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Battle-Market: Tannenberg 1410

The Editor tries out a boardgame - yes, a boardgame - from battle-market magazine.

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Building the Langton Anglo-Dutch British 1st Rate

Personal logo Virtualscratchbuilder Supporting Member of TMP Fezian is a big fan of the Age of Sail, and these ships really speak to him - he loves transitional eras, and the Anglo-Dutch Wars was one of those.

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Dave Ryan of Caliver Books writes:

Lots of Interesting Stuff This Week!

The new Flames of War Bulge U.S. stuff and Romanians are shipping now.

Silver Bayonet will leave next week, so still time for the pre-order deal!

We are still working our way through Duncan's books, but are running out of space, so we have discounted all the books and rules on our secondhand lists, so well worth a look in case you've missed anything.

Still experiencing very few problems with E.U. post, and we are covering your handling fees.

Don't forget your orders for Salute and Warfare!

SAGA: Age of Invasions

H29579 – SAGA: Age of Invasions includes: Warbands rules for Late Romans, Britons, Saxons, Goths, Huns, Picts, Franks, and Sassanids! Eleven Dogs of War units to recruit, Four Old Friends, New Enemies variant Warbands, Four brand-new scenarios, The Limes campaign system, New photographs, plenty of examples and explanatory text. £30.00 GBP

H29580 – Italy: Soft Underbelly (Bolt Action campaign book) – 176 pages paperback. Focusing on the invasion of Sicily, Operation Husky, and the advance up the Italian Peninsula. With a host of new units, special rules and Theater Selectors, this supplement for Bolt Action contains everything players need to refight these important battles and strike at the underbelly of Axis-controlled Europe. £16.50 GBP

H29582 – Wally Squad – Judge Dredd miniatures game – Warlord Games. £11.25 GBP

H29583 – Mega-City Robots – Judge Dredd miniatures game – Warlord Games. £25.50 GBP

H29584 – Valentine II – 1:100 – Zvezda tank. £4.00 GBP

H29585 – Wargames Illustrated 407: In free modelling guide. £5.95 GBP

H29586 – Master of the World: 1812 in Russia (Series 3) – latest large format quality scenario book from the wargaming company. 256 pages. One campaign, 15 scenarios. Dozens of maps. Nearly 3,000 uniform images! Scenarios may be played individually or refight the historical campaign of 1812: The Invasion. Mir GroƟ-Eckau, Saltanovka, Ostrovno-Vitebsk, Kobryn, Klyastitsy, Golovichity, Swolna, Gorodechno, 1st Krasnyi, Smolensk, 1st Polotsk, Valutino-Gora, Schewardino, Borodino. £57.50 GBP

H29587 – Bulge: American – Flames of War – FW270 / Battlefront Miniatures. £12.95 GBP

H29588 – Bulge: American Command Cards – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £7.95 GBP

H29589 – Bulge: American Unit Cards – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £7.95 GBP

American Spearhead Force

H29590 – Bulge: American Spearhead Force – Flames of War – USAB11 / Battlefront Miniatures. £70.00 GBP

H29591 – Battle of the Bulge Ace Campaign Card Pack – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £13.75 GBP

H29594 – Hanau 1813: Napoleon's Retreat From Leipzig. Summerfield & Becke large format hardback 140pp., 4to, illustrated throughout in color with nine maps, 72 paintings, five orders of battle, 13 portraits, 75 uniforms, seven artillery plans and 49 tables. 2021. Continuing our series of reviving the exquisite notebooks of the historian Major Archibald Becke, his account of the Battle of Hanau has led to a completely new understanding of the battle which challenges the usual accounts. Gone are the wildly inaccurate strengths of the opposing armies, allowing a much better understanding of why the battle played out the way it did. The responsibility for the allied defeat is thoroughly examined and concluded. £35.00 GBP

