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Winter Mega Event 2021 at Alternative Armies

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Personal logo 20thmaine Supporting Member of TMP writes:

I do really appreciate how well the rules are supported with free stuff and new scenarios as new figures are released.

But (there had to be a but!)

Sounds like a Core Book and Theatre Expansions…..

…Kickstarter beckons (perhaps?)!

Well, I can hope! grin

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18th Century
American Civil War
Science Fiction

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Battlefield in a Box European Farmhouse

Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian expands his 15mm modern building collection.

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The Simtac Tour

The Editor is invited to tour the factory of Simtac, a U.S. manufacturer of figures in nearly all periods, scales, and genres.

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Gavin Syme GBS Sponsoring Member of TMP of Alternative Armies writes:

The largest and most looked-forward-to event of the year is now on at Alternative Armies. Until 9AM GMT, Friday, 3rd December, we have 20% off every order automatically at check-out, an array of 30 new releases, a free stated pack in every package, and more. Full event details are in this message for you to read. Go to the website and have a browse down to the lefthand menu and within the sub-menus to see what interests you among our thousands of miniatures, bases, books and more.

20% Off Every Order

20% Off

Once you have put everything into your cart, proceed to check-out. Once there, our website automatically deducts 20% from the cart, total on screen before payment is made. No code needed. You will see the total reduce on screen. This discount is automatic and applies to everything on the site, and if the product is already discounted on screen (such as a value pack or divisional army pack), then this discount is on top! So for example, all digital titles are 20% less than print, and you will get a further 20% off them during the event. Note: you may not use any other manually-entered discount code during the event.

Free Shipping, Shipping Rates & European Small-Order Rate

You can see all our prices for shipping on our website, including flat rates for door-to-door courier shipping and free shipping. The U.K. and Europe have a small order reduced shipping rate. Note: you must reach this amount after your discount is applied for the free shipping to come into force. The largest orders will be sent out for free shipping by UPS Courier and we will inform you of this by email.

Free in Your Package


We like to give our customers a bit more, and this applies also during big events. During October, the entire pack of ten pieces of HOT111 Dem Bones 15mm scale skeletons and skulls (worth £6.00 GBP) is included in packages automatically, you need do nothing but place your order. There is no limit on the number of orders as the free code will always be included. The free code changes on 1st November, and then again on 1st December, and we will announce this on those dates during the event.

30 New Releases

New releases

The greatest number of new releases in an event ever, and in fact with variants slightly more than 30. All of these new codes are now on our website to purchase. Each of them has Image Coming Soon until its images and news are publicly announced (which we shall do almost every day during November) to give each its time in the sun. See them all in new releases, as well as our Renaissance range and Erin Celtic Myth range. Here they are by scale:

28mm Scale

  • CM26 – Streng of the Iron Club (Fir Bolg Hero)
  • IB55 – Starvaulter Knights (Pack and Single Miniatures with separate arms and back pack)
  • IB56 – Starvaulter Knights II (Pack and Single Miniatures with separate arms and back pack)
  • FL28 – Female Landsknects
  • ALT000 – Alternia the Barbarian
  • JBC00 – Canadian Paladin on Flying Moose
  • 52528B – Legion de Nain Uhlans on Boars
  • 52528P – Legion de Nain Uhlans on Pigs
  • 52529B – Legion de Nain Hussars on Boars
  • 52529P – Legion de Nain Hussars on Pigs
  • 52530B – Legion de Nain Dragoons on Boars
  • 52530P – Legion de Nain Dragoons on Pigs
  • TSF3 – Szithk commando leader on foot
  • TSF5 – Szithk firing projector
  • TSF13 – Froog in power armour

All on Tabletop Games and Asgard Science Fiction.

15mm Scale

  • IAFP14 – Starvaulter Lance including free extra unique miniature (Starvaulter Hero)
  • IAF159 – Starvaulter Rifle Demi
  • IAF178 – Starvaulter Command Demi
  • IAF179 – Starvaulter Support Demi
  • IAF180 – Starvaulter Assaulter Demi
  • IAF176 – Hazelwurm Mk II Patrol Lifter
  • IAF177A – Colabreta Patrol Lifter Mk I
  • IAF177B – Colabreta Patrol Lifter Command Mk III
  • HOTR01 – Orc Horde
  • HOTR02 – Orc Archers
  • HOTR03 – Orc Command
  • HOTR04 – Orc Boar Riders
  • HOTR05 – Trolls
  • HOT139 – Bone Cart
  • MRP03 – Georg Von Frunsberg on foot and mounted
  • SGF188 – Fuku Tanuki
  • SGFP54 – Japanese Boxes and Containers (Pack and Single Pieces)
  • RAP050 – BEAST Mutant Bulls

Isarus range, 15mm Arabs return to the website with all new pictures and re-mastered Cavalry Command and camels.

6mm Scale

  • BR036 – Marcach Hover Tank (Four or Single with Turret Choice)

Deals, Bundles & Offers


We keep all of our biggest savings in one place across all our ranges. See them on our deals page. Save from 5% to 50% off, plus offers of added miniatures free. Those keen on our Slaughterloo game system should visit its page, where divisional army packs already with a saving are all listed. Well worth checking out, and the event discount applies on top of prices on the deals page. We have offers too from the 15mm Laserburn range with 50% off single Law Officer Bike and single Redemptionist Trike by customer request.

Rule Systems & Digital Downloads


At Alternative Armies, we have a selection of gaming titles in print and as paid digital downloads, all of which are in this event. Note: also that our download version are 20% cheaper than print, and that is before adding them to the cart. Flintloque, Slaughterloo, DarkeStorme, plus Sengoku Monster Hunter, Furioso, U.S.E.M.E., and Doom Squad, plus many more.

We accept many forms of payment through our website, such as PayPal and credit cards, plus Google Pay and Apple Pay. If you would like to speak to us about an order or you have a question, please make contact with us.

Thank You for Reading & Enjoy the Big Event of the Year!

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