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Brigade Models: New 15mm SF

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unknown member writes:

That is really nifty looking. Cool, threatening, makes you wonder how it works, compels imagination, maybe that's the phrase I want.

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unknown member of Brigade Models Ltd writes:

Over the last week, we've added a number of new 15mm SF items to the website. In the Hammer's Slammers range, we have the Demeter Attack VTOL, used by both the Eaglewing Squadron and the 101st Texians.

Demeter VTOL

The Demeter model comes in three resin parts (fuselage and two wings) and three metal parts (turret and two vertical tail fins). Available separately, we have a pack of wing stores – two each of hyper-velocity missiles, gatling pods, rocket pods, and anti-tank missiles. These have the pylon built in, so you can fit the weapons wherever you like on the wing.

We also have three new packs to our range of PacFed armored infantry figures. First is a pack of snipers, one kneeling firing and the other advancing (there are two of each in the pack).

PacFed Snipers

The second pack is a very handy addition containing two two-man mortar teams. Each team has a kneeling loader with mortar shell and a spotter with binoculars (standing or kneeling), plus extra ammo cases to scatter on the base.

PacFed Mortars

The final addition is a new version of The Brigadier. This one is in PacFed armor but without his helmet, studying a data tablet and carrying a rifle – and of course, sporting his trademark monocle and moustache.

The Brigadier

HS15-2602 – Demeter Attack VTOL – £12.00 GBP
SF15-757 – PacFed Snipers (x 4) – £1.50 GBP
SF15-758 – PacFed Mortar Teams (x 2) – £3.00 GBP
SF15-759 – The Armored Brigadier – £0.50 GBP
SF15-937 – VTOL Weapons – £2.50 GBP

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