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eBayer goblins-goodies Accused of Piracy

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Several consumers stepped forward today to say that goods purchased from goblins-goodies via eBay were counterfeit.

Goblins-goodies listing and advertised figures from eBay

"I did the research and am 100% (dis)satisfied that he is a recaster," says Chick Lewis, who won four auctions from goblins-goodies in March. "Among many other pieces of data, my email query to him 'how do you come to have so many foundry figs' was answered 'good old fashioned American ingenuity, I guess.' Then I asked if he could sell me a few more of a particular figure and yes, he could. Recaster."

"I did get some of these figures, and I am positive that they are recasts or pirates," posts Gordon on the Colonial Wars mailing list. "Metal composition is a little sketchy. Seems that the casting compound was too hot when it was used. A sign of this, FYI, is that the metal when it hardens leaves a slight 'rainbow' effect. Also, in many cases the base of the figure was incomplete. They certainly were not up to the usual Foundry standards."

Rick (posting in the same discussion) noted that his purchases were suspicious due to having more flash than Foundry figures normally have. "I recently asked the seller a direct question - 'are these Foundry originals?' and have yet to receive an answer."

Another purchaser, a former caster for Ral Partha, also identified the products as knock-offs - "the metal wasn't right."

40K Terminators and Obliterators listed by goblins-goodies on eBay

"They are fake as a forty dollar bill," one purchaser told TMP, who bought figures sold as Games Workshop products from goblins-goodies. "Cast from 'casting metal' rather than pure tin or lead free alloy, duplicate casting flaws, never stripped, and - the biggest tip off - some models (Fimir) that were never cast and offered by the Legends Shop (the only source for certain official re-casts)."

goblins-goodies - Stephen L. Carlton of Kansas City, Missouri - currently has 64 auctions on eBay, selling figures from Games Workshop, Ral Partha, and Foundry. He lists his email as

Based on the eBay record, Copplestone Castings notes that goblins-goodies has sold more of their Somali figures than Copplestone Castings had sold to any single source.

At an estimated average of $50.00 USD per auction, goblins-goodies may have sold as much as $17,000 USD on eBay over the past 6 months.

LotR Mordor Trolls listed by goblins-goodies on eBay

goblins-goodies has an eBay score of 1317, with 100% positive feedback, and has been registered with eBay since September 2000.

"Fast, friendly service got him a positive from me," explained one buyer to TMP, who was later tipped off by a friend that the figures might not be genuine.

"He was apologetic, but evasive," said one customer who confronted Steve about a purchase. "He told me a fishy story about these having come into his brick and mortar store as 'trades' and had never been examined. He refunded me and told me to keep the models (always a sure sign...), and begged me to forgive and not spread the word."

We have been unable to confirm whether Steve Carlton is the same person who previously did business as

TMP has contacted Mr. Carlton by phone and email for comment on this story, but has not received a response.