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Blazing Skies, Fluffy Clouds: Air War in the Age of Jingoism

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Tommiatkins Inactive Member writes:

Beer is always a better purchase.

But you cant drink biplanes, and therein lies the rub.

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Tommiatkins Inactive Member of Atkins Wargames writes:

Suddenly from behind, screaming out of a wingunder manoeuvre, the Flopper Troutplane appeared in Stumpy's vanity mirror, its machinenblastens sparkling motes of fire. A line of holes stitched up the Soppingwet's wing and tore the aileron. "Blast you, Von Strudel!" yelled Stumpy.
Aerial Wargaming without the Aerials

Grab your Goggle's, Starch your scarf, and wax your Moustache. It's time to throw that joystick forward and scream out of a pile of cotton wool balls in your luridly painted stringbag, pumping hot dice at the bally Hun.

Blazing Skies, Fluffy Clouds is a 15mm or similar Semi-Hexed game of Chivalry and Claret set in a slightly skewed 1914-1927 wartorn world.

The Rules come with Templates, Manouver Cards, kite cards, and a 1926 copy of Tommi's All Teh Wurldz Fitin' Kites.

A Soppingwet Camel catches a burst right in the nasties

Energy management, height management and the ability to scream "Dakkadakkadakka" whilst surrounded by fellow gamers is what this game's about. A strong campaign side allows pilot and plane development.

Retail is £9.00 GBP + P&P - check the Atkins Wargames site for more details.


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