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GHQ: New Releases & Price Increase

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HobbyGuy writes:

One word: Glasses.

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GHQ Microarmor writes:

We Are Happy to Announce All of Our New Releases!

G-584 – Panther G w/ Side Skirts

Panther G w/ Side Skirts

US-106 – M2 155mm Long Tom w/ M4 Tractor

M2 155mm Long Tom w/ M4 Tractor

AC-106 – MiG 3

MiG 3

TW-24 – Olifant Mk 2

Olifant Mk 2

TW-25 – EIFV (Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

EIFV (Egyptian Infantry Fighting Vehicle)

W-102 – BM30 Smerch

BM30 Smerch

UKN-53 – CL Southampton

CL Southampton

HJN-2 – Hyuga Class

Hyuga Class

We have also recently changed our website specials. These are only available for a limited time, so get them while you can!

G-90 – SdKfz 250 1 & 8 Neu
Now only $7.71 USD, save 22%!

SdKfz 250 1 & 8 Neu

R-21 – SU-76
Now only $7.71 USD, save 22%!


UK-45 – 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Guns
Now only $7.71 USD, save 22%!

6-Pounder Anti-Tank Guns

W-45 T-80
Now only $7.71 USD, save 22%!


N-93 – AML H-60 & H-90
Now only $7.71 USD, save 22%!

AML H-60 & H-90

FRN-7 – CA Foch
Now only $7.71 USD, save 22%!

CA Foch

FRN-4 – DD Fantasque Class
Now only $6.83 USD, save 22%!

DD Fantasque Class

We also wanted to announce that we are going to raise our prices. Did you know that in 2001 we charged $8.95 USD for the same pack of Micro Armor that we currently are selling for $9.95 USD? A lot has happened in those 14 years, and a lot of expenses have gone up. Admittedly, we should have raised our prices more often to keep up with the increases in our expenses. Every year, our raw materials, packaging supplies, mold-making supplies, facility costs, employee wages, taxes, professional fees, etc., go up 2-5%. There have even been times when our metal costs have doubled in a year. Despite all of these growing expenses, GHQ has only had one price increase in the last 14 years. All of you know about the price increases that you have seen from other manufacturers in our industry. A basic Flames of War pack that used to cost the same as a basic GHQ pack now costs $13.00 USD-$14.50 USD, and they are made in a Third World country! We don't even need to go into what goes on with Games Workshop over the years. In July, a basic pack of Micro Armor will be $11.95 USD. How did we come up with this price? We put our 2001 $8.95 USD price into a U.S. Department of Labor CPI calculator, and that's what it says is the equivalent price in 2015.

We know that some people will complain about any price increase. However, we know that most of you will understand that all of our miniatures are designed by hand under a microscope, all of our models then go through a very time-consuming process that is done by hand (also under a microscope) to get them ready to go into our production molds. Our production molds are all made by hand. All of our production castings are made by hand, and quality controlled by human eyes looking at each casting, and then the parts are all put into packs with human hands. In addition, this is all done in the U.S.A., and paying First World wages. The price increase is something that we must do to continue to supply you with the finest detailed miniatures in the world.

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