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World's Largest Dungeon: Move-in Specials

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CaesarCovi writes:

Hello! Sorry for not posting sooner, but yesterday was a bit crazy around here; the response to our WLD bundle deals has been overwhelming to say the very least!

Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to answer some questions that people asked on this thread:

1) The mega-map is indeed made up of several individual maps. The reason why some of you may not have seen the maps when you visited your local FLGS is because they are in a separate, shrink-wrapped bundle. AEG packaged them this way so that you don't have to rip them out of your nice book. We keep ours under the counter and hand them to buyers so that people don't accidentally leave the store without them; other stores may have done the same thing.

2) The maps are indeed grided, but you cannot play directly on them since the squares are about a quarter of an inch in size. Full blown squares would be nice, but it would also mean a map that is four times the size of the current one!

3) The first batch of bundles shipped out today - your should be receiving the tracking number for your orders in your email shortly. I expect that the next couple of days will be busy judging by the orders that we received so far but I don't foresee delays running longer than 48 hours (unless or Reaper stock runs low, in which case we will have to wait for a restock before we can ship the bundles). Thanks to everyone who ordered so far!

Last but not least, we will be running a weekly session of the WLD every Thursday in the store. If I get enough requests for it (email me: I will post a brief narration of what happens every week here; that way you can get a 'sneak' peak at what exactly goes on in the WLD!

John Coviello

Owner/Public Relations Manager

Little Shop of Magic

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CaesarCovi of Little Shop of Magic writes:

The World's Largest Dungeon - AEG's colossal D&D module - is now in stock and available for purchase at the Little Shop of Magic.

More maps than you can shake a stick at

Featuring nearly 1,000,000 words and 100 maps of adventure, this dungeon holds enough danger and excitement for years of adventuring. A gigantic saga that will take characters from neophyte dungeon crawling all the way to epic levels. Miles of passageways - enough to fill a map the size of your living room contain every monster in the monster manual, all gathered into logical ecologies and never before seen diabolical hierarchies and encounters. If your group is serious enough to fight its way to the top, the World's Largest Dungeon is a challