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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Most items due into the shoppe in a couple weeks. If you wish to pick up your order at the shoppe, please call ahead to ensure we are open.

Book and magazine titles are links to OMM for additional info.

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Game Magazines…

Command Post Newsletter #1-7, Command Post Quarterly Magazine #1-4 and 8

Command Post Newsletter #1-7, Command Post Quarterly Magazine #1-4 & 8

OMM just acquired a large collection of Command Post Newsletter, which is a supplement for Command Decision rules, and Command Post Quarterly magazines, which covers historical unit organizations, Command Decision game scenarios, equipment charts, CD rules additions, and errata. All are in excellent condition, first come first served. Only one copy of each. First come first served.


01: $7 USD
02: $5 USD
03: $5 USD
04: $10 USD
05: $10 USD
06: $10 USD
07: $10 USD


01: Arab Army of T.E. Lawrence – $25 USD
02: Externals: A Guide to the Forces of South West Africa & Angola 1980-89 – $10 USD
03: Chadwick's Guide to the Afrika Korps – $10 USD
04: The 1991 Persian Gulf War: Part 1 – $15 USD
08: The Quick Gamer's Guide to the Spanish Civil War, Part 2 – $7 USD

Only one copy of each. First come first served.

The Canadian Wargamers Journal #42, 46, and BEST OF #3

The Canadian Wargamers Journal #42, 46 & Best of #3

OMM just acquired a few issues of The Canadian Wargamers Journal magazine. All are in excellent condition. Only one copy of each. First come first served.

42: Famous Victory Review & Variants – $5 USD
46: Gettysburg 1863, Army of the Heartland, No Sailor But a Fool – $10 USD

Best of the Journal #3: Eliminating the Norwegian Gambit, Rise and Fall, The Siege of Jerusalem, and Napoleon's Battles – $15 USD

Only one copy of each. First come first served.

The Grenadier Magazine: Assorted 1-35

The Grenadier Magazine: Assorted 1-35

OMM just acquired a collection of The Grenadier magazines. All are in excellent condition. Only one copy of each. First come first served.

01: DNO/UNT Scenario – $8 USD
02: Armor Effects in DNO/UNT – $8 USD
03: Narvik Rule Varients – $15 USD
04: Air Systems in Europa – $10 USD
05: The Next War – $30 USD
06: Operation Crusader – $7 USD
08: Salerno, Marita-Merkur: $7 USD
28: East Wind Rain – $5 USD
29: World in Flames – $5 USD
30: A Gleam of Bayonets – $5 USD
33: Assault – $5 USD
34: Advanced Squad Leader – $5 USD
35: Advanced Squad Leader Part 2 – $10 USD

Only one copy of each. First come first served.

The Naval Sitrep: Journal of Miniatures Wargaming

The Naval Sitrep: Journal of Miniatures Wargaming

OMM has acquired several issues of The Naval Sitrep, all in excellent condition. $10 USD each. Only one copy of each. First come first served.

04: Revised Gun System for CaS 2nd Edition
06: Harpoon Scenario: Sea of Fire
07: Harpoon Scenario: Sea of Fire, Part 2
08: Double Scenario Issue!
09: CaS Scenario: Looking for Trouble
10: Airships Rise Again!

Only one copy of each. First come first served.

Panzerfaust #64, Panzerfaust & Command Magazine 72 & 73

Panzerfaust #64, Panzerfaust & Command Magazine 72 & 73

This bundle contains three Panzerfaust magazines for $10 USD:

Panzerfaust #64: Wargamer's Guide to the American Civil War; The Battle of Middleton; Battle of Slovicike Bridge; Chainmail Fantasy Variant; December 1941; Operation Market Garden; Drang Nach Osten and Untentschieden Game Review; Survival in WWII; Game Review: 1776.

Panzerfaust and Campaign Magazine #72: The Battle of Breitenfeld; Wagaming in Britain; Solitaire Panzerblitz; French Victory in France 1940; Bar Lev; The Nazgul; Defending Omaha Beach; A Look At The New Blitzkrieg; The Battle of the Five Armies; Official Rule Changes: Russian Campaign & Napoleon.

Panzerfaust and Campaign Magazine #73: Colonial Twilight; In Pursuit of Greene and Lafayette; Drang Nach Osten!' A Strategic Analysis; German Strategy: War at Sea; Tactical Techniques of Bar Lev; Designer Notes: Ancient Conquest.

Only one set of three. First come first served. $20.00 USD

S&T Magazine With Game – Issues 200-299

OMM just acquired a large collection of S&T magazines, all are excellent condition and most are unpunched. Although some duplicate issues, majority issues are only one copy. First come first served.

200: Campaigns of the French Foreign Legion (unpunched) – $45 USD
202: Invasion Taipei (unpunched) – $25 USD
214: Ancient Battles of Marathon & Granicus (unpunched) – $8 USD
248: First Blood – Second Marne (unpunched) – $10 USD
254: Hannibal's War (unpunched) – $10 USD
260: The Black Prince – Crecy & Navarette (unpunched) – $15 USD
264: The Battle of Shiloh, 1862 (unpunched) – $15 USD
276: Operation Anaconda (unpunched) – $15 USD
296: Armies of the Korean War (unpunched) – $30 USD

The Wargamer Magazine (Only the Magazine): Volume 2, Issues 1-25

The Wargamer Magazine (Only the Magazine): Volume 2, Issues 1-25

OMM just acquired a collection of The Wargamer magazines (No Games Included) Volume 2, issues 01-25. All are in excellent condition. Although some duplicate issues, the majority of issues are only one copy. First come first served. They are priced at $2 USD each, or you can buy them in a bundle, 5 for $7. USD.

01: Central America
02: Raid on St. Nazaire
04: Shot & Shell
05: Lee vs Grant
06: Pas De Calais
07: Eastfront
08: Nicaragua!
09: Typhoon of Steel
10: Assault on Hoth
11: Red Storm Rising
12: Edelweiss
13: Axis & Allies
14: Desert Steel
15: Light Division
16: First Blood
17: Hitler's Last Gamble
18: Steel Thunder
19: RAF
20: Two From Ty (Blitzkrieg '41 and Sunrise of Victory reviews)
21: Second Front, Team Yankee
22: A House Divided
23: La Bataille De Preussisch-Eylau
25: Operation Shoestring
Only 1 copy of each available, first come first served…


Bandera's Boys: Twelve Historic Scenarios Based on Actions of the Ukranian Insurgent Army (UPA) During and After WWII

Bandera's Boys: Twelve Historic Scenarios Based on Actions of the Ukranian Insurgent Army (UPA) During & After WWII

Full-color, 140 pages of scenarios, organization and history of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. This book is illustrated using wargaming figures from many companies, historical photos, and private collections. Uniforms, equipment, and decorations are shown. Little known outside of Central Europe, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) mounted one of the largest and longest lasting armed resistance against the totalitarian forces that occupied their homeland. This handbook focuses on the struggle against Nazi and Soviet occupations in the UPA's campaign for Ukrainian independence. Contains 13 maps and 114 images, including historical images and modern reenactor photographs, allowing the reader to expand their knowledge of this area of history, as well as to provide the information needed to refight battles in miniature. The scenarios themselves can be adapted to your favorite rulesets and suggestions are included to fight small-scale actions using Warlord Games Bolt Action ruleset. $40.00 USD


The U.S. Army Combat Historian and Combat History Operations: World War I to the Vietnam War

The U.S. Army Combat Historian & Combat History Operations: World War I to the Vietnam War

This study focuses on U.S. Army historical programs during combat operations from World War I to the Vietnam War with particular attention on the combat historians, those individuals deployed to a theater of war with the mission of documenting the actions of that theater for current and future historical use. Extensive discussions about TO&Es and where such historical units were to be inserted within Army TO&Es, difficulties in convincing front-line commanders of worth of adding historians to immediately record viewpoints from command to enlisted, and profiles of the army and civilian personnel assigned to the units. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD.
Alexander the Great Avenger: The Campaign That Felled Achaemenid Persia

