide on a color scheme for a force I want to build for 15mm sci-fi, so have included shots of these on the page now too (and below).


Keep in mind, I am not a great painter, so don't expect studio quality, but each of the samples was very quick and is what I would call 'gaming' quality (well, gaming quality for me!). Anyone who knows what end of a brush to use will be able to make such great work of these models.


Yes, one of them was just sprayed white, washed with Vallejo Pale Wash, then had the eyes dotted. Quite like it, though, and amazingly fast!

Rear views on the pre-order page.

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