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GamesPoet Supporting Member of TMP writes:

Lot's of good stuff in this update!

Don't tell anyone I ordered 4 things. ; )

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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Reminder: OMM continues to remain open for internet orders and shipping. The shoppe is also open for in-person shopping, but you must be fully vaccinated. Call ahead. If you wish to pick up your order at the shoppe, we can also leave the package outside the door.

Most items due into the shoppe in a few weeks. Order early to avoid the holiday rush.

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Wargamers' Annual…

Wargamers' Annual 2022

Wargamers' Annual 2022. Simple combat, search for Eldorado, Gettysburg in the gazebo. Freemans Farm, avatar peninsular, famous cavalry regiments, Albuera; Hodges scouts, a tabletop Mysore army, the Seven Years War, a trial by combat, neither biting nor chariot, the armies of Darrell Hindley, and Partizan best of show. $30.00 USD


Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo Battle Bundle

Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo Battle Bundle. Contents: British Starter Set, French Starter Set, Ewart's Eagle (exclusive to Waterloo pre-order bundles), and L'Enfonceur's Hougoumont Assault (exclusive to Waterloo pre-order bundles). The 13.5mm miniatures (same scale as ACW bundle) are supplied unpainted. $290.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $261.00 USD.

Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo Mega Bundle. Contents: British Starter Set; British Infantry Brigade x 2, British Light Cavalry Brigade, British Heavy Cavalry Brigade, French Starter Set, French Infantry Brigade x 2, French Light Cavalry Brigade, French Heavy Cavalry Brigade, La Haye Sainte Scenery Pack, La Haye Sainte Sandpit & Barricade, Hougoumont Scenery Pack, Black Powder – British Infantry Napoleonic Paint Set, Black Powder – French Infantry Napoleonic Paint Set, Rivers Scenery Pack, Roads Scenery pack, Apple Trees x 3, Ewart's Eagle (exclusive to Waterloo pre-order bundles), and L'Enfonceur's Hougoumont Assault (exclusive to Waterloo pre-order bundles). The 13.5mm miniatures (same scale as ACW bundle) are supplied unpainted. $889.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $755.65 USD.

Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo British Starter Set. Starter Set includes: Ten Units of Line Infantry, Three Units of 95th Rifles, One Unit of Heavy Dragoons, One Unit of Scots Greys, One Unit of Household Cavalry, One Unit of Hussars, One Unit of Light Dragoons, 16 Artillery Pieces, Nine Brigade Commanders, La Belle Alliance MDF Scenery Piece, and Bespoke A5 Softback Black Powder: Epic Battles Rulebook. The 13.5mm miniatures (same scale as ACW bundle) are supplied unpainted. $145.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $130.50 USD.

Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo French Starter Set. Starter Set includes: Ten Units of Line Infantry (80 men per Unit), Three Units of Skirmishing Voltigeurs (13 Bases of six men each), One Unit of Cuirassiers, One Unit of Dragoons, One Unit of Carabiniers, One Unit of Hussars, One Unit of Chasseurs a Cheval, One Unit of Lancers, 16 Artillery Pieces, Nine Brigade Commanders, Dacoster House MDF Scenery Piece, and Bespoke A5 Softback Black Powder: Epic Battles Rulebook. The 13.5mm miniatures (same scale as ACW bundle) are supplied unpainted. $145.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $130.50 USD.


