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Psycoborgs of the Shia Khan Now at The Ion Age

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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

We have them if you would like to email us on and ask we will send you a quote for them.


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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP of The Ion Age writes:

The Ion Age makes its last release for the month of May 2017 with the arrival of six variants of the long-awaited robotic terror machine of the Shia Khan Empire; the Psycoborg! You can read on for more information about these robots, as well as how they fit into the new Khanate Army Book, as well as some lovely pictures, including a line of of all Khanate figure types and our monthly deal and free figure for May… all Khanate!

IAF34 – Psycoborgs
IAF134 – Psycoborgs
This pack contains the parts to make up six variants of the terror robots in the service of the Shia Khan Empire – the loathed Psycoborgs. Each white-metal kit is composed of a body, a head (which can be posed), plus a fist arm (which can be posed), and a gun arm (which can be posed). Assembled, the 15mm scale robot stands approximately 30mm tall, putting it into the same region as a Khanate Warlord. As well as the pack option, plus an option for three packs saving ten percent, you can also choose to purchase a single random Psycoborg kit (contact us with your order number if you would like a specific weapon-arm included). Supplied unpainted and unassembled and without bases (shown on 30mm round bases as per Patrol Angis rules).
IAF34 – Psycoborgs

For further reference, refer to the image of all six variants labelled A to F – each weapon is featured in IAB03 The Khanate Return as follows: Juno 18kw Laser Cannon (A), Mars 20mm Chain Cannon (B), Hydra 14Mw Laser Swarm Cannon (C), Helios 80kw Atomic Destabliser (D), Triple Jupiter Plasma 46mm (E), and Maia 12.7mm Scatter Cannon (F).

IAF34 – Psycoborg

Psycoborgs typically act alone or in threes in larger battles. Behind the lines and in urban areas, they stalk the darkness seeking out weakness. Small strike teams are sent out to find and destroy the robots before they can do more damage.

Khanate Line-up

We thought it would be nice to show you a scaling line-up of all the 15mm troop types currently in the Khanate army. From left to right, they are: Malig, Legionary, Pioneer, Nox, Warlord and Psycoborg.

Female Legionnaire

We have a monthly deal with 25% off Warlords, and every order gets Reward Points and the current IMP45 Female Legionary free miniature. Excellent! See this all on our blog.

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