Alexander the Great Avenger: The Campaign That Felled Achaemenid Persia

In Macedonia, a new model army had been developed, taking the traditional hoplite heavy infantry in a new evolutionary direction and similarly transforming the heavy cavalry. With Alexander the Great's invasion, these developments neutralized the Persians' own efforts to modernize their troops, tactics, and equipment. Despite the inclusion of a state-of-the-art siege train, the structure of the reformed Macedonian army allowed an unprecedented operational tempo. Explains Alexander's intelligent use of these forces that allowed him to dictate the course of the campaign. His excellent strategic and operational decision-making, based on an intimate knowledge of geography and logistics, along with well-timed movements and clever feints, allowed him to choose his battles, which he then won by tactical brilliance and guts. Also assesses the Persian capabilities and decision making, concluding that Darius III was not as inept as often thought. Indeed, he may have been the most militarily capable King of Kings but it was his misfortune to be pitted against the genius of Alexander, the great avenger. $47.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $39.95 USD.
Catiline: Rebel of the Roman Republic – The Life and Conspiracy of Lucius Sergius Catilina

Catiline: Rebel of the Roman Republic – The Life & Conspiracy of Lucius Sergius Catilina

Lucius Sergius Catilina (Catiline) was a Roman aristocrat from a poor but noble family. He was controversial figure both in his own times and in subsequent historical scholarship. Catiline was cast first as the Roman equivalent of Richard III, and later as a left-wing revolutionary, depending on the times and historians' leanings. Although Catiline's calls for debt relief and other measures in his second consular campaign earned him support from the poor, Catiline was motivated by pride and ambition rather than by an interest in widespread social and economic reforms. Embittered by his failure to attain the consulship which he thought was his due given his heritage, he had his lieutenant Manlius raise armed forces in Etruria while he planned to stage a coup in Rome when these forces approached the city. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD.

All That Can Be Expected: The Battle of Camden & the British High Tide in the South, August 16, 1780

After the fall of Charleston, SC, in May 1780, the British set up outposts across SC's backcountry in an effort to secure that colony before moving into NC. American Gen. Horatio Gates led an American army, mostly comprised of untested soldiers and newly recruited VA and NC militia, south to confront the British near Camden, South Carolina. The mostly inexperienced American force found itself facing some of the best units of the British army under the command of one of its best generals, Charles Cornwallis. The battle was an unmitigated disaster for the Americans with far-reaching consequences. Also includes a narrative tour through the South Carolina backcountry to help better understand this fascinating campaign of August 1780. $17.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $14.45 USD.

The Battle of the Little Big Horn: A New Appraisal

Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer died at the hands of native Americans by the banks of the Little Big Horn in Montana 25th June 1876. This is an established undisputed fact. What is disputed is the real reason that he died. So forget all you have been indoctrinated to believe and begin to learn the truth. George Custer was an anathema to his superiors, but the populace loved him. If he were to stand for president in the coming elections, there was a strong possibility that he would win. Neither William T. Sherman nor Phil Sheridan could allow that to happen. Thus, they conspired to put Custer in a position in the field where the opposing Sioux and Cheyenne were stronger and could deliver the Coup de Gras. The first of two volumes to deal with the circumstances that arose leading the native Americans on a collision course with the U.S. Army that fateful day and the death of a national hero. Subsequently the conspiracy is uncovered and shows how these men used their powers and positions and so deftly covered their tracks. Perhaps, but not quite. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD.

Belleau Wood & Vaux: 1 to 26 June & July 1918

Latest in a series of Battleground books differs from other guide books is the number of points to visit, as well as the clear narrative that precedes the tours section of these WWI battlefields. Not only are many new points of interest explored in Belleau itself, but the surrounding countryside is not forgotten. Headquarters, temporary burial sites and other features are included. The book is profusely illustrated by contemporary photographs and numerous maps, the narrative supplemented by a number of first hand accounts; the whole is supported by several walking and car tours. It is fortunate that so many of the AEF's actions took place in parts of France that have seen little development and are in agricultural or wooded country, which means that traces of their fighting are relatively plentiful. $23.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $19.55 USD.

