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New for Tiny D6: Tiny Wastelands RPG

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West End Games writes:

Tiny D6: Tiny Wastelands

Tiny Wastelands is Our Newest TinyD6 RPG & It's Funding Now on Kickstarter!

Tiny Wastelands is post-apocalyptic roleplaying in a minimalist package! You'll be able to play survivors of lost and destroyed civilizations, mutants rampaging the wastelands, and so, so much more. Character creation is simple, fast and exciting. You pick your character type based on the exciting stories your Game Master is going to tell, you pick a few Traits that each grant a single benefit, and you're done!

Tiny D6

TinyD6 uses up to three six-sided dice as part of action resolution during the game. If you roll a "5" or "6" on a die, your check succeeds. Most checks are made with two dice. However, if you are deemed to have "advantage" on a roll, you gain a third d6 to roll. If you have disadvantage, you lose a dice (rolling only a single dice).

Characters are made quickly and easily. You will select an archetype (which grants you a special trait), a favored weapon, three Traits, and your character is done!

Tiny Wastelands brings some unique mechanics to the TinyD6 line, including customization for vehicles, scavenging tables for a variety of locations (both mundane and fantastic), mutation traits, and a lot more in order to help you survive the fallout of the apocalypse!

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