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Microscale LCT(5) from Image Studios

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Building the Langton Anglo-Dutch British 1st Rate

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S&T Back Issues…

S&T Magazine With Game – Issues 28-198

S&T Magazine With Game – Issues 28-198

OMM has acquired a large collection of S&T magazines, all are excellent condition and most are unpunched. Although some duplicate issues, majority issues are only one copy. First come first served. We have received a great response to the past three S&T listings, so here is what is remaining:

28: Lost Battles (punched) – $60 USD
30: Combat Command – American Army (punched) – $30 USD
34: Armageddon (punched) – $10 USD
40: Panzer Armee Afrika (punched) – $15 USD
46: Combined Arms (unpunched) – $10 USD; (punched, no magazine) – $5 USD
50: Battle for Germany (punched) – $30 USD
73: Panzer Battles (unpunched) – $15 USD
74: Ney vs Wellington (punched) – $20 USD
77: Paratroop (unpunched) – $20 USD
81: Tito (punched, no magazine) $5 USD
94: NORD KAPP (unpunched) – $30 USD
97: Trail of the Fox (unpunched) – $10 USD
100: Superpowers at War (unpunched) – $20 USD
104: The Colonies in Revolt (punched) – $15 USD
105: Ruweisat Ridge (punched) – $10 USD
106: Warsaw Rising (unpunched) – $20 USD
111: Korea: The Mobile War (unpunched) – $15 USD
112: Patton Goes to War (unpunched) – $20 USD
115: Kanev (unpunched) – $15 USD
118: The Tigers Are Burning (unpunched) – $10 USD
120: Nicaragua (unpunched) – $10 USD
122: Pegasus Brigade (unpunched) – $20 USD
124: Fortress Stalingrad (unpunched) – $18 USD
125: The Far Seas (unpunched) – $25 USD
126: Beirut '82 (unpunched) – $10 USD
127: Rush for Glory: The U.S.-Mexican War 1846-1848 (unpunched) – $10 USD
134: Anzio Beachhead (unpunched) – $12 USD
139: Arabian Nightmare – The Kuwait War (unpunched) – $15 USD
140: Objective Tunis (unpunched) – $10 USD
147: Holy War: Afghanistan (unpunched) – $10 USD
152: Case Green: The War for Czechoslovakia 1938 (unpunched) – $10 USD
154: The Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78 (unpunched) – $15 USD
155: The Italian Campaign: Anzio (unpunched) – $15 USD
157: Roman Civil War (unpunched) – $30 USD
160: The Italian Campaign Series: Medwar (unpunched) – $40 USD
162: Contarf and Saipan (unpunched) – $15 USD
166: Salvage Station & Olustee (unpunched) – $20 USD
168: Operation Shocktroop: Drive on Damascus (unpunched) – $10 USD
169: The Atlanta Campaign: Peachtree Creek & Jonesboro (just game unpunched) – $5 USD
170: The Atlanta Campaign: Bald Hill and Ezra Church (unpunched) – $25 USD
171: On To Moscow! (unpunched) – $20 USD
172: Molotov's War: Russo-Finnish War 1939-1940 (unpunched) – $15 USD
176: Blood on the Tigris (unpunched) – $10 USD
177: The Hundred Years War (unpunched) – $15 USD
178: First Blood: Guadalcanal (unpunched) – $30 USD
179: The First Afghan War, 1839-42 (unpunched) – $20 USD
184: Twilight's Last Gleaming: The War of 1812 (unpunched) – $15 USD
186: Over the Top! The Battle of Mons & The Marne (unpunched) – $25 USD
198: WWI Verdun & Lemburg (unpunched) – $20 USD

Only one copy of each. First come first served.


Muskets & Tomahawks: 28mm British Regular Infantry (AWI)

Muskets & Tomahawks: 28mm British Regular Infantry (AWI)

Eight 28mm-sized North Star metal miniature figures per pack, supplied unpainted. $18.00 USD

Muskets & Tomahawks: 28mm Indian Warriors V

Six 28mm-sized North Star metal miniature figures per pack, supplied unpainted. $14.00 USD

Muskets & Tomahawks: 28mm Indian Sachem

One 28mm-sized metal miniature figure per pack, supplied unpainted. $4.00 USD


Mad Dogs & Englishmen: Far Flung Conflicts 1: New Zealand – The Maori Wars 1843-1869

Mad Dogs & Englishmen: Far Flung Conflicts 1: New Zealand – The Maori Wars 1843-1869

