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Glengarry5 writes:

I thought the first figure was Louis Reil!

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Personal logo BrigadeGames Sponsoring Member of TMP of Brigade Games writes:

Brigade Games will be at Historicon, Thursday to Sunday, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our booth is in the third aisle of the exhibition hall, to the left of the large windows.

We will have limited supplies of these brand-new releases, but will have full stocks all other releases, including the French Intelligence Officer, British Sgt, and British Rifles personalities.

All releases are 28mm unless specified.

Exploring Officer 1

Rebel Woman with horse

Sergeant with Pike Advancing

We will also be doing pick-ups for our Spies and Patriots KS, if you arranged ahead.

We will have the new packs at the booth to see.

We will have the new Fireball Forward: Mortain scenario book.

We will have the new Dracula's America: Forbidden Powers book and all miniatures.

We will have the new Artizan Western, NWF and WWII releases.

We will have the new Osprey zombie rules.

We will have plenty of new items and stock from Brigade Games, including our car customization parts – great for Gaslands (and we have a few rules left), Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago, Artizan, Company B, North Star, Copplestone, Great War, 4Ground, Fireball Forward, West Wind, Great Escape Games, TFL/Sharp Practice, Congo, Saga, Sam Mustafa's Rommel, Iron Ivan, and more. We will have the full range of Iron Ivan, SkirmishCampaigns, Big Bloody Battles, and Check Your 6.

We will have plenty of convention specials.

We have plenty of sponsored games, including Iron Ivan WWII, Gnomes, Frostgrave, and Empire of the Dead.

Brigade Games Napoleonics Recent Releases

BG-NBR060 – British/KGL Infantry – Centre Co. Firing Line – trousers with backpacks – stovepipe shako (all six variants)
BG-NBR061 – British/KGL Infantry – Elite Co. Firing Line – trousers with backpacks – stovepipe shako (all six variants)
BG-NSP032 – Spanish Light Infantry Marching – in Tarletons (6)
BG-NSP050 – Spanish Command Marching (British Uniform – 1812-3) (6)

BG-NBR060 – British/KGL Infantry – Center Co. Firing Line

BG-NSP050 – Spanish Command Marching (British Uniform – 1812-3)(6)

New Releases – Brigade Games Apocalypse

BG-APC154 – P.M.M.T. with Bren Gun

BG-APC154 – P.M.M.T. with Bren Gun

APC155/56 – Putin on Bear
APC157 – Rambo-Mueller

Recent Releases – Brigade Games Western

BG-AWE060 – Western – Tombstone/O.K. Corral I (4)
BG-AWE061 – Western – Tombstone/O.K. Corral II (4)
BG-AWE062 – Western – Tombstone/O.K. Corral III (4)

BG-AWE060 – Western – Tombstone/O.K. Corral I (4)

Frostgrave Headquarters – we will have the rules, supplements, and all the minis, including the boxed sets.

New Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago – Complete Minis & Accessories Range

All the new Frostgrave: Lost Colossus items.

Brigade Games WWI – FT-17 Tanks

BG-T003R – FT-17 Round Turret

WWII Games – Disposable Heroes II by Iron Ivan Games

Sign up for a sponsored game run by DH2 author Keith Stine. There are several games on Friday and Saturday.

WWII – Disposable Heroes Miniatures Range

Come by and see our new WWII range that was released over last summer via Kickstarter.

New Squad Packs have been added.

Brigade Games WWII

Brigade Games WWII

Recent releases include a ton of Napoleonics, Western, Vikings and Apocalypse.

Come by and check out our show specials.

Recent Releases From Company B

CB-ETAV15 – Humber Light Recon – $27.00 USD
CB-ETAV16 – Dodge Command Truck – $32.00 USD
CB-PWAV15 – Dodge WC – $29.00 USD
CB-MOD41 – Australian Hawkei $28.00 USD
CB-PWAV30 – M2A4 Stuart – $28.00 USD

CB-ETAV15 – Humber Light Recon AFV

CB-ETAV16 – Dodge Command Truck

CB-MOD41 – Australian Hawkei

CB-PWAV30 – M2A4 Stuart

Congo Headquarters – we will have the rules and lots minis, including North Star and Copplestone boxed sets.

