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15mm Mystri Island Edwardian Adventurers Released

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Wolf 359 Inactive Member writes:

Yeah, this got my interest. Very well done, and I am really looking forward to getting into this game.

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khurasanminiatures Inactive Member of Khurasan Miniatures writes:

We are proud to release the three adventurers at the core of our Mystri Island World War I era pulp adventure line.


Sent to Mystri Island by a desperate Imperial high command to plunder the island of its dark mysteries in aid of the just German cause, tall, strapping young Guards Jager officer Kuno von Schrecklichdorf is embued with a sense of honour and duty, as chivalrous as the knights of old yet determined to uncover the dark mysteries of this shrouded island, no matter what the cost. Armed with a broomhandle Mauser, quick wits, and deadly aim, he is a formidable opponent.


An orphan sent to South Africa to be raised by a mystical Boer big-game hunter, the young American Janice Prishwalken is an expert tracker, formidably armed, skilled in the use of all manner of arms (including her enormous H&H.600 Nitro Express elephant gun!), and truly intrepid in uncovering the mysterious. Gifted as well at befriending and communicating with all manners of people, and uncanny at reading the instincts of animals, this "highly unorthodox woman" (as she is summarized by the British Secret Service) proves a critical defense of the Allies' cause.


Accompanying Janice is British archaeologist (and master spy) Richard Smith-Grenville, a proper English gentleman with a knack for getting things done, no matter how dangerous. At first rather nonplussed by having to work with a woman, Richard develops a respect for, and platonic friendship with, this "remarkable young lady" - many were the occasion in which the thunderous crack of Janice's H&H saved Richard's life from some scaly beast, and many were the potential slayers of Janice who fell to Richard's powerful Webley.

All available now, a valuable addition to your 15mm late Edwardian miniatures collections!

My thanks to Carl Robson and Jennifer Haley for bringing these models fully to life.

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