All-color illustrated booklet. 39 Scenarios, maps, and OOBs, plus bonus Boer War scenario involving N.Z. troops. Large scale skirmish games. Can be used for any sets of rules but especially paired with Mad Dogs & Englishmen. $38.00 USD

Mad Dogs & Englishmen: 2nd Edition Add On Pack #2 – Far Flung Conflicts

Extra large MD&E pack: New Scenarios; Campaign ideas, Solo play rules; Quick Reference sheets; and Card sets to save you cutting up your precious copy. $24.00 USD

Vietnam Wargames: Modeling and Painting

Vietnam Wargames: Modeling & Painting

Offers painting guides for American, Anzac, French, and North and South Vietnamese forces, including characters from movies: Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, and Platoon. Tutorials advise on building military vehicles, boats, helicopters, and landscapes of Vietnam, from rural villages to Hue's ancient Citadel. Techniques cover 20mm and 28mm in metal, soft-plastic and hard-plastic kits, resin models, 3Dprinting, MDF buildings, and XPS foam scenery. Over 250 color images. $46.00 USD


Marcus Furius Camillus: The Life of Rome's Second Founder

Marcus Furius Camillus: The Life of Rome's Second Founder

Biography of Marcus Furius Camillus, who served as a censor, was elected to six consular tribuneships, appointed dictator five times, and enjoyed four triumphs. He toppled mighty Veii, ejected the Senones from Rome following its sacking, and helped orchestrate a grand compromise between the patricians and plebeians. The Romans even considered him Rome's second founder – a proud appellation for any Roman – and revered him for being an exemplar of Roman virtue. Interestingly, he never held the consulship. Plutarch stated that Camillus had avoided it on purpose, and for good reason. The office was often at the heart of controversy, given that patricians dominated it for most of Camillus' life. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD.
The Sassanians: The Armies of Ancient Persia

The Sassanians: The Armies of Ancient Persia cover

First of three volumes on ancient Persian armies. The Sassanians, the native Iranian dynasty that ousted their Parthian overlords in AD 226, developed a highly sophisticated army that was able for centuries to hold off all comers. They continued the Parthians' famous winning combination of swift horse archers with heavily-armored cataphract cavalry, also making much use of war elephants but their oft-maligned infantry has been much underestimated. Focuses on the organization, equipment, and tactics of the armies that dominated the ancient Middle East by drawing on the latest research and new archaeological evidence. $35.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $29.75 USD.
The Castle in the Wars of the Roses

The Castle in the Wars of the Roses

Castle battles and sieges during the Wars of the Roses, including the siege of Bamburgh Castle in 1464. Using a wide range of narrative, architectural, financial, and administrative sources, sheds new light on the functions of castles, demonstrating their importance as strategic and logistical centers, bases for marshaling troops, and as fortresses. Traces their use from the outbreak of civil war in the reign of Henry VI in the 1450s to the triumph of Henry VII some 30 years later. $29.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $24.65 USD.
Mapping the Great Game: Explorers, Spies and Maps in 19th Century Asia

Mapping the Great Game: Explorers, Spies & Maps in 19th Century Asia

Trigonometrical Survey of India was founded in the 18th Century with the aim of creating a detailed map of the country. Under George Everest, whose name is on the world's highest mountain, mapped the Great Arc of Afghanistan, Turkestan and Tibet. Much of the work of the Survey was undertaken by native Indians, known as Pundits, who were trained to explore, spy out, and map Central Asia and Tibet. They did this at great personal risk and with meager resources, while traveling entirely on foot. They would be the first to reveal the mysteries of the forbidden city of Lhasa, and discover the true course of Tibet's mighty Tsangpo River. They were the greatest group of explorers the world has seen in recent history, all the while exploring within the context of the Great Game between Great Britain and Imperial Russia in the 19th Century. $25.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $21.25 USD.

The Light Division in the Peninsula War: 1811-1814

Brigadier General Robert Craufurd's Light Division was emerging as the elite of the Peninsular Army and Wellington was seeking opportunities to go over to the offensive, following the expulsion of Marshal Massena from Portugal. Covers the Salamanca campaign, the 1812 counter offensive by the French, the 1813 campaigns, and then at Vitoria the Light Division fought their way into the heart of the French position. They pursued the French into the Pyrenees in 1814 and then into France itself. $40.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $34.00 USD.

