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unknown member of On Military Matters writes:

These new items are scheduled to be available here at the On Military Matters shoppe in late November to early December.

Wargames Annual

Wargamers' Annual 2019

Wargamers' Annual 2019 Sink The Bismark, Invasion 1744, Berlin 1945, Hungarian Revolution – the usual classic mix of scenarios, painting and basing tips, and the ever-popular Vignette Challenge. $26.00 USD

Terrain Making…

Wargamer's Guide to Making Tabletop Terrain: Tales of a Wargames Widow

Wargamer's Guide to Making Tabletop Terrain: Tales of a Wargames Widow Large-format, full-color guide to making terrain. The first compilation of the popular articles that first appeared in Battlegames and then Miniature Wargames. Includes 17 articles, concentrating on basic items such as terrain boards, rivers, bridges, fences, coastlines, and more. $26.00 USD


SAGA: Book of Battles

SAGA: Book of Battles Supplement divided into five sections: Skirmishes, Battles, Legends, Mass Battles, and Sagas. It is not a SAGA universe, but a collection of scenarios and game variants that can be applied to any universe in which you decide to play. It is therefore a perfect complement to the rulebook, a companion that enlarges its horizons by proposing alternatives to the basic Clash of Warlords scenario. $23.00 USD

Battlegroup: Spring Awakening Hungary, 1945: The Red Army invaded and pushed the Axis forces west, driving them beyond the Danube river. Budapest is under siege, with its garrison is trapped and fighting a desperate battle. To save them and secure the borders of the Reich, the Axis armies launch three relief operations. Unable to break through, a larger offensive with the last of the panzer divisions is planned for the spring. Operation Spring Awakening will try to drive the Red Army back over the Danube and secure Germany's remaining oil supply; without it, the war will be over. $19.00 USD


The Great War: WWI Boardgame – French Army Expansion

The Great War: WWI Boardgame – French Army Expansion A new expansion for The Great War game, introducing the French Army, The Battle of Verdun, and brand-new units for the French, British and Germans. Includes new scenarios, new terrain tiles, and rules for special personnel figures, along with a complete 1:100th plastic French army and new special personnel figures for the French, British and German armies. Please note: this is an expansion, and a copy of the core game The Great War is required to play. $69.00 USD

Wildlands: The Unquiet Dead Expansion. Components: 6 unique miniatures, 6 Character cards, 30 Action cards. The dead are rising, swords in hand. Drawn to the life-giving power of the crystal shards, a gang of Undead nightmares have taken to the battlefield. This ghoulish team can replace one of the existing factions, with the unique mechanic of shared activation offering an aggressive new playstyle, or they can be played using the new Encounter rules as monstrosities that can be controlled by any player, flooding the board as the battle rages. $25.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $21.25 USD

Peter Bunde Uniform Plates…

351: Berg: Husaren-Regiment 1814 / Konigreich Preussen: 11. Husaren-Regiment 1815

351: Berg: Husaren-Regiment 1814 / Konigreich Preussen: 11. Husaren-Regiment 1815 Uniform plate with 20 plus color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side. $14.00 USD


329 Mutina 43 BC: Mark Antony's Struggle for Survival

329 Mutina 43 BC: Mark Antony's Struggle for Survival Campaign series. $24.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $20.40 USD

264 South American Battleships 1908-59: Brazil, Argentina, and Chile's Great Dreadnought Race New Vanguard series. $18.00 USD
265 Superguns 1854-1991: Extreme Artillery from the Paris Gun and the V-3 to Iraq's Project Babylon New Vanguard series. $18.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $15.30 USD each

226 Division Leclerc: The Leclerc Column and Free French 2nd Armored Division 1940-1946 Elite series. $19.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $16.15 USD


Spying for Wellington: British Military Intelligence in the Peninsular War

Spying for Wellington: British Military Intelligence in the Peninsular War Offers the full account of the scope, complexity and importance of Wellington's intelligence department, describing a highly organized, multifaceted series of networks of agents and spies throughout Spain and Portugal – an organization that was at once a microcosm of British intelligence at the time and a sophisticated forebear to intelligence developments in the 20th Century. $40.00 USD

Walcheren to Waterloo: The British Army in the Low Countries during French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815 Most British historians have focused on retelling stories of British success, notably Wellington's, in Spain, Portugal, and during the Hundred Days campaign and tend to pay little attention to British military defeats. But is the focus on Wellington's successes really an appropriate way to understand the performance of the British army in a conflict which lasted over 20 years? And what about the army's poor record in the Low Countries, where it suffered defeats and sustained crippling losses during the same period? This study provides a more balanced account of the British contribution to the downfall of Napoleon. $45.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $38.25 USD

