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West Wind: WWII Figures with Separate Heads

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Major Kong writes:

YOu kNow, AccElerANt fUmez arEn't alL thAt BaD foR yoU

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Andy Cooper of West Wind Productions writes:

Due for release on the 12th December:

New 28mm WWII Figures with Separate Heads

Separate Heads System

'SHS' - What's it all about?

Just what it says on the box, 'separate head system'.

New 28mm WWII miniatures with separate heads, plus a large range of separate head packs. This new system gives the gamer a greater flexibility for conversions and variation within his units.

The figures are the popular scale of larger 28mm, and are compatible with other WWII manufacturers' figures. Check out the prices too... think you'll find that these brand-new figures are 'very' competitive.

More of the Separate Heads System

We've released some new Squad and Platoon packs to get you started, plus a few speciality packs. You can now have your troops any way you want them. Just choose a pack of heads, and mix and match to your heart's content. With 'SHS', there are literally hundreds of combinations. What's more... we're working on some more packs to add to the already extensive list.

WWII Separate Head System:

20 heads per pack, 8 variants.

German Head Packs - £2.50 GBP

G-SHS1 Germans in Steel Helmets
G-SHS2 Germans in Steel helmets with netting
G-SHS3 Germans in steel helments canvas cover (SS)
G-SHS4 Germans in Forage Cap
G-SHS5 German Paras in Steel Helmets
G-SHS6 German Paras Steel Helmets Canvas Covers
G-SHS7 German Bare Heads
G-SHS8 German Side Caps

British Head Packs - £2.50 GBP

B-SHS1 British in Steel Helmets
B-SHS2 British in Steel Helmets Camo Netting
B-SHS3 British Paras in Helmets
B-SHS4 British Paras in Berets

US Head Packs - £2.50 GBP

US-SHS1 U.S. in Steel Helmets
US-SHS2 U.S. in Steel Helmets and Netting
US-SHS3 U.S. in Forage Caps
US-SHS4 Bareheads

Russian Head Packs - £2.50 GBP

R-SHS1 Soviet Head Side Caps
R-SHS2 Soviet Heads Steel Helmets

Indian Army British

IA-SHS1 Command (8 figures) Separate Heads - £7.50 GBP
IA-SHS2 HMG/LMG (11 pieces) Separate Heads - £7.50 GBP

French Civilians

FC-SHS1 French Civilians (1940's) - £7.50 GBP


WGB20-SHS British Para Command including flamethrower and Piat (in berets) - £7.50 GBP
WGB21-SHS British Para Command including flamethrower and Piat (in helmets) - £7.50 GBP

British 1940

1940WGB1-SHS British Riflemen
1940WGB2-SHS Highlanders

German Infantry

WGER30-SHS Fallshirmjager with Panzerfaust (SHS) £7.50 GBP
WGER31-SHS Fallshirmjager with Pack Mule (Separate Heads) £7.50 GBP

Separate Head System Squad Packs

Price: £8.00 GBP

WSB1 British Infantry Squad 1944
WSG1 German Infantry Squad 1944
WSU1 American Infantry Squad 1944
WSR1 Russian Infantry Squad 1944

Separate Head System Platoon Packs

Price: £28.00 GBP

WPB1 British 1944
WPA1 U.S.A. 1944
WPG1 German 1944
WPR1 Russian
WPG2 SS Platoon (due for release early next year)
WPG3 German Para (due for release early next year)
WPA2 U.S.A. Para (due for release early next year)
WPB2 British Para (due for release early next year)

'Battleground Accessories'

BAW1 Oil Drums (10) £10.00 GBP
BAW2 U.S. Oil Cans (20) £7.50 GBP
BAW3 German Oil Cans (20) £7.50 GBP
BAW4 Ammo Boxes and Crates £10.00 GBP
BAW5 Telegraph Poles (10) £10.00 GBP
BAW6 Gas Lamps (5) £7.50 GBP

Secrets of the Third Reich

SOR-G2 - Me 362 Jet Mecha - £16.99 GBP