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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

Caliver has several rules and figure starter sets out this week. But that's not all – they also have several new releases and a load of secondhand titles as well.

H28845 WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY 111: Vietnam Special / – - £5.95 GBP


H28846 QUICK & THE UNDEAD MODERN ZOMBIE SKIRMISH GAME BUNDLE / – Full Color Rule book, plus 8 plastic and 4 Metal Zombies; 5 Metal survivors. 32mm. GREAT SOLO MECHANISM - PERFECT FOR THOSE LOCKDOWN GAMES £39.50 GBP

H28847 JANE AUSTEN: ZOMBIE HUNTER: Regency Zombie Skirmish Game Bundle / – Full color Rule book, plus 8 generic plastic and 4 Metal Zombies; 5 Metal Fictional Characters. 32mm GREAT SOLO MECHANISMS- PERFECT FOR THOSE LOCKDOWN GAMES £39.50 GBP


H28853 MAD DOGS WITH GUNS: GANGSTER STARTER BUNDLE / – HARDBACK FULL COLOR RULES plus 10 Gangster figures from the Steve Barber range (Now available on the minifigs site) £27.00 GBP

H28848 PANZER GRENADIER 15mm WWII NORMANDY STARTER BUNDLE / – 1 set of large format full color 2nd edition rules, 2 German Vehicle, 2 German Infantry, 2 British Vehicle, 3 British Infantry Sprues (or U.S. if preferred) £39.50 GBP

H28849 PANZER GRENADIER 15mm WWII EASTERN FRONT STARTER BUNDLE / – 1 set of large format full color 2nd edition rules, 2 German Vehicle, 2 German Infantry, 2 Russian Vehicles, 3 Russian Infantry Sprues £39.50 GBP

H28850 THEIRS THE STRIFE The Forgotten Battles of British Second Army and Armeegruppe Blumentritt, April 1945 / Russell, J 502p 97 black-and-white photos, 25 black-and-white figures, 74 black-and-white maps £26.50 GBP

H28851 PANZER GRENADIER 20mm WWII NORMANDY STARTER BUNDLE / – 1 set of large format full color 2nd edition rules, 2 German Vehicles, 2 German Infantry, 2 BRITISH Vehicles, 3 BRITISH Infantry Sprues (OR U.S. IF YOU WANT) £49.50 GBP


H28854 DEAD MAN'S HAND: WILD WEST. Limited edition starter set / – Rules, Cards, Markers 12 figures and exclusive building £40.00 GBP

H28855 His Britannic Majesty's Army in Germany During the Seven Years War – / Savory Near Mint ATHENA HARDBACK REPRINT. Limited ed copy 339 £150.00 GBP

H28856 Waffen-SS Grenadier Platoon 1944-45 – ULTRACAST – UMOS001 / PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY – £16.95 GBP

H28857 VIVANDIERE: Heroines through History / – 110p. ITALIAN TEXT Illustrated history of Vivandiers and Cantiniers in European Armies. Inc 22 full color uniform plates £25.00 GBP


H28858 BLOOD AND VALOR: SKIRMISH LEVEL WWI RULES (FIRELOCK GAMES) / Devane, Rufus & Devane, Kai Hardback, 114 pages £32.50 GBP

H28859 ROMAN HEAVY CAVALRY (2) ad 500 – 1450 (Osprey ELITE 235) / Negin, Andrey & D'Amato,Raffaele Pbk, pub. 2020, 64 pages. £12.50 GBP

Skull Dice

H28859 SKULL DICE: 15 Bone Colored, 5 Black / – 20 x 6 sided dice in a tin £9.95 GBP

There is also plenty of shop soiled and second hand added this week.

49546 ARTILLERY OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS: SIEGE FORTRESS & NAVY / KIley 322p. illus near mint hardback £22.50 GBP

49547 Oared Fighting Ships / ANderson 100p. near fine HBK. illus- FRom ABcient Greece to the C18th. ARgus modellinf publication £5.00 GBP

49548 Wargaming: Ancient and Medieval Periods / Featherstone near fine Hardback. first printing Slight tear to jacket otherwise near fine £20.00 GBP

49549 YEARS OF NAPOLEON / HUnt & Embleton 90p. VGC hardback ALMARK publication. v well illus. £8.00 GBP

49550 War Games Through the Ages Vol. 3 1792 – 1859 / Featherstone original white jacket hardback edition £15.00 GBP

49551 ENGLISH CIVIL WAR: A MILITARY HANDBOOK / Tucker & Winstock 65p. v well illus near fine but tear to jacket. Nostalgia loaded 1972 published A&AP hardback £9.50 GBP

49552 BATTLE: PRACTICAL WARGAMING / Grant. Charles a well loved and used copy oif these clasic WWII rules £19.50 GBP

49553 Introduction to Battle Gaming / Wise, Terry 166p. illus. near fine hardback NO JACKET. another classic. contains rules £18.50 GBP