Hitler's Shattered Dreams of Empire: Crucial Battles of the Eastern & Western Front 1941-1944

Second of a three-part, in-depth study dealing with Hitler's influence on the crucial 1941 battles on the Eastern front, as well as the 1944-45 Allied invasions of Festung Europa and the Ardennes Offensive. Analyzes each of the Third Reich's military campaigns and the programs for the development of new weapons – paying special attention to Hitler's role in them. How well did Hitler do as Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Chancellor, Minister of War, and Commander-in-Chief of the Army? The book is based entirely on the evidence of the most senior military personnel who were there at the time, from their contemporaneous diaries and subsequent writings. The sources used include the diaries and recollections of three Chiefs of the Army General Staff; Field-Marshals Rommel, von Rundstedt, von Bock, von Kliest, and von Manstein; and numerous other senior generals, Hitler's military adjutants, ministers of his government, and evidence from the Trial of the Major War Criminals at Nuremberg. Is there a consistent thread in this evidence? $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD.

Luftwaffe Searchlights & Range Finding Equipment

Number 31 in the Camera On photo-heavy series covers Luftwaffe search lights and range finding equipment. The majority 140+ photographs are from private collections taken by ordinary German soldiers, not professional propagandists. The photos show how the soldiers viewed the emplacements as both work place and home, not the highly posed and polished views of the official photographers. $22.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $18.70 USD.
Hitler's Motorcars: The Fuhrer's Vehicles From the Birth of the Nazi Party to the Fall of the Third Reich

Hitler's Motorcars: The Fuhrer's Vehicles From the Birth of the Nazi Party to the Fall of the Third Reich

Many are the photographs of Hitler standing proudly in the passenger seat of a midnight blue Mercedes, arm outstretched in his famous salute to the adoring German crowds. Hitler loved cars and loved to be seen in and next to the special automobiles he purchased or was presented with through friends and Nazi Party funds. His first car was a 1920 green Selve 8/30, purchased in 1922, which was soon disposed of in favor of a Daimler-built Mercedes 15/70/10. It was in this car that Hitler was involved in an accident with a large truck in March 1930. The truck was completely wrecked while the large Mercedes suffered only minor damage. This prompted Hitler to remark: It was then I decided to use only a Mercedes for the rest of my life.

Security was always a great concern of Hitler and his entourage and his 770 was protected with bullet-proof windows and steel armor-plate built into all metal work. Wartime brought increased security fears, resulting in another Mercedes entering the German leader's car collection. This was the heavily armored, six-wheel G4, the first off-road Mercedes. Provides photographs of Hitler's cars, discusses the men who became his chauffeurs, lists the technical specifications of those cars, and describes many of the journeys undertaken by Hitler over the course of two dramatic decades. $37.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $31.45 USD.
Stalin's Plans for Capturing Germany

Stalin's Plans for Capturing Germany

Drawing on a host of internal Soviet Politburo discussions, memoranda, and speeches, this book shows that the Soviet Union was a heavily militarized state that incessantly planned to unleash a great, ideologically-motivated war against the rest of the world. In fact, its entire political life revolved around the question of war, especially following the onset of the Great Depression in 1929, which convinced Soviet leaders of the imminent collapse of the capitalist system abroad. Slowed down by countless devastating setbacks, Stalin was nevertheless able to amass a gigantic army by the late 1930s. When Hitler approached Stalin in 1939, asking for Soviet neutrality in his planned invasion of Poland, Stalin sensed a golden opportunity: by supporting Hitler, he could turn the European powers against each another, allowing him to intervene once they were sufficiently weakened. However, Stalin miscalculated: Hitler beat both Poland and France in less than a year, and then turned against Moscow in 1941, long before Stalin was ready for his own attack. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD.

Hitler's Death Trains: The Role of the Reichsbahn in the Final Solution – Images of War Series

Photo-heavy book in the series covers the roleplayed by the Deutche Reichsbahn (German National Railway) in transporting victims to concentration camps. $27.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $22.95 USD.

