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Topgun Marketing Grav Tank & Painting Contest Update

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Soldat writes:

those are some neet looking tanks well done!

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Top Gun Ace Inactive Member of Topgun Marketing LLC writes:

I just wanted to let people know that we are now caught up with our grav tank orders, and to express our appreciation to those of you who pre-ordered our products, and have been very patient with us.

It has been a real challenge and learning process, getting into the resin-and-metal model production business.

Things have taken much longer than originally anticipated, but hopefully you will find they are worth the wait.

I also wanted to update you on our painting contest. We have decided to push the submission deadline out a couple of months, due to the delays in getting some of the models out to our customers.

Submissions for the following categories listed below, will be due by midnight, May 31st. There are many categories for prizes, and each entrant can only win in one category, so many will have a chance to win free models from our grav vehicle range.

Light tank platoon

I hope you enjoy the submission photos from Richard Meaden, for his take on our smooth-hulled, Type 9 grav tanks.

Light tank platoon

I think his platoon looks superb, and ready to do battle on a planet near you. His unique camo pattern, unit badge, numbering scheme, threatening eyes on the vehicles, and other small details really set these apart from any sci-fi grav tanks I have seen painted to date.

The official painting contest categories include:

1. best combat action photo on the tabletop (hint - no dice, rulers, rulebooks, soda/beer cans, or other distracting items in the photos please). Staged photos are fine. Vehicles and infantry from other manufacturers may be included in a supporting role, but of course we prefer our vehicles to be prominent and well represented in the photos);

2. best painted platoon (must be Topgun Marketing grav armor);

3. best painted vehicle with the Active Armor Defense System (AADS - the ones with the circular patterned plates on their hulls - must be Topgun Marketing grav armor);

4. best looking clean-hulled grav vehicle (must be Topgun Marketing grav armor);

5. most attractive and unique paint scheme (must be Topgun Marketing grav armor);

6. people's choice for best painted vehicle(s) (must be Topgun Marketing grav armor), and a poll will be run to select the winner.

Let's add a 7th, for good luck, and just for fun, say, the best vehicle with custom additions, modifications, conversions, etc., for good measure (note - adding competitor's hardware is right out [not acceptable] - you must create your own items from scratch, or from other scavenged parts, not from sci-fi vehicle detailing parts from others).

The "Clean-Hulled" models appear to be perfect for this, but of course you can submit any vehicle(s) desired for this category.

Each category winner will receive a free Topgun Marketing grav vehicle of their choice, in exchange for unrestricted rights to use their photos of the vehicles, for online marketing purposes, sales brochures, etc.

The winner of Category 1, the "Combat Action Photo" entry will win a full platoon pack, and/or two section packs of two vehicles (four vehicles of the entrant's choice).

When submitting entries, please ensure you save them in JPEG format, and keep the file resolution fairly high, so that we can see all of the nice detailing and work you have put into your models, e.g. 500kb to 1 MB+ is recommended.

If desired, multiple views of the same models may be submitted, so that we have a chance to choose the ones we feel represent the best angles of vehicles.

Entrants will have their work properly credited, when shown here on TMP, on other sites, or in any hardcopy form.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about the painting contest, or our products.

Best regards!

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