Napoleon's German Division in Spain Volume 4

H29595 – Napoleon's German Division in Spain Volume 4: 2nd NASSAU Regiment in Spain 1809-14 and in the Netherlands 1814-15 / Digby Smith 238pp., some illustrations, 15 maps, 16 orders of battle, eleven tables. 2021. This volume is based upon two earlier German regimental histories never before translated. They cover the many mostly small engagements that involved the regiments in the Peninsula from 1809 to the closing campaign in 1813. The volume then completes their service by an account of the battle of Waterloo. £30.00 GBP

H29596 – M4 Sherman (late) Platoon – UBX88 – Battlefront Miniatures. £29.99 GBP

H29597 – M4 Easy Eight (76mm) Platoon – UBX91 – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £29.99 GBP

H29598 – M4 Jumbo Platoon – UBX92 – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £25.00 GBP

H29599 – Armored Tin – TD046 – Flames of War / Battlefront Miniatures. £16.50 GBP

H29600 – Deadzone Third Edition Starter Set – Mantic Games. £69.50 GBP

H29601 – Deadzone Third Edition Rulebook Pack – Mantic Games includes core rulebook (softback), Force Lists book (softback) and counter sheet. The core rulebook contains all the rules you need to start playing, along with campaign rules and 16(!) scenarios. Meanwhile, the Force List book contains the individual profiles and stats for each faction, along with details of how to build your Strike Teams and a handy weapons guide. £22.50 GBP

Through the Square Window

H29602 – Through the Square Window: Fast-play rules for the Thirty Years War / Crowther, large format paperback. Designed for 6-15mm Big Battles. I was impressed by the large scale demo games the club put on at Falkir… Leuthen fought to a conclusion. £14.50 GBP

H29603 – Silver Bayonet: Green Unpleasant Land Bundle: Rules & Figure pack – set your game in Recency England. Lord Byron & four Trusty companions (from the Matchlock 28mm Jane Austen Zombie Hunter range). £29.50 GBP

H29604 – Silver Bayonet: Green Unpleasant Land Pack – Random selection of five 28mm Armed Civilians (no duplication if taking the bundle). £8.75 GBP

H29605 – Silver Bayonet Bundle – Napoleonic Virgin Special – Rules and six figures – for those of you who love McCulloghs rules but have no historical figures for the period: Rules+ six 28mm Napoleonic Figures – State British or French. £28.50 GBP

H29606 – Brave Romania – Flames of War – FW255 / Battlefront Miniatures. £13.50 GBP

H29607 – Bagration: Romanian Command Cards – Flames of War – FW29RC / Battlefront Miniatures. £7.00 GBP

H29608 – Bagration: Romanian Unit Cards – Flames of War – FW269RC / Battlefront Miniatures. £7.00 GBP

H29609 – Rifle Platoon – Flames of War – RO702 / Battlefront Miniatures. £15.50 GBP

H29610 – ZB53 Machine-Gun Platoon – Flames of War – RO704 / Battlefront Miniatures. £7.00 GBP

H29611 – 81mm and 120 Mortar Platoons – Flames of War – RO705 / Battlefront Miniatures. £15.50 GBP

H29612 – Artillery Group – Flames of War – RSO101 / Battlefront Miniatures. £7.00 GBP

H29613 – Anti-Tank Group – Flames of War – RSO105 – Flames of WarBattlefront Miniatures. £7.00 GBP

H29614 – 47mm Gun (TAC 47mm Schneider) – Flames of War – RSO106 / Battlefront Miniatures. £3.50 GBP

H29615 – 75mm Gun (TAC 43 Resita) – Flames of War – RSO107 / Battlefront Miniatures. £4.50 GBP

H29616 – Romanian Gaming Set – Flames of War – TDO43 / Battlefront Miniatures. £16.50 GBP

H29617 – Het Arsenaal Van de Wereld (Arsenal of the world) / Puype, 140 pages. Very well illustrated. Dutch text, guns weapons, armor etc. of the C17th. Large format, mint hardback, no Jacket Excellent. £69.50 GBP

Dwarf Light Infantry

H29618 – Dwarf Light Infantry – Oathmark – OAKP103 / Northstar Figures. £22.50 GBP

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