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Hell Spawn Now Available at Slave 2 Gaming

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Slave2Gaming Sponsoring Member of TMP writes:

Darkest star games, yep you are right. I'm a big fan of AQMF and the guys in that world know of this stuff, they've been very helpful with ideas.

Jeff, I like your idea. Might be good for a commander of some sort.

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Slave2Gaming Sponsoring Member of TMP of Slave 2 Gaming writes:

G'Day, Guys!

It's been a busy couple of months here in the dungeon, this is our third announcement in the last four weeks.

So, if you missed the teaser video, we're proud to announce the third official army for our Dark World War setting as the Hell Spawn.

Hell Spawn

With the opening of the hell gates on the Western Front, all manner of creatures has appeared. By their official names, they are referred to as the Returned, for they are the dead who have come back to life.


Tortured souls, living zombie like creature that were once brave soldiers, they are now known as "Shamblers" by the men on the front. Their bodies already ruined by war, they continue to fight seeking and end in a final death, or the warm embrace of the living.



The people of Europe who were caught in the destruction of the opening of the Hell Gate were also warped by the destructiveness of what was to come from the gate. These poor souls who survived years of war, now captured and twisted into the remnants of mankind.

Their emaciated bodies, twisted and mutated into the screaming painful creatures that they now are known as "Runners."


Finally, the first of the demons show their face when the Hell gate opened were referred to as just demons, but as time went by, the forces of mankind realized that there were different demons. The original demons became known as "Greater Demons."

These giant demons, standing as tall as a two storey house, have been known to tear apart a tank.

Greater Demon

As you can see, this army is still small with only the two core units and the leader demon, but this army will grow from here, and fit perfectly with the Dark World War setting.

These figures come in packs of six individual poses for $7.50 AUD with the Greater Demon coming in a single pack for $10.50 AUD. The "Shamblers" also come in multipacks that are slightly cheaper.

They can be found at

If you have any questions about these, or any other figures in our ranges, you can contact us on this email address:


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