Battlegroup: Stalingrad

Battlegroup: Stalingrad. Nine army lists are included for the Germans, their Axis allies and the Red Army. For the Axis: German Panzer and Infantry Division battlegroups, Italian and Rumanian battlegroups, and the Hungarian 1st Armoured Division battlegroup. For the Soviets: Army lists for Rifle Divisions and battlegroups created from their new Tank Corps. New rules to adapt the core Battlegroup game to the battlefields of the Eastern Front in 1942, including the Battle of Stalingrad. Recreating the character of the war from the rolling steppes of southern Russian to the twisted wreckage of Stalingrad's factories. The book includes new additional detailed rules for street-fighting, a new urban combat scenario Stadtkampf and a mini-campaign system for the ferocious fighting for the Barrikady gun factory. Death on Volga scenario pits specially equipped German assault Stossgruppe infantry battlegroups against the ragged but dug-in and determined defenders of Stalingrad. $48.00 USD

La Cucaracha!: Wargamer Rules for Engagements with Small Forces During the Mexican Revolution 1910-1920

La Cucaracha!: Wargamer Rules for Engagements with Small Forces During the Mexican Revolution 1910-1920. Full-color. Skirmish rules for 20mm-54mm figures, plus scenarios, including what-ifs of foreign intervention. $32.00 USD

Frostgrave: Blood Legacy. This supplement for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City presents greatly expanded information about the vampires and the giants that occupy the frozen ruins, including rules for vampiric magic and a breakdown of the different tribes of giants. Also included are rules for a new type of soldier, the giant-blooded. These huge men and women have the blood of giants running through their veins, granting them great strength unseen in normal men. Finally, the book contains a section on playing Frostgrave with high-level wizards and includes two mini-campaigns to challenge these experienced spellcasters. $30.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $25.50 USD.

Kings of War: 3rd Edition. Rules to fight epic fantasy battles across the tabletop, an extensive background section covering the races of Pannithor and their history and army lists for 14 different factions. $58.00 USD

Kings of War: 3rd Edition Uncharted Empires. Contains twelve new fantasy army lists, and for the first time, players have access to army themes. These allow list variants of one of the games master lists and help add new flavor to an existing army to represent a different faction with similar roots. They are a great way to introduce the many sub-factions and players in the world to your games. $35.00 USD


372 Cuzco 1536-37: Battle for the Heart of the Inca Empire

372 Cuzco 1536-37: Battle for the Heart of the Inca Empire. Campaign series. In April 1532, a bloody civil war between two brothers ended with one of them, Atahualpa, as master of the mighty Inca Empire. Now the most powerful man in South America, his word was law for millions of subjects spread across thousands of square miles, from the parched deserts of the coast to the lush rainforest of the Amazon and along the spine of the soaring Andes Mountains. But the time of the Incas was coming to an end. In November of that year, a handful of Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro seized Atahualpa at Cajamarca, extorted his treasure, murdered him, and then marched on the Inca capital Cuzco to elevate a puppet, Manco, to the vacant throne. In 1536, however, Manco roused his people against the intruders, and the Spaniards found themselves isolated and fighting for their lives. Examines the background and progress of the desperate 10-month siege of Cuzco; the opposing commanders, their fighting men, tactics, and military technologies; and the key clashes, from Sacsayhuaman to Ollantaytambo. $24.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $20.40 USD.

116 B-25 Mitchell vs Japanese Destroyer: Battle of the Bismarck Sea 1943. Duel series. Examines the mechanics of skip-bombing combined with a strafing B-25, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the combatants (B-25 versus destroyer), and revealing the results of the attacks and the reasons why these U.S.A.AF tactics were so successful. Over the first two months of 1943, squadrons perfected these tactics. Then, in early March, Japan tried to reinforce their garrison in Lae, New Guinea, with a 16-ship convoy – eight transports guarded by eight destroyers. The Fifth Air Force pounced on the convoy in the Bismarck Sea. By March 5, all eight transports and four destroyers had been sunk. $22.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $18.70 USD.

026 Truk 1944-45: The Destruction of Japan's Central Pacific Bastion. Air Campaign series. Examines the rise and fall of Truk as a Japanese air and naval bastion and explains how in two huge raids, American carrier-based aircraft in Operation Hailstone reduced it to irrelevance. Also covers the little-known story of how the U.S.A.AF used the ravaged base as a live-fire training ground for its new B-29s – whose bombing raids ensured Truk could not be reactivated by the Japanese. The pressure on Truk was kept up right through 1945 when it was also used as a target for the 509th Composite Squadron to practice dropping atomic bombs and by the British Pacific Fleet to hone its pilots' combat skills prior to the invasion of Japan. $24.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $20.40 USD.