49554 Uniforms of the Seven Years War, 1756 – 63 / Mollo near fine.Hardack. slight yellowing to cover 170 uniforms in color £27.50 GBP

49555 English Civil War ("Airfix Magazine" Guide 28) / Gush & Windrow 62p near fin e but sunning to spine. v well illus with some interesting photos of original stuff £9.50 GBP

49556 REGIMENTS AT WATERLOO / North 72p. v well illus inc color. sound. good pbk copy from this Classic ALmark series £8.50 GBP

49557 Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry / Oakeshott 360p. VGC Hardback. v well illus £25.00 GBP

49558 Wargaming World War Two / Asquith, Stuart E/C hardback. illus. Background, Rules and scenarios £20.00 GBP

49559 War Games Through the Ages, Vol. 1: 3000 BC to 1500 AD / Featherstone very good condition hardback in tatty jacket £10.00 GBP

49560 WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED 302: FRENCH INDIAN WARS SPECIAL / – MInt slight shelf wear £1.00 GBP


49562 Wargame Scenarios: The Peninsular War 1808-1814 / Sutherland, John & Diane 222p. near mint pbk/. illus maps orbats etc etc £8.50 GBP

49563 BRIGADE FIRE & FURY WESTERN SCENARIOS (2nd edition) / – Mint but slight damage to top of spine. Contains 16 battle scenarios redesigned for use with your 2nd Edition, Brigade Fire and Fury. Each scenario comes with a detailed battlefield map, a complete order of battle with unit labels, and special rules you need to set up and fight each battle £25.00 GBP

49564 Warriors of Christendom (Heroes & Warriors S.) / Matthews 200p. near mint hardback. v well ilus inc color: Charlemagne, El Cid; Barbarossa and The Lionheart £7.50 GBP

49565 Tale of the Next Great War 1871-1914: Fictions of Future Warfare and of Battles Still-to-come / – 380p.nera fine PBK anthology of 15 short Victorian ERA stories of the shape of wars to come- the classic and the obscure £8.50 GBP

49566 Celtic Warriors, 400 B.C.-1600 A.D / Newark 140p. v well illus inc coloiur. £6.00 GBP

49567 Women Warlords: An Illustrated Military History of Female Warriors / Newark 140p. v well iillus inc color plates Near mint Hardback £15.00 GBP

49568 Naval War Games / Featherstone 220p near fine hardback original Stanley Paul edition £22.50 GBP

49569 Fighting Techniques of the Ancient World, 3000 BC – AD 500 / – 260p. v well illus near mint hbk inc color Tactics, Battles equipment and weapons £5.00 GBP

49570 Building a Roman Legionary Fortress / shirley 160p. v well illus. near mint pbk A little lockdown project for te back garden perhaps? £12.95 GBP

49571 FANTASY ROLE PLAYING GAMES / Holmes 220p. near fine hardback. ARms& Armour Press 1981 £29.50 GBP

49572 OXFORDSHIRE AREA IN THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR / Carte 23p. pamphlet £3.50 GBP

49573 Airfix Magazine Annual for Modellers: No. 1 / – 94p. 1971. VGC Hardback £6.00 GBP

49574 OXFORD ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES / – 430p. large format near mint hardback. Very well illus inc color £5.00 GBP

49575 Frederick the Great: The Magnificent Enigma / Asprey 720p. illus Good condition hardback. Comprehensive military and political biography £17.50 GBP

49576 BATTLE OF ST PRIVAT 1871: THE GERMAN SOUCRES TRANSLATED / Bell 490p. English translation of the detailed German primary sources for this Franco-Prussian War battle near mint Pbk £25.00 GBP

49577 ARMIES OF THE DARK AGES / Heath, Ian wrg publications. 1st edition. acceptable condition only. PBK £6.00 GBP

49578 1805 Austerlitz: Napoleon and the Destruction of the Third Coalition / Goetze near fine hardback 380p. illus £8.00 GBP

49579 LA GUERRE A OUTRANCE / Shann, STeve Franco-Prussian wargame rules from an expert in the period. Small pamphlet £6.50 GBP

49580 Battles of The Greek and Roman Worlds: A Chronological Compendium of 667 Battles to 31 BC From the Historians of the Ancient World / – 240p. near fine large format hardback. illus £7.50 GBP

49581 Wargames Rules for All-arms Land Warfare from Platoon to Battalion Level 1925-1950 & 1950-2000 / Barker 2 classic WRG sets of rules reprinted in in one large format near mint pbk £18.95 GBP

49582 United States Army Uniforms, 1939-45 / – 80p, v wel illis. GC pbk. £5.00 GBP

49583 British Infantry Colours / Lemonofides 60p. v well illis in color Good condition only pbk £5.00 GBP

49584 VERLORENE HAUFE: Rules for wargaming the Renaissance 1453-1688 / Chin large format olde schoole rules Good condition, staining to cover £9.50 GBP

49585 Warlords of the Ancient Americas: Central America v. 1 / Tsouras 240p. v well illus inc colors. Near mint hbk military history, largely C15th £6.00 GBP

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