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I, CUDDLIUS: Teddy Bear Romans from Eureka Miniatures

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Nic Robson writes:

I think you will find a resin cast Roman Marching Fort at MOAB. I shall pass you onto the stall next to me at the show, which I believe will have one as a new release.


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Eureka Miniatures writes:

They came; they saw; they ate all the honey! The Emperor Cuddlius wants to impose the Pax Teddius to the whole of Toy Town and has proclaimed there will be bread, honey and circuses for all. Mike Broadbent's 28mm Teddy Bears have heeded their Emperor's call and donned their Roman armor. Bar-bear-ians beware! The Teddy Bear Legions are on the march!

Yes, it's more Teddy Bear play time from Eureka Miniatures and Mike Broadbent Designs.

This time, the bears are dressing up as Ancient Romans and you can choose between Teddy Bear Legionaries, Praetorian Teddy Bears, or Teddy Bear Roman Cavalry mounted on their favored hobby horse steeds. Armed with wooden swords (rudis) and honey dipped match-stick spears, they don't really want to hurt anyone - they just want to stick it to their enemies!

Teddy Bear Romans

The Emperor Cuddlius is here to direct his mighty furry legions and Centurion Fuzzius Maximus (hero bear and champion of Teddy Bear Rome) puts in an appearance as well. Mike has also included a catapult siege engine - which we think you will all agree is the epitome of Ancient Teddy Bear technology! The bears use this wonder weapon to fire pots of honey into besieged enemy fortifications to remind them of the sweet benefits of submitting to Roman Teddy Bear civilization.

Teddy Bear Romans catapult and crew

All models supplied unpainted. Our Teddy Bear Romans were painted by Helen Bacchus.

Here are the codes and details for the new figures and a limited new release offer.

I CUDDLIUS… 28mm Teddy Bear Romans

Sculpted by Mike Broadbent

Each code is ordered with a choice of shields (A, B, C, D or E). Please specify shield type when ordering.

100TBR01  Teddy Bear Legionary Centurion (1)*
100TBR02 Teddy Bear Legionary Musician (1)
100TBR03 Teddy Bear Legionary Standard (3)
100TBR04 Teddy Bear Legionary with Sword (2)
100TBR05 Teddy Bear Legionary with "Spear" (2)
100TBR06 Praetorian Teddy Bear with Sword (2)
100TBR07 Praetorian Teddy Bear with "Spear" (2)
100TBR08 Praetorian Teddy Bear Centurion (1)**
100TBR09 Praetorian Teddy Bear Musician (1)
100TBR10 Praetorian Teddy Bear Standard (3)
100TBR11 Teddy Bear Roman Cavalry with Sword (2)
100TBR12 Teddy Bear Roman Cavalry with "Spear" (2)
100TBR13 Teddy Bear Roman Cavalry Centurion (1)***
100TBR14 Teddy Bear Roman Cavalry Musician (1)
100TBR15 Teddy Bear Roman Cavalry Standard (1)
100TBR16 Emperor Cuddlius on Rocking Horse (1)
100TBR17 Centurion Fuzzius Maximus: in muscle cuirass, mounted on Hobby Horse (1)
100TBR18 Catapult and three crew (1)

Roman Teddy Bear Shields:

Shield A: Large Oblong Shield, embossed design
Shield B: Large Oblong Shield
Shield C: Oval Shield
Shield D: Round Shield
Shield E: Long Hexagonal Shield

* can double as a Catapult commander
** can double as a Dismounted General
*** can double as a Mounted General

Figures are sold individually unless a set is indicated. The number in parentheses denotes the number of available variants for that product code. Variants are supplied randomly, but Eureka Miniatures will always endeavor to supply a representative sample.

New Release Special Offers

FREE Emperor Cuddlius on Rocking Horse

For a limited period, spend $50.00 AUD* or more on your Teddy Bear Legion, and you will receive a free Emperor Cuddlius figure, resplendent on his Rocking Horse.

* Excluding shipping (and 'Goods and Services Tax' payable by Australian customers only)

Customers in the U.S.A. or the U.K. can choose to order our figures from our representatives Eureka Miniatures U.S.A. or Fighting 15s respectively, as well as directly from us.