Books on the 16th-17th-18th Century…

The Perfect Militia: The Stuart Trained Bands of England and Wales 1603-1642

The Perfect Militia: The Stuart Trained Bands of England and Wales 1603-1642. Covers the Trained Bands of the early Stuart period, from 1603 to 1642. Both James I and Charles I tried to create a perfect militia during their reigns, but how far did they get in achieving this aim? There is very little published about this organization. This book includes details on the men who served in it, how they were recruited, their social status, professions and ages. The arms and armor used by the soldiers changed over the period covered by this book and descriptions of these are included. Did the men of the Trained Band wear uniforms? Who were the officers who commanded the companies and regiments and how were they appointed? This book aims not only to answer these questions but also to enlighten the reader on many other aspects of this important organization. Includes eleven black-and-white illustrations, two black-and-white maps, and 36 tables. $45.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $38.25 USD.
Battle of Nordlingen 1634: The Bloody Fight Between Tercios and Brigades

Battle of Nordlingen 1634: The Bloody Fight Between Tercios and Brigades . Explains the general situation in Germany during the Thirty Years' War in the period 1633-1634; describes in detail the tactics, armament, and units of the Spanish, Swedish, and Imperial armies; and analyzes the conflicting interests of the various powers fighting the war. Examines the battle that took place in the plain of Nordlingen, describes the various protagonists who commanded the Tercios and Regiments that fought there, and analyzes the mistakes and successes of the generals. With all this, the stereotypes about the Spanish and Swedish tactical models are reviewed, which for a long time were the paradigm of tactics in European battle theaters. In this way, it seeks to answer which deployment was better, if the Swedish Brigades, or the Spanish Tercios. $45.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $38.25 USD.
War and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV: Volume 5: The Portuguese Army 1659-1690

War and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV: Volume 5: The Portuguese Army 1659-1690. In December 1640, the native dynasty of Braganza ascended to the Portuguese Throne. This event heralded the end Spanish domination in Portugal that had started in 1580. Following the restoration, an ill-prepared Portuguese David found itself having to face a tormented but not exhausted Spanish Goliath. The new national army was raised in such a short period of time, to be considered almost unique in European military history. Covers the Portuguese army organization and campaigns, uniforms, and ensigns. Includes eight special commissioned color plates and uses after archival and unpublished sources along with many contemporary pictures. Includes 72 black-and-white illustrations, seven black-and-white maps, eight color plates, and ten tables. $50.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $42.50 USD.

One Faith, One Law, One King: French Armies of the Wars of Religion 1562 – 1598. Summary of the wars and major actions (including maps of the battles of Druex, Sainct Denys, Jarnac, Moncontour, La Rochelle, Coutras, Arques and Ivry). These maps are all newly-researched and are based on the formations and dispositions actually employed rather than vague indications of relative positions. The maps reveal some interesting insight into the position and extent of some of these battlefields. Military biographies of 43 of the main commanders of the wars. Detailed examinations of each of the element of the army: guard units, cavalry, artillery, and infantry. Each of these sections includes sections on organization, equipment and tactics, as well as descriptions taken from primary sources and both color plates and black-and-white illustrations specifically produced for this work. A section on military flags and banners used by the participants, again accompanied by numerous illustrations. $45.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $38.25 USD.

Like a Brazen Wall: The Battle of Minden, 1759, and Its Place in the Seven Years War. Balanced examination of the Battle of Minden: Applauding, where due, the dash and elan of the French and Saxon opponents of the English; Examining the enduring challenges of multinationality by considering the relationships between Britain and her German allies, reviewing the role of the leader by reconsidering the strengths and weaknesses of Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick, and reviewing the role of the British horse and its controversial commander, Sackville. Orders of battle, uniform details and an illustrated battlefield tour are included, as are five maps, 26 photos, five black-and-white illustrations, one color illustrations, 16pp of tables, and 4pp of uniform plates. $45.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $38.25 USD.

