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Market Garden Compilation Design Notes Published

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Bob Runnicles writes:

I don't mind updates, and so far I don't see any complaints in this thread about the historicity of Flames of War, in fact I've been enjoying the game since the 1st Ed days. It's the rapidity of the re-updates that bothers me, plus the fact that you know when they publish a book that it's going to be redundant within the next year or two as soon as they do a 'compilation'. Heck I'll probably keep playing, I just will be considerably more picky when it comes to what supplements to pick up…

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Battlefront announces:

I was rather excited to go back to Market Garden with these compilations. The campaign is one of my favorites, and I've always wanted to do more than I originally was able to fit into A Bridge Too Far and Hell's Highway.

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When asked if I could fill two books, or should we just stick to one, I quickly replied that I could easily fill a second book with new forces! The original printed material was 160 pages in length across the two books, A Bridge Too Far and Hell's Highway. However, the Market Garden compilations total reaches 340 pages. When all was said and done, the Allied book featured twelve new forces and eleven old favorites, and the Axis book added 14 new armies as well as including the five original German lists…

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