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15mm Garn Alien Warriors - New Items

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von pumpernickel writes:

Any chance of some seated Felids we could use as crew :) those vehicles are very cool indeed :)

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khurasanminiatures of Khurasan Miniatures writes:

Just in time for Tomorrow's War, our hulking 15mm scale Tyrannosauroid aliens, the Garn, have received some major reinforcements.

Garn with assault cannon

First up, more basic poses of the hulking alien warriors themselves, all with the assault cannon (a sort of 20mm caseless-round SMG), which nicely complement the existing codes.

Garn Hegemon

Second, we have the high commander, the redoubtable Garn Hegemon, who plots the downfall of the foe and, with his heavy armament for both ranged and close combat, is often at the forefront of the resulting assault. As a mark of his exalted status he wears two eyescope targeters! An especially fun model.

Alligator transport

And from John Bear Ross, we have the two superheavy anti-grav tanks of the Garn, the Alligator transport (seen above) and the Crocodile tri-turreted tank. Each of these colossal, low-riding grav tanks is almost six inches long, virtually gunboats in size! Like the Garn warriors, they derive protection for the crew using a large number of forcefield projectors fitted across the surface of the tanks, and the interior components are heavily armoured as well. The forcefield protection permits the crew to be shown (and these are included with each kit), giving the vehicles a unique, distinctively alien appearance.

Alligator transport with passengers

The Alligator carries its passengers into battle on assault ramps, and supports them with one turret mounting a variety of different heavy weapons. (Passengers on the ramps included separately.)


The Crocodile replaces the assault ramps with two more turrets, providing the vehicle with truly overwhelming firepower, as each of its three weapons dwarfs those carried by human vehicles.

For each turret station, the kit provides the following:

  • Twin-barreled heavy laser
  • Vulcan rifle (a long tank killer)
  • Superheavy plasma cannon
  • Heavy missile turret (a total replacement for the gun turret)
  • SAM missile box which attaches to the top of the turret

So yes, the Crocodile has three of each of the above! Spare parts jackpot!

Alligator with missile turret swap

Most of the weapons options were illustrated in the images above, but above is an image of an Alligator with the missile turret swap (and it also better shows the assault ramps).

They wouldn't be Garn unless they were looking for raw flesh to consume, and each vehicle has a larder in its aft section to store the corpses of fallen foes so they can be devoured later, bones and all.

The vehicles are a mixture of resin and white metal, and the normal skill in working with resin kits is required (the platforms on the Alligator sometimes need to be straightened but that just requires some hot water or a blow-dryer).

Thanks to Steve Dean and our own Spacejacker for paint-ups (Steve did the Garn, and Spacejacker the vehicles).

All available now! Happy gaming!

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