Waterloo: The Truth At Last: Why Napoleon Lost the Great Battle

The genesis of this book started in October 2016, when the author found still sealed records from 1816, and received permission to break them to read the roughly 200 accounts within. These contents challenge some widely held views: The start of the battle was delayed because of the state of the ground – not so. Marshal Ney destroyed the French cavalry in his reckless charges against the Allied infantry squares – wrong. The stubborn defense of Hougoumont, the key to Wellington's victory, where a plucky little garrison of British Guards held the farmhouse against the overwhelming force of Jerome Bonaparte's division and the rest of II Corps – not true. Did the Union Brigade really destroy d'Erlon's Corps, did the Scots Greys actually attack a massed French battery, did La Haie Sainte hold out until late in the afternoon? Most significantly of all is the revelation of exactly how, and why, Napoleon was defeated. $40.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $34.00 USD.

Wings of the Black Cross # 14

Brief illustrated expose of the Bf 109 Es of 7./JG 26 based in Sicily during their highly successful campaign in the spring of 1941. Includes examination of the Fw 190s of SG 2 that surrendered at Kitzingen, Germany in May of 1945. The Ju 87 D Stukas of III./St.G 1 in Russia are also highlighted, expanding upon the narrative from issue number 13. Contains 62 photos sourced from the author's and select contributors' private collections, with most original, unpublished, and seen here for the first time. Besides the featured units, photo coverage includes Bf 110, Me 262, Ju 88, He 111, Go 242, Hs 129, Do 217, and Dewoitine 520. $20.00 USD

Gebirgsjager: German Mountain Troops – 1935-1945

A concise history of the Gebirgsjager's history, from formation in 1935 to the final surrender in 1945. Includes combat deployments and operations in WWII, including Poland, Tunisia, and Lappland. Covers uniforms and insignia, equipment, organization, training, and tactics. The distinctive Eidelweiss cap badge was adopted in 1939. Illustrated with more than 170 line drawings. $37.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $31.45 USD.


Silent War & IJN: Second Edition

Silent War & IJN: Second Edition

Second edition of solitaire simulation of the United States Navy's WWII submarine war against Imperial Japan. As Commander of Submarines, U.S. Pacific Fleet (ComSubPac), you deploy subs to inflict maximum damage to Japanese shipping while limiting your own submarine losses. Featured scenarios cover actions ranging from famous short single sub patrols, through small campaigns of about a year of the war, ending with the grand campaign covering the entire Pacific War. Every Japanese warship down through the large destroyer escorts and the major auxiliary cargo ships and tankers are provided in two full countersheets with 336 new playing pieces for the game and rules to integrate them seamlessly into the game. The game map divides the Pacific into Operations Areas that subs move through as they patrol in search of Japanese shipping. Special rules feature historical events that occurred during the war, Ultra intelligence information reports, torpedo quality improvements, wolfpack capabilities, Super-Skippers, and many others. Every U.S. sub deployed in the Pacific is represented with its very own counter.

Product Information: Complexity: Medium; Playing Time: 1 hour (scenarios), 125 hours (full campaign); Solitaire Suitability: Perfect (designed for solitaire play). Components: 1 Mounted map; 8 Countersheets (Silent War & IJN); 1 Consolidated Rulebook; 1 Scenario book; 6 Player aid card including 1 tactical board and 1 base display; 10-sided die; and Box and Lid. $79.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $67.15 USD.
A Glorious Chance: The Naval Struggle for Lake Ontario During the War of 1812 Wargame

A Glorious Chance: The Naval Struggle for Lake Ontario During the War of 1812 Wargame

Solitaire, operational wargame that puts you in command of the U.S. or British naval squadron on Lake Ontario in 1813. You have four months to dominate the lake but each patrol, each convoy mission, each amphibious landing you make to pursue victory risks full-scale battle with the enemy squadron – a battle that could leave you triumphant or shattered in a matter of hours. A dynamic card-driven AI opponent assigns your opponents missions, refits and launches new ships, and plots raids on your supply routes and coastlines. Lake combat is resolved on an odds-based table, modified by drawn/selected tactic chits, and can result in victory points for enemy ships destroyed or captured. The eight turns represent June-September 1813. Each turn, the human player assigns friendly ships or stacks to patrol, convoy escort, land-support, or interception missions in any of six lake zones. Card and chit draws determine which enemy ships may deploy to the lake or stay in the shipyard to acquire more potent weaponry. The player draws a row of Target Cards, face-down. Each card back shows a lake zone where the enemy may be active this turn. If a card's zone matches a zone with a friendly mission, an encounter is possible. An encounter flips that Target Card to reveal the enemy mission type and an effort level, which help determine how many enemy ships appear. $84.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $75.60 USD.
Alexandros & I Am Spartacus: Wargames