Hastenbeck 1757: The French Army and the Opening Campaign of the Seven Years War. Covers the campaign of the French armies in Westphalia that saw its climax play out around the village of Hastenbeck on 26 July 1757, where the forces of Marechal d'Estrees gained a victory that came close to knocking Hanover out of the war. Having left their garrisons four months earlier, they had come to battle at the gates of Hanover after having traveled more than 600 kilometers through the Low Countries and into Germany. Includes ten maps, eight black-and-white images, and 8pp of color plates. $45.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $38.25 USD.
English Civil War Flags: Cavalry Cornets & Guidons

English Civil War Flags: Cavalry Cornets & Guidons. Includes a collection of over 300 known cavalry troop colors from the ECW, all illustrated in full-color. To be as accurate as possible a variety of sources were used including drawings and detailed descriptions from the time as well as some current material. The book will prove to be a handy reference of all the known flags for historians, wargamers, modelers and re-enactors. $32.00 USD

30YW Wargames…

Strategy & Tactics #332: Thirty Years Battles

Strategy & Tactics #332: Thirty Years Battles. Grand-tactical two-player system for simulating battles in Europe during the first half of the 17th Century. Each game in the system is based on one of the major battles of the 30 Years War. Each battle has its own map, special rules and counters representing the military formations which participated in the original action. The rules model the overall effects of the weapons and tactics of the great era of pike and shot, and include combat, leadership and morale. Players command armies of infantry, cavalry and artillery, each with their own special capabilities, as well as the great leaders who took the field in this era. Each hex on the map represents 150-200 meters. Each game turn represents 45 minutes to one hour. Most cavalry and infantry units represent one or two regiments or battalions. Each combat strength point represents 75 to 150 men, depending on the quality of the army and assignment of light guns to the unit. Each artillery unit represents four to six heavy or medium guns. Includes map, die-cut counters, and magazine. $40.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $36.00 USD.

More Books…

Medieval Battle & Tournament Standards

Medieval Battle & Tournament Standards. Large format, full-color paperback contains nearly 200 standards. The standards within the pages were researched during the period 1530 to 1550 by the Lancaster Herald John Cocke. His heraldic artist is unknown, however some say he was probably Irish. The drawings cover the period covering the 14th Century through to the middle of the 16th Century. The drawing were created in black-and-white by the artist, and the intended colors that was intended to followed were written in heraldic script, probably by Cocke. $34.00 USD

Justinian II: The Roman Emperor Who Lost his Nose and His Throne and Regained Both. Justinian II became Roman emperor at a time when the Empire was beset by external enemies. His forces gained success against the Arabs and Bulgars but his religious and social policies fuelled internal opposition which resulted in him being deposed and mutilated (his nose was cut off) in 695. After a decade in exile, during which he strangled two would-be assassins with his bare hands, he regained power through a coup d'etat with the backing of the erstwhile Bulgar enemy (an alliance sealed by the marriage of his daughter, Anastasia). His second reign was seemingly harsher and again beset by both external and internal threats and dissension over doctrinal matters. An energetic and active ruler, his reign saw developments in various areas, including numismatics, administration, finance and architecture, but he was deposed a second time in 711 and beheaded. Re-assesses Justinian's colorful but troubled career and reputation. $53.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $45.05 USD.
Dust of Glory: The First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-1842 – Its Causes and Course

Dust of Glory: The First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-1842 – Its Causes and Course. Explores the causes of the First Anglo-Afghan War and describes its course gleaned from a multitude of sources supported by seventeen sketch maps of key actions. No lessons were learnt as five more conflicts were to follow in this country that only produces fruit, nuts and opium. Includes twelve black-and-white illustrations, 23 color illustrations, and 17 black-and-white maps. $50.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $42.50 USD.

