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Major William Martin RM Inactive Member writes:


Ever see the 60's version of "The Magnificent Seven"?

That is exactly how Yul Brenner's "Chris" and Steve McQueen's "Ben" meet in the early part of the movie, Yul driving the rig and Steve riding shotgun so they could bury an Indian in Boot Hill.

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onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP of On Military Matters writes:

Almost all of these will be available here at the shoppe in mid- to late-June.



THE CURSE OF THE DEAD MAN'S HAND: Dead Man's Hand Hearse This box set contains two horses, driver, and shotgun figure and a hearse. Hearse (MDF, not metal) produced by 4Ground, figures by Great Escape Games, and horses from Crusader Miniatures. 28mm scale model. Figures and horses supplied unassembled and unpainted. Hearse supplied fully painted, requires assembly. Base included. $29.00 USD



WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED HOW TO: A Guide To Modelling This 'How To' guide is a compilation of articles published over several years in Wargames Illustrated magazine. This first volume (like the following two, which will be published annually) is an eclectic mix of the best of the articles from our regular 'How To' column. Includes: NORTH AMERICAN MANSION: ACW mansion; ROMAN FORTIFICATIONS: Like those erected by Caesar in Gaul; BUILDING BRIDGES: A range of different bridge types; SOUTH EAST ASIAN BUILDINGS: Inspired by Vietnam; EARLY IRISH CHRISTIAN CHURCH: Irish monastic buildings – an early Christian church; SPANISH CONVENT: Can be used on the Churubusco battlefield (Mexico) or elsewhere around the globe; WOODEN FENCES & DRY STONE WALLS: Dark Ages; DICE TOWER: Eye-catching, dice-rolling tower for you; WATERMILL: Choose either Late Medieval European mill or a Colonial North American mill; NATIVE AMERICAN LONGHOUSE: Native American Longhouse; SIEGE TOWER: Tower; DUTCH WINDMILL: Traditional windmill; BATTLEFIELD DEFENSES: Variety of battlefield defenses; and REDOUBTS AT BORODINO: Russian earthworks. $10.00 USD

Uniform Guides…

UNIFORMS OF RUSSIAN ARMY DURING THE NAPOLEONIC WAR: Volume 16 – The Guards Cavalry: Cuirassiers, Dragoons and others

UNIFORMS OF RUSSIAN ARMY DURING THE NAPOLEONIC WAR: Volume 16 – The Guards Cavalry: Cuirassiers, Dragoons and others Covers The Guards: Cuirassiers, Dragoons and others – 1801 to 1825 – during the Czar Alexander I era. Our new edition has revised the plates, including coloring many of the images so far available just in black-and-white. Also includes some rare color plates from private collectors. $49.00 USD



THE WAR IN THE PACIFIC (South America) Also known as the 'Saltpeter War' or the 'Guano War' because the possession of these two highly profitable nitrates was the main cause of the conflict. This book examines the troops, uniforms and equipment used by the Chilean, Peruvian and Bolivian forces, and traces the events of the war from the early naval blockades, through major pitched battles, to the final guerilla campaign in occupied Peru. The war ended in total victory for Chile, and that country's military emergence thereafter as 'the Prussia of South America,' while it cost Peru some lucrative provinces, and Bolivia its outlet to the Pacific coast. A lavishly illustrated book with original plates by artist Angel Garcia Pinto. $30.00 USD


OPERATIONS OF THE POLISH ARMY DURING 1809 Originally published in 1841. Written by General Roman Soltyk and translated by George Nafziger. Reasoned critique of the operations of the Polish Army, disputing its territory and its liberties from the Austrian Army foot by foot. It was written by a man who was personally familiar with the people and events discussed in this work. Using original material along with his memoirs, General Soltyk lays out a fascinating and detailed account of the little researched, but equally important theater of war. $20.00 USD

