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unknown member of Caliver Books writes:

We have some great new stuff just coming in, as well as some old favorites. Check it all out below.

Mantic Games

H26202 – Asterian Reserve Force – Mantic – Warpath / Mantic Games. £52.70 GBP

H26204 – Cypher Specialists – Mantic – Warpath / Mantic Games. £8.89 GBP

H26206 – Asterian Weapon Drones – Mantic – Warpath / Mantic Games. £8.89 GBP


H26207 – Aktion: The Wargames Techniques Magazines Issue 1 – 86-page, full-color quality glossy mag. Scenarios, tips & techniques for wargames. Inc customizing MDF buildings, painting vehicles, making hills, statue effects etc. and scenarios for Kings of War; Fighting Sail: Honours of War: and Bolt Action. £8.00 GBP

Paper Panzers

H26208 – Paper Panzers: Prototypes and What if Tanks – 206 pages. Large format all color quality paperback. Pictures of tanks in various cammo styles, plus modelling the vehicle. £29.99 GBP

H26209 – 1812: The Left Wing of the Grande Armee: Carnage & Glory – twelve wargames scenarios, orbats, maps etc. for Carnage rules but good for any set. £28.50 GBP

H26210 – European Arms in the (American) Civil War / Schwalm large format paperback, 180 pages. Very well illustrated. British, French, Austrian, French, Belgium, etc. firearms and swords. Includes detailed description to identify. Civil war usage and different manufacturers of the same pattern. £29.99 GBP

H26211 – Orc Amigos – 3 cowboy Orc figures 32mm Knuckleduster. £15.00 GBP

H26212 – Short Fuse GBW-8 – 1 Figure from the new Weird Knuckleduster range. £4.50 GBP

H26213 – Napoleonic Military History: A Bibliography / D Horward (ed) 685 pages, Greenhill Books. 1 only, very good condition hardback, 7,300 books listed up until around 1985. £50.00 GBP

H26214 – WWI – The First Mechanized War – 170 pages very well illustrated paperback. Contemporary photos of vehicles, plus many color cammo schemes of tanks, planes, armored cars etc. Western Front only. £32.50 GBP

H26215 – Deutsches Afrika Korps Profile Guide – 108 pages, large format all color illustrated. Cammo and vehicle insignoia for all types of DAK vehicles – soft skins, half-tracks, tanks, artillery etc. includes captured vehicle. £23.99 GBP

H26216 – Middle East Wars 1948-1973: Arab-Israeli conflict – 100 pages, large format, 150-plus all-color pics of vehicles with cammo schemes. £23.50 GBP

H26217 – 1945 German Colors – 70 pages, large format 200-plus full-color illustration with cammo guide. Includes 1945, plus 'What if's. £18.99 GBP

H26218 – Soviet War Colors 1936-1945 – 100 pages, large format 180 plus all color pics of tanks, guns and vehicles with cammo schemes. £23.99 GBP

H26219 – John Forbes: Scotland, Flanders and the Seven Years' War, 1707-1759 / John Oliphant. In November 1758, Brigadier General John Forbes's army expelled the French army from Fort Duquesne at the forks of the Ohio River. He had risen from being a surgeon in the Scots Greys and saw action in the WAS. £25.00 GBP

H26220 – Empires & Alliances – World War One Across Europe / Compass Games. 2 to 4 Players and Solitaire, Medium Complexity – Evening to Weekend Playtime. £74.00 GBP

H26221 – Fornono 1495 – Dawn of the Italian Wars 1495-1525 – Board Game / Compass Games. Medium Complexity, Average Playtime 2 to 4 hours, 1 plus players. £51.00 GBP

H26222 – Lion of Judah – The War of Ethiopa: 1935-1941 / Compass Games. Medium Complexity, 2 to 8 hour game length – 1 to 2 players. £58.50 GBP

H26223 – A Las Barricadas! 2nd Edition – Board Game / Compass Games. Medium Complexity – Medium Solo Capability. £74.95 GBP

H26224 – Red Star White Eagle – The Russo-Polish War 1920 – Compass Games / Compass Games. Medium Complexity – 1 to 3 players – 3 to 8 hour play time. £69.00 GBP

H26225 – Sovereign of the Seas 1756-1805 – Compass Games / Compass Games. low to Medium Complexity – Two or more players – Good for solo play – 2 to 4 hours long. £89.50 GBP

H26225 – 1813: Napoleon's Resurgence. The War of Liberation Part I: The Spring Campaign / Zucker, K Lutzen: Baitzen: Luckau; Konigswartha & Weissig. Two full-color maps and three half size, 560 counters, plus cards, etc. £95.00 GBP

German Paratroopers

H26226 – German Paratroopers: Uniforms & Equipment Volume 3 Campaigns, Combat Operations, Decorations & Ephemera / Veltze large format hardback. Incredibly well illustrated inc. color uniforms, plus 200-plus contemporary photos never before published. £69.50 GBP

H26227 – Los Franceses y sus Aliados en Espana 1808-1814. Volumen I / Bueno 1 only. Scarce near mint paperback 63 color plates, 150-plus uniforms. Engslish & Spanish text. Spanish & Confederation Troops. £65.00 GBP

H26228 – Campaign in Russia: Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front / Degrelle, Leon, near-fine hardback in library-style plastic jacket. Memoirs of the Walloon brigade. £26.50 GBP

H26229 – Cromwell at War: The Lord General and his Military Revolution / Bennett, Martyn 270 pages. A military biography in the context of the C17th military revolution. £19.50 GBP

H26230 – American War of Independence: A guide to the armies. 2 Volume set / Novak, Greg, near-mint 1 set only, Orbats for both armies. Superb resource. 2 volume paperback. £75.00 GBP

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