Congo Rules and North Star/Copplestone Boxed Sets

Saga 2 rules, Viking supplement, and Dice HQ – we will have stock of the new rules, Viking supplement, and dice.

Recent Release From Brigade Games & Company B

28mm 1939-41 Soviets, Mongols and Japanese Allies.


BG-2WWS-PLT – Soviet Platoon (26 figures – 16 rifles, 4 LMG, 1 Officer, 1 Sgt., 2 sect ldrs, 2 asst ldrs)
BG-2WWS-SQF – Soviet Squad – Firing (12 figures – 8 rifles, LMG & Asst. Squad Leader, section leader)
BG-2WW-SQA – Soviet Squad – Advancing (12 figures – 8 rifles, LMG & Asst. Squad Leader, section leader)
BG-2WWS001 – Soviet Rifles A – Firing (4 figures)
BG-2WWS002 – Soviet Rifles B – Firing (4 figures)
BG-2WWS003 – Soviet Rifles C – Advancing (4 figures)
BG-2WWS004 – Soviet Rifles D – Advancing (4 figures)
BG-2WWS005 – Soviet LMG Teams (4 figures)
BG-2WWS006 – Soviet Maxim Advancing (3) and Firing Teams (3)
BG-2WWS007 – Soviet Mortar Team (4)
BG-2WWS008 – Soviet Characters (Standard Bearer and Commissar)
BG-2WWS009 – Soviet Command (1 officer, 1 sgt, 4 NCOs)
BG-2WWS010 – 45mm Anti-Tank Artillery plus 5 crew
BG-2WWS011 – Regimental Artillery (76mm) plus 5 crew
BG-2WWS012 – 2 man Soviet Spotter Team
BG-2WWS013 – Soviet Generals (2)
BG-2WWS014 – Zhukov Mounted General


BG-2WWM-PLT – Mongol Platoon (24 figures – 16 rifles, 4 LMG, 1 Officer, 1 Sgt., 2 sect leaders)
BG-2WWM-SQF – Mongol Squad – Firing (11 figures)
BG-2WWM-SQA – Mongol Squad – Advancing (11 figures)
BG-2WWM001 – Mongol Rifles A – Firing (4 figures)
BG-2WWM002 – Mongol Rifles B – Firing (4 figures)
BG-2WWM003 – Mongol Rifles C – Advancing (4 figures)
BG-2WWM004 – Mongol Rifles D – Advancing (4 figures)
BG-2WWM005 – Maxim LMG Team (2 figures)
BG-2WWM006 – Mongol Maxim Firing Team (2)
BG-2WWM007 – Mongol Command (1 officer, 1 sgt, 2 sect leaders)
BG-2WWM008 – Mongol Cavalry Command (2)
BG-2WWM009 – Mongol Cavalry Troopers (3)

Japanese Allies

BG-2WWJ001 – Japanese Allied Manuchukoan Cavalry Command (2)
BG-2WWJ002 – Japanese Allied Manuchukoan Cavalry Troopers (3)

AFV Crews

BG-2WWS014 – Soviet AFV crew Dismounted (6 tankers standing)
BG-2WWS015 – Soviet AFV crew (4 tanker half figures)
BG-2WWS016 – Soviet AFV crew Dismounted #2 (4 AFV standing)
BG-2WWS017 – Soviet AFV crew #2 (4 AFV half figures)
BG-2WWS018 – Soviet Quad Maxim AA Crew Summer (Spotter, Gunner, Quad Maxim)
AFVs (limited supply)
CB-RV11 – FA-1 Armored Fighting Vehicle
CB-RV12 – BA-20 Armored Fighting Vehicle

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