HISTORY OF THE POLISH REVOLUTION OF 1830 With the ascension of Nicholas I as Tsar, the new administration attempted to clamp down on any nationalist thoughts. The Poles rose in rebellion and for two years fought against the Russians, seeking to re-establish Poland as an independent nation once again. The uprising was crushed, and though there would be further such revolutions, Poland would not become truly independent until 1919. This detailed account imparts focus on the innumerable battles. Written by a participant in the uprising and containing more than 30 maps, it is has long been a source of information on this event. $20.00 USD

DISPUTED VICTORY: Schley, Sampson and the Spanish-American War of 1898 An account of the naval campaign of Santiago de Cuba during the Spanish-American War of 1898 and the subsequent public controversy and Court of Inquiry, presided over by Admiral Dewey, over who was entitled to the credit of victory over the Spanish: Commodore Schley or Admiral Sampson. Includes 16 pages of black-and-white plates and six black-and-white maps. $50.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $42.50 USD

5TH SS DIVISION WIKING AT WAR 1941-1945: Images of War Series Drawing on a superb collection of rare and unpublished photographs, this is the fifth book in the Waffen-SS Images of War series and tells the dramatic story of the 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking at war. The men of the division were recruited from foreign volunteers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, and Belgium under the command of German officers. Not all were collaborators – the choice they were all too often presented with was join up or be locked up – or worse. During the course of the war, the division served on the Eastern Front in 1941, and eventually surrendered in May 1945 to the American forces in Austria. $25.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $21.25 USD

THE FORGOTTEN BATTLE OF THE KURSK SALIENT: 7th Guards Army's Stand Against Army Detachment Kempf Using the Russian Ministry of Defense's archives and Western sources, a companion work to the author's study of II SS Panzer Corps' offensive and the culminating clash at Prokhorovka. Includes 32 pages of black-and-white photos, 8 pages of color maps, and many tables. Lays out the German and Soviet plans for the battle; the forces arrayed for it, and the extensive Soviet defenses; and then goes through a meticulous examination of the course of the fighting. $60.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $51.00 USD

THE GERMAN ARMY ON THE EASTERN FRONT: An Inner View of the Ostheer's Experiences of War Using a selection of revealing extracts from a wide range of wartime documents, it looks at the totality of the Wehrmacht's war in the East. Combat is covered, and complicity in Hitler's war of annihilation against the Soviet Union. There are sections on the conduct of the war in the rear areas, logistics, medical, judicial, and the army's tactics, motivation and leadership. $43.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $36.55 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…


WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY #97 Special Feature: World War II Goes Weird – Playing 'What if?' World War II – Games Without Frontiers; A 'What if?' Assassination Mission – Kill Stalin!; Weird War II Airborne Operations – Operation Redrow; Weird War II Pulp Adventures – Lieutenant Liberty and the Doom Platoon; Operation Aconite, Hunting Beasts in the Forest – The Wolf's Bane; and Collecting for Weird World War II – Something Wicked this Way Comes. Features – The Empress Matilda's Flight – Bitesize Battle: Escape from Oxford; The Perils of Ptolemaic Pachyderms – Elephant Archos; The Swedes vs. the Dutch in North America – The Battle at Fort Mosquito, 1655; Making a Water Tower for Gaming – Dawn Raid on the Recycling Bin; and Upgrading Laser Cut Buildings – A Magnificent MDF Mansion. Departments – Miniature Reviews; This Gaming Life – Quick, Hide the Maths!; Tabletop Tactics – Early Artillery; The Irregular – Rivet Counters Anonymous; The Funky Street Fighting Game – Let's Play Street Wars NYC; Game reviews – Battlegroup Torch, Furioso, 1914, Wargame: Castle Assault, and Scream Aim Fire; Book Reviews; Parting Shots.

More on the Website…

Visit for all our stock in the shoppe. If you need additional information, don't hesitate to email or phone 609-466-2329. We are also offering used books and wargames (usually one copy each) on our website. Note that if you subscribed to our e-Flyer, you would have had first crack at them. Just drop an email to us to be put on our email list.

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