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Strandhogg Viking Age Skirmish Rules Are Out

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unknown member writes:

What I like about the rules: fast play, easy to learn, minimal die rolling, easy to come up with scenarios, neat archery/spear tossing tools, LOF/LOS rules…What I don't like: paying for spears (most common weapon), not paying for swords (most uncommon weapon), limiting size of war band to 12 figures (if you have the points, buy what you like, LOF/LOS can become an arguing point.

Have played these rules for a year now as well as Pig Wars.
I guess it depends on the flavor of the game you want…..


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unknown member writes:

Strandhogg Viking Age Skirmish Rules 793–1066 A.D.


Fall In 2005 Award-Winning Rules Now In Stock!

Take the field as a powerful Norman Lord, Saxon Ealdorman or Viking Jarl, in a 1:1 skirmish adventure. With each player assuming command of up to 3 twelve-man warbands, play is fast, fun and unpredictable. Gather your forces using troops such as Warriors, Berserkers, Ulfhednar, Archers, Slingers and Levy. Of course what would a strandhogg be without some unsuspecting Town's Folk and livestock! It's all there.

Strandhogg utilizes a command & control-based movement system, simultaneous melee, and a unique missile-fire resolution process. Unit and individual morale and courage as well as weapons such as spears, bows, 2-handed axes and slings are all modeled, to name a few. These rules work equally well for skirmishes in the Ancient period.

The rules, available at for $20 USD, include a 64-page 5½ by 8½ rulebook, 1 each of Viking, Norman & Saxon Player Record Sheets, 1 page of charts, missile fire templates and 1 set of The Bones special-event cards. You supply the scenarios. Fortunately there is no shortage of Viking adversaries: Normans, Saxons, Franks, Moors, Anglo-Saxons, Picts, and Hibernians, just to name a few...