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Ancient Egypt, Africa & Asia: The History of Dress, Arms & Tools Reference Collection

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Wargame Vault announces the availability of:

Ancient Egypt, Africa & Asia: The History of Dress, Arms & Tools Reference Collection
Price: $7.99 USD

Publisher: Matomaton

A Matomaton National & Period Dress Reference Collection for Wargamers, Roleplayers & LARPers

43 full-page, full-color illustrations of the history of dress, arms and tools of Egypt, Africa and Asia in antiquity, along with images of the Byzantine Empire and others during late antiquity and the Middle Ages.

This PDF contains reproductions of the actual illustrations from Frederich Hottenroth's Dress, Arms And Tools Of People Ancient And Modern. These high-quality scans have been arranged by nation, area and/or era and provide a valuable reference resource for painting miniatures or creating period-appropriate attire.


This collection contains images of the Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Africa and Asia, as well as later period nations of the same areas.

The 45-page PDF contains the following pages:

  • Two pages for the cover and legalese
  • 43 images, one per page

Each collection is provided in a smaller, low-resolution version (20-50mb) and a high-resolution version (50-100mb).

Also Available or Coming Soon

National And Period Dress Reference Collections in this series include Ancient Egypt, Africa and Asia; Greece, Rome and The Celtic Nations; India, China and The Tartar Tribes; England and the Anglo-Normans; France; Germany; Northern Europe; Southern Europe; and Russia and Eastern Europe.

Other collections of national dress or period costumes, armour and weapons will be made available in the future. If your interest is in the history and development of European military uniforms, there are also a number of Military Uniforms Reference Collections.

About Matomaton

I've long been fascinated by the history of civilian and military dress and the development of tools and weapons throughout human history. Having had high-quality scans of Hottenroth's illustrations for some time, I thought that other people might share my interest, particularly other wargamers and roleplayers looking for reference material when painting miniatures.


These PDF files may not be resold or redistributed. If you are interested in using copies of the individual plates for use in commercial projects, please contact me via my website.

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