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Just Released: Swords of the Emperor Japanese General's Handbook for Panzer Korps

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Wargamer Blue writes:

I would buy this just to read if it was available as a PDF.

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HRGWORLDS Sponsoring Member of TMP of HRG Worlds writes:

Swords of the Emperor

The long-anticipated Japanese General's Handbook has finally arrived! Swords of the Emperor: Japanese General's Handbook covers the organizational structures of the Japanese Army from 1931 to 1945 at the divisional level. Covering every major combat organizational configuration, Swords of the Emperor allows gamers and historians to get a handle on how the Japanese war machine structured themselves to conduct the War in the Pacific and Far East.

  • Covers airborne, artillery, armored formations and more
  • Breaks down the command structures into their respective parts
  • Aids in understanding the rapidly changing organizations
  • Comprehensive major vehicle and weapons lists for both Japan and Chinese forces
  • Complete aircraft charts for Chinese and Japanese forces for use with Panzer Korps
  • Combat analysis of actual historical performance
  • Six detailed scenarios with maps and orders of battle
  • Includes the China Theater of Operations
  • Army composition and equipment for the Chinese Nationalist and Communist forces

Although designed for the Panzer Korps divisional-level miniatures rules system, Swords of the Emperor: Japanese General's Handbook can be used with other systems.

Panzer Korps

Panzer Korps divisional-level miniatures rules have enjoyed continued growth since first released in 2008, with various innovative systems such as Command Color Decision Dice, Panic combat effectiveness, and the extensive use of support companies to maintain combat efficiency. With over 20 Handbooks available with more coming, Panzer Korps is one of the most comprehensive divisional systems available.

Titles In Print:

  • Panzer Korps 2.0 Rules 1936-1945
  • Panzer Korps Campaigns – includes 20 Campaigns
  • Red Disciples: Soviet General's Handbook 1938-1945 2nd Edition
  • Con Tutto Il Cuore: Italian Forces General's Handbook 1936-1945
  • Hammer of Freedom: American General's Handbook 1939-1945 includes the Pacific Theater
  • Le Drapeau Et La Croix: French General's Handbook 1939-1945 includes the Middle East and Far East
  • To the Last Huszar: Hungarian General's Handbook 1940-1945
  • Trenchline: WWI Supplement 1914-1918
  • Blood Spear: Battle Scenarios Volume I
  • Desperate Souls: Battle Scenarios Volume II
  • The Storm Turns West: Blitzkrieg! 1940 Minor Allied Powers handbook 2nd Edition includes Belgium, Norway, Holland, Luxembourg and Denmark
  • Oberstgruppenfuhrer: Waffen SS General's Handbook 1939-1945
  • Eisenkreuz: Wehrmacht General's Handbook 1939-1945
  • Legiunea Romana: Romanian General's Handbook 1939-1945
  • Udarna Legija: Croation & Serbian General's Handbook
  • Forsaken Warriors: Battle Scenarios Volume III
  • Banderas Adelante! Spanish Civil War Handbook 1936-1939
  • Red Inferno: Battle Scenarios Volume IV
  • Legacy of Defiance: Battle Scenarios Volume V
  • G.I. Blood & Guts: Battle Scenarios Volume VI
  • Emperor's Finest: Battle Scenarios Volume VII
  • Thunderstruck!: Battle Scenarios Volume VIII
  • Rommel's Way: Battle Scenarios Volume IX
  • Cataclysm: Battle Scenarios Volume X
  • Force Fleet Command Admiral's Handbook
  • Opfor: Modern Supplement 1980-2020
Rommel's Way

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Available from your local dealer, or online at

Also available at shows and from Caliber Books in the U.K. In the U.S., available from On Military Matters, PicoArmor, and Noble Knight Games.

Watch for the Next Upcoming Releases in the Next Few Months!

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