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1:700 Black Seas British Brigs

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian paints brigs for the British fleet.

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Cleopatra & L'Ocean

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian's motivation to paint Napoleonic ships returns!

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Herod's Gate

Part II of the Gates of Old Jerusalem.

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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

A quick note to say that we are open for visitors now, but please phone/email ahead. The latest Flames of War boxes are in.

Guide to Making & Painting MDF

H28438 – Guide to making and painting MDF laser-cut MDF model kits. £18.99 GBP

H28426 – Small Corner – Gothic Industrial – Gale Force Nine – BB597/Gale Force Nine. £15.50 GBP

H28427 – Medium Corner – Gothic Industrial – Gale Force Nine – BB598/Gale Force Nine. £18.95 GBP

H28428 – Large Corner – Gothic Industrial – Gale Force Nine – BB599/Gale Force Nine. £22.50 GBP

H28429 – Pillars – Gothic Industrial – Gale Force Nine – BB600/Gale Force Nine. £15.50 GBP

H28430 – Crusader AA Troop – Flames of War – BBX59/Battlefront Miniatures. £10.25 GBP

H28431 – M10 SP Anti-Tank Troop – Flames of War – BBX62/Battlefront Miniatures. £20.50 GBP

H28432 – Auster OP Observation Post – Flames of War – BR951/Battlefront Miniatures. £7.75 GBP

H28433 – Napoleons Resurgence – War of Liberation. Part 1/Operational Studies Group. £94.50 GBP

H28434 – Wargaming with Jacobites 1745/Reid, Stuart. 100 pages, very well illustrated. A wargamers' guide to the Jacobite campaign of 1745/6; the Jacobite army, its composition, tactics and uniqueness, and how to properly use it in your chosen set of rules. Back in print. £16.99 GBP

H28435 – Master Secrets of Wargames Design: Volume 5: A Tabletop toolkit of ideas, analysis, and rule mechanics – 13 articles detailing the nuts and bolts of wargame design. Each article covers a specific period but most could be adapted for others. Inc suggestions for scenario balancing, rules ideas, and rules mechanics to punch up your wargaming in all eras. These can be used as-is, or adapted for published and homebrew miniatures and boardgame rule. £16.99 GBP

H28436 – Wellington and the British Army's Indian Campaigns 1798-1805/Howard, M. 300 pages. Mint hardback. Illustrations. Excellent campaign history with insights into the significance for Wellington's later battles. £21.50 GBP

H28437 – Paddy Griffith's Counter Insurgency Wargames – 90-pages. Large format paperback. Three counter-insurgency wargames as used by the British Army in the late 70s. £12.99 GBP

Clash of Spears

H28439 – Clash of Spears/Alvaro and Francisco Erize. £28.50 GBP

H28440 – Clash of Spears Carthaginian boxed set – post-free worldwide/Alvaro and Francisco Erize. £52.00 GBP

H28441 – Clash of Spears Gallic Warband – post-free worldwide/Alvaro and Francisco Erize. £52.00 GBP

H28442 – Fall of the Reich: Battlegroup supplement – Mint hardback, back in print (rules also). £24.50 GBP

H28443 – Napoleons Eagles, Storm in the East – The Battles of Borodino and Leipzig/Compass Games. £59.50 GBP

H28444 – Cromwell Cruiser Mark VII – Victrix – 12mm 1/144 – VG12005 – post-free worldwide pre-order special/Victrix. £21.95 GBP

H28445 – Panzer IV – PZ.KPFW.IV AUSF.H – Victrix – VG12004 – post-free worldwide pre-order special/Victrix. £21.95 GBP

H28446 – Stug III AUSF.G – Victrix – VG12003 – post-free worldwide pre-order special/Victrix. £21.95 GBP


H28447 – M4A3 Sherman 75mm – Victrix – VG12002 – post-free worldwide pre-order special/Victrix. £21.95 GBP

H28448 – Panther AUSG – PZ.KPFW. V AUSF.G – Victrix – VG12001 – post-free worldwide pre-order special/Victrix. £21.95 GBP

H28449 – Play the Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871 – 50 pages, all-color paperback. 20/25mm cut-out soldiers, building and terrain – Orbats and wargames rules. £19.50 GBP

H28450 – Soldati dell'esercito messicano 1862-1906 (Mexican army)/Cenni 100-pages. Full-color uniform plates by Cenni. £32.50 GBP

H28451 – Nuremberg tournaments 1446-1561 – 110 pages. 112+ full-color illustrations, near-contemporary MSS. English text. £32.50 GBP

H28452 – Morat 1476: La guerra all'ultimo sangue fra Carlo il Temerario e i confederati svizzeri – 100 pages. Very well illustrated in color. Italian text. Burgundian war battle against the Swiss. £25.00 GBP

H28453 – Guerre Hussite 1419-1437 – 2 Volume set – 170-pages. Very well illustrated in color. Italian text. Uniforms, weapons, tactics and battles. £49.50 GBP

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