A British Profession of Arms – The Politics of Command in the Late Victorian Army The British army has invariably been seen as standing apart from other professions – and sometimes from society as a whole. A British Profession of Arms effectively counters this view as the British soldier, like any other professional, was motivated by considerations of material reward and career advancement with an intimate and occasionally amusing picture of what might affect an officer's career: wealth, wives, and family status; promotion boards and strategic preferences; performance in the field and diplomatic outcomes. Considers the role of personality, politics, and patronage in the selection and promotion of officers. Also looks at the internal and external influences that extended from the press and public opinion to the rivalry of the so-called rings of adherents of major figures such as Garnet Wolseley and Frederick Roberts. In particular, he considers these processes at play in high command in the Second Afghan War (1878-81), the Anglo-Zulu War (1879), and the South African War (1899-1902). $40.00 USD

Rollback: The Red Army's Winter Offensive Along the Southwestern Strategic Direction 1942-43 This study is drawn from a number of wartime and postwar articles, published by the Soviet General Staff's directorate for the study of wartime experience. Also featured are documents relating to the operational-strategic conduct of the various operations, which were compiled and published after the fall of the Soviet Union. Includes Southwestern Front's Middle Don operation of December 1942, and subsequent Voronezh-Kastornoe operation. The offensive not only accomplished its objective of turning back the German attack, thus dooming the Stalingrad garrison, but also destroyed the Italian army in the East, as well and enabled the Soviets to push as far west as Kursk. $60.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $51.00 USD

SS Specialist in Combat: Images of War Series The SS divisions included Cavalrymen, Paratroopers, Mountain, and Ski Battalions and these rare photographs illustrate the unique roleplayed by specialist units in action. Includes 200 Illustrations. $23.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 15%. New price: $19.55 USD

Magazines With Wargames…

Strategy & Tactics #314: Last Stand Isandlwana

Strategy & Tactics #314: Last Stand Isandlwana Each game turn of Last Stand is equal to 5 to 20 minutes of real time, depending on the tempo of action in each turn. Each hexagon on the map represents 217 yards (200 meters) from side to opposite side. There are 176 ⅝-inch counters with each British unit-counter representing a company or a detachment of infantry. On the Zulu side, the individual units each represent temporary battlefield agglomerations of the about 100 to 200 warriors. Includes magazine. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $36.00 USD
Vae Victis #142: Corbach 1760

Vae Victis # 142: Corbach 1760 Articles: Boardgames: Fort Sumter – GMT; Roads to Gettysburg II – MMP; Longstreet Attack – Revolution Games; The Great Game – Legion Wargames; Bloody Monday – Vento Nuovo Games; Armageddon War – FPG; NR3 – GMT; Helsinki 1918 – Up Games; War of the Worlds- France DVG; and 1754 – Asyncron; Scenarios: ASL and M44; Miniatures: Team Yankee – After Action report; Revoltes huguenotes (1620-1629) 2nd part; Saga Croisades – After Action report; Scenarios Secession 1862, Presentation Western (Peter Pig); and Blood Eagles scenario; Technic: Les decors desert 2nd part; Hobby: French Consim; Art of War: 1759-1760 – Seven Years War, French campaign in the Western Germany; Wargame: Corbach 1760. During the offensive in Germany, Broglie was with the main French forces in Frankenberg in Hesse, 30 km south of Corbach. He ordered Saint Germain to join him with the Army of the Rhine. Ferdinand, duke of Brunswick, stationed 10 km east of Corbach, sent the Erbprinz of Brunswick to prevent the junction of the two French armies. The Prinz, having made contact with Kielmansegg Corps, decided to attack what he though was only the vanguard of St. Germain. However, Broglie himself with six brigades arrived on the battlefield while some German reinforcement force-marched to join the fight. Corbach 1760 uses the same system as Hastenbeck 1757 (published in Vae Victis 126) with a slightly different scale: One combat point = 150 to 250 men; One hex = 200-250m, and One turn = 30 minutes Die cut counters. [French text with rules also in English]. $24.00 USD

World at War # 64: The Rats of Tobruk Uses a derivative of the Famous Divisions Series that appeared in World at War # 20 (Grossdeutchland) and # 34 (Guards Armored). Rats of Tobruk is a two-player operational/tactical game that simulates Rommel's Easter Day attack on Tobruk in April 1941. This battle primarily involved the Australian 9th Infantry Division, as well as British artillery batteries that were tasked to prevent the capture of Tobruk harbor by the German 5th Light Division. Each game turn represents approximately six hours. Game turns are not divided into separate friendly and enemy turns, but rather they are comprised of numerous individual headquarters activations. The map represents the western half of the Tobruk fortifications in 1941. Each hexagon encompasses about 500 meters. $40.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $36.00 USD

And Don't Forget the Magazines…

Ancient Warfare: Volume 12.4 – The Power of Poseidon – Naval Warfare in the Hellenistic era