Alexandros & I Am Spartacus: Wargames

These wargames originally appeared in Command magazine issue 10 in 1991, and issue 15 in 1992, garnering numerous Charles S. Roberts Award nominations and awards – Alexandros and I Am Spartacus. This expanded edition features both games along with three multiple expansions to round out this deluxe package with two full-size game maps and updated graphics throughout. Boxed with two dice. Alexandros: Conquest & Empire: Covers all of Alexander's campaigns from 334 to 323 BC with one 34 x 22-inch area map, 180 counters, a playing time of about three-to-four hours, and low-medium complexity. One player commands the Macedonians and the other the Persians. It's easily adaptable for solitaire play. The area map is based on the province boundaries of those times, and game turns are quarterly. Combat can be fought tactically, using a separate battlefield display with units assigned to various sectors of the engagement. There are also special rules for besieging cities. I Am Spartacus: The Slave Rebellion Against Rome, 73-71 BC: This is a two-player (solitaire adaptable) simulation of the Third Servile War with one 34 x 22-inch area map, 180 counters, and low-medium complexity. $79.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $67.15 USD.

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #126: The Far East During World War II

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy # 126: The Far East During World War II

Theme: The Far East during World War II: Gaming the Pacific and Far East WWII – The Empire of the Sun; A Half-Pint campaign for Chain of Command – Water Tower Hill; The U.S. Marine Corps Evacuation at Point Cruz – Did They Get Off?; The Allied Recapture of Rangoon, May 1945 – Operation Dracula; Building Forces for the Pacific War – Ten Thousand Years!; Painting a Diorama for a Far East Theme – The Forgotten War. Features: Henry VIII of England Versus Louis XII of France – The Battle of the Spurs; Of Mistletoe and Oak: part II of the Campaign – Celtic Fury; A Very Horsey Campaign for the English Civil War – For King and Kingdom; Our Notes on Running a France 1940 Campaign – Dispatches From the Front; A Simple Guide to Horses Using Contrast Paints – Horses for Courses; Scratch-Building a Traditional German Tavern – Zur Hoell. Departments: Miniature Reviews; Up front – Defeat Into Victory; The Irregular – The 3D Printing Revolution; Firelock Games' Blood & Plunder Goes Medieval – Let's Play Blood & Crowns; A Rootin', Tootin', Shootin' Time in the Wild West – Let's Play What a Cowboy!; Game Reviews – Tales of Men, Myths & Monsters, Bolt Action Campaign – Italy: Tough Gut, Mad for War, and The Doomed; Book Reviews; Parting Shots. $12.00 USD

Ancient History Magazine # 44: Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age

Ancient History Magazine # 44: Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age

Theme: Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age: War, Diplomacy, and Treason – The Indictment of Madduwatta; Minoans and Mycenaeans in Anatolia – Millawanda; Troy During the Late Bronze Age – Well-walled Wilusa; An Anatolian Lingua Franca – Luwian; Myths and Realities – The Phyrgian Migration. Features: Greek Stone Vaulting – A Quiet Revolution; Displaced Persons in the Ancient World – We Gotta Go Now; Public Relations in the Age of the Flavians – Roman Mass Communication; The Men and Women Behind Roman Food – The Lowest of Society; Political Betrayal in the Peloponnesian War – Success by Treachery; Ferus Buelleris' Day Off – Roman Leisure Time. $12.00 USD

Ancient History Magazine # 45: Luxury & Conspicuous Consumption

Ancient History Magazine # 45: Luxury & Conspicuous Consumption

Theme: Luxury and Conspicuous Consumption: A Lady That Was Both Loved and Feared – The Woman of Vix; Power and Wealth in the Mycenaean World – Cyclopean Fortifications; Luxury, Competition, and Austerity – Sybaritic Elites; Showing Status in the Roman Home – Decorating the Roman Indoors; Funerary Practices in Ancient Rome – The Price of Remembrance. Features: Texts from the Villa of the Papyri – A Tantalizing Promise; Literacy and Occupations in Ancient Egypt – To Scribe or Not to Scribe; Culinary Creativity in the Ancient World – Roman Veggies; Was This Famous Philosopher Also a Slave? – Plato Goes to Syracuse; Land of Rivers and Horses – The Many Names of Mittani; Roman Military Logistics in Spain – To Starve or Be Beaten; The Public and Private Bonds Between Families – Roman Marriage. $12.00 USD

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