The German Siege of Leningrad 1941-1944: Images of War Series

Another photo-heavy volume in the series covers the 872-day siege of Leningrad by German Army Group North that began in earnest on 8 September 1941, and was not lifted until 27 January 1944. During this period, the Red Army made numerous desperate attempts to break the blockade, which the Germans, Spanish, and Finns doggedly resisted. $27.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $22.95 USD.

The Dieppe Raid: The German Perspective

Reassessment of the August 1942, Allied landings at Dieppe in German-occupied France with a German focus. Reconstructs the immediate response of the Germans to the landings, gives a graphic detailed description of their actions throughout, and looks at the tactical and strategic lessons they drew from them. Each phase and aspect of the action is depicted using a broad range of sources including official reports, correspondence, and recollections – the preliminary British commando attacks on the gun batteries, the landings themselves, the German defenses and preparations, and their counter-attacks, and the associated naval and air campaigns. $43.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $36.55 USD.

Only the Light Moves: Flying Covert Reconnaissance Missions in the Vietnam War

Story of a 24-year-old U.S. Army pilot who volunteered to fly covert S.O.G., or Studies and Observations Group, reconnaissance missions over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a region that came to represent not only the United States' war with Vietnam, but also the secret war with Laos and Cambodia. Captain Francis A. Doherty spent every day for 10 months above, the jungle battlefield in an unarmed Cessna O-1 Bird Dog. Reveals the highs and lows of his year at war in Vietnam but expands beyond his time in the conflict. He explores the emotional struggle, he and his comrades faced after they returned home, reconciliations with lost faith, and the incredible impact of war on families. $33.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $28.05 USD.

Argentine Perspectives on the Falklands War: The Recovery & Loss of Las Malvinas Series

In 1982, the United Kingdom and Argentina fought a war over an historical disagreement over the colonial ownership over the Falkland Islands. Within months of the Argentinian defeat, General Edgardo Calvi, then the Argentine Head of the Army Joint Chief of Staff, was instructed to undertake a wide-ranging and formal inquiry to investigate the performance of the Argentine Army during the Falklands. Calvi concluded that while the Army had the motivation, it lacked the organization, equipment, training, and ability to oppose an army capable of operating in a variety of environments. This book tells the story of the Falklands War from the Argentine Army perspective. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD.

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Vae Victis #170: The Jugurthine War

Vae Victis # 170: The Jugurthine War

Features: Art of War: Lutzen 1813; The Arab Conquest of the Levant; News Hexes: War for America; 12 h at Maleme; Sleepwalkers; Barrack Emperor; Under the Southern Cross; Clash of Sovereigns; On to Richmond; Tactics & Strategy 47; Boardgame: Europa Universalis 2; Onus Traianus; Inferno; Storm over Jerusalem; White Plains; Saigon; We are coming Nineveh; Traces of War; Las Navas de Tolosa; The British Way; Hobby: Des etudiants s'invitent au combat 4e partie; Donald Featherstone; Malefices; Figurines: Au contact: Indochine 1945-1954; Galley and Galleons; L'empire des Hauteville, Campagne en Sicile XIe; Scenarios XVIIIe; Game of Thrones; Silver Bayonet: The Carpathians Castle Fier; Shakos et Baionnettes: Raid sur les Calanques 1813; Scenarios: ASL M44; News Rules: What a Cowboy; Mad Dogs & Englishmen; Tales of Men; Myths and Monsters; Blood Bilge and Iron balls; Musket & Springfields; Art of War: Jurgurthine wargame with die-cut counters. The Jugurthine War is the name of the conflict between the Roman Republic and the Numidian king Jugurtha between 112 and 105 BC. We have retained, thanks to Sallust, fairly detailed information on this war, it is nevertheless the first time that this conflict is covered by a game on a strategic scale. Complexity: 4/10; Solo play: 3/10; Duration: 2 to 3 hours; One turn: about two months; Combat unit: approximately 2,000 cavalry or 4,000 infantry; One hex: 25 km. $28.00 USD

More at the Website…

Visit for information on all stocked items. If you have a further question about an item or you wish to order, email or phone 609-466-2329. Thank you for your continued support.