Ancient Warfare: Volume 12.4 – The Power of Poseidon – Naval Warfare in the Hellenistic era Theme: The Power of Poseidon – Naval Warfare in the Hellenistic Era: big, bigger, and bmall – Historical Introduction; Warrior Sailors of the Ptolemies; Ports and Shipsheds of Athens; Ships to Brag About; Typical Gadget – The Roman Boarding Bridge; and The Vexing Vessel – On the Lembos. Other Features: Grim Realism – Analyzing the Mainz Column Bases; Trusted Men – The Evocati; Gladius Gallicus – Celtic Swords for Italic Warriors; Friderica Alexandrina Navis – Reconstructing Oberstimm II; Bristling Mercenaries – A Ligurian Warrior; and Fake News from Zama? $10.00 USD

Ancient History Magazine #19: The Divine Twins: Artemis and Apollo Theme: The Divine Twins: Artemis and Apollo: Artemis and Apollo in the Greco-Roman World – Sharing the Womb, Sharing the World; Protector, Provider, and Force of Divine Vengeance – Artemis the Huntress; Paradox, Punishment, and Passion – Artemis and Apollo; Recreating Ancient Greek Taste – Celebrating Artemis; and Predicting the Future with the Help of Apollo – The God of Prophecy. Other Features: Roman Wine Trade and Consumption – One for the Road; A Journey Along the Via Flaminia – In the Footsteps of Hadrian; The Many Lives of Nero – Antichrist or Messiah; Gaming Your Way Through Ancient History – Assassin's Creed: Odysse; Ancient Cinema's Third Wheel – Mark Antony; and Meaning, Context, and Interpretation – The Laughing Legal Scholar. $10.00 USD

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #4: World War III: What Ifs? Analyzes the military aspects of that long struggle between the two powers. The approach is to analyze where World War III might have started and been fought in each of the decades between 1945 and 1991. The chapters include original maps, orders of battle, and photographs. It is written to be of value to newcomers, as well as those who consider themselves experts. The prose is clear and free of jargon, but rich in detail and analysis. This issue includes a map poster. $15.00 USD

TMP Special Offer: Save 10%. New price: $13.50 USD

Omm Book Clearout

Only one copy each. First come, first served. All are sold as-is. Books are hardback in good condition, but dust jackets are often torn in places. Prices as marked plus the usual shipping costs.

$2 USD Books (or 3 for $5 USD)

* Paris Underground. Etta Shiber. 1943. First person account of French underground. $2.00 USD
* The Evaders: The Story of the Most Amazing Mass Escape of World War II. Leo Heaps. 1976. After Arnhem, 250 Brits evade capture with help of Dutch underground. $2.00 USD
* Guadalcanal Diary. Richard Tregaskis. 1943. July 26-Sept 26 by war correspondent who landed with Marines. $2.00 USD
* Invasion! The Greatest Combined Military and Naval Operation in History. 1944. Charles Christian Wertenbaker. D-Day from prep to taking Cherbourg by Time and Life war correspondent. $2.00 USD
* Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Capt. Ted W Larson. 1943. First person account of bombing Tokyo by Doolittle Raid pilot. $2.00 USD
* Abandon Ship. Death of the U.S.S Indianapolis. Richard F. Newcomb. 1958. Account of the torpedoing and delayed rescue of crew. $2.00 USD
* Around the World Submerged: The Voyage of the Triton. Capt. Edward L Beach. 1962. First person account by her skipper of 36,000 mile voyage. $2.00 USD
* Battle Below: The War of the Submarines. Robert J Casey. 1945. Written in 1943, offers anecdotes of U.S. submarine service patrols. $2.00 USD
* This is the Navy: The Navy in Action on Sea, On Land, and In The Air. Critchell Rimington. 1945. Dictionary with photos of naval terminology, from Aircraft carriers, Ammunition…to Yards, Zero. $2.00 USD
* Up Front. Text and Pictures by Bll Mauldin. 1945. First person account of front-line activity accompanied by cartoons. $2.00 USD

$5 USD Books (or 3 for $10 USD)

* Damned to Glory. Col. Robert L Scott jr. 1944. Anecdotes of aerial action against the Axis. $5.00 USD
* Queens Die Proudly. W L White. 1943. Follows B-17 air action in Philippines, Java, and Australia in early WWII. $5.00 USD
* Visions of Infamy: The Untold Story of How Journalist Hector C Bywater Devised the Plans That Led to Pearl Harbor. William H Honan. 1991. British naval correspondent influences Japanese captain Yamamoto in interwar years. $5.00 USD
* Target Berlin: Mission 250 – 6 March 1944. Jeffrey Ethell and Alfred Price. 1981. Detailed account of U.S.A.AF bombing mission over Berlin. $5.00 USD

$8 USD Books (or 2 for $10 USD)

* Under the 82nd Airborne. Deborah Eisenberg. 1945. 1992. Fiction. Seven stories, of which each seems to have little to do with airborne operations. $8.00 USD
* God is My Copilot. Col. Robert L Scott jr. 1943. First person account of fighter combat with the Flying Tigers. $8.00 USD

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