Their Maryland: The Army of Northern Virginia From the Potomac Crossing to Sharpsburg in September 1862. Reassesses the history of Robert E. Lee's 1862 Maryland Campaign in seven chapters: Rebel Revolutionary: Did Robert E. Lee Hope to Foment Rebellion in Maryland in September 1862; High Hope for Liberating Maryland: The Army of Northern Virginia Crosses the Potomac River, September 4-7, 1862; Four Days on the Monocacy: Confederate Encampments Near Frederick City and the Implications for the Lost Orders Debate; Dreams Dashed on the Rocks of Reality: The Army of Northern Virginia's Mixed Reception in Maryland; Rebels Photographed in Frederick, Maryland: The Case for September 1862; The Army of Northern Virginia Makes a Stand: A Critical Assessment of Robert E. Lee's Defensive Strategy at Sharpsburg on September 15-16, 1862; and a Very Personal Fight: The Role of Robert E. Lee on the Field at Sharpsburg, September 17, 1862. $33.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $28.05 USD.

Of No Earthly Use: The 2nd Line Territorial Force Divisions and the Western Front. Examines the U.K.'s 2nd Line's struggle to reach establishment, discover a role, and achieve a degree of efficiency. These difficulties defined the emerging qualities and ethos of the formations and of their component units. Analyses of their performances in different battlefield scenarios affords assessments of the divisions' fighting power. Their acquisition of battlefield skills, their conceptual understanding of the war's evolving character, and their development of organizational and command structures are examined critically through the prism of both contemporary and modern doctrine. $55.00 USD

OMM Discount 15%: Now $46.75 USD.

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #408 – Includes Free Epic Waterloo Heavy Cavalry Sprue

Wargames Illustrated: Issue #408 Includes Free Epic Waterloo Heavy Cavalry Sprue. Theme: Waterloo – Waterloo Goes Epic: The release of Warlord Games' new Black Powder: Epic Battles – The Waterloo Campaign range and future plans; Epic Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry: Different painting options on included free British and French Heavy Cavalry frames; Go Big or Go Home: Game designer Sam A. Mustafa shares half a century of observation, experience, and experimentation in wargaming big Napoleonic battles; Painting Bicorne Napoleonic Personalities: Painting legends of the Napoleonic period; It's Hip to Form Square: History versus rules when it comes to squares; Softening Up: Napoleonic Artillery in Combat: Beginner's guide to wargaming with Napoleonic artillery. Features: The Great British Kitbash: Kitbash a selection of Warlord Games plastics to make figures for some of WWII's more unusual and less commonly available British units; The Silver Bayonet Society – Part Two: The WI campaign gets going with practice games; Partizan 2021: Best in Show: Close look at the Best of Show winner – A Descent on the French Coast, presented by The Friends of a Military Gentleman – at the recent Partizan Convention; A Journey Into the Apocalypse: Wasteland Weekend tabletop gaming amidst the wild tribes, converted cars, and vehicular mayhem; Systematic Stargrave Speed Painting: Speed painting approach that uses Citadel contrast paints and an airbrush for a dozen Stargrave figures in about twelve hours. Departments: Quick Fire!: Wargamers from around the world give us insight on their latest hobby projects; Observation Post: News and reviews of the latest miniatures and rulebooks. $9.00 USD

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #16: China – The Next War with Map Poster. China – The Next War: China has been expanding its reach economically, politically, and militarily. The U.S. remains its chief adversary on every level, but what strategies will be most effective in containing the burgeoning superpower? China's long history gives it a wealth of political-military principles to direct its likely moves; the failure to understand them could doom its opposition. This is an examination of the potential for war, and of its disparate battlefields in the air, on land, at and under the sea, in space and in the digital world. $20.00 USD

OMM Discount 10%: Now $18.00 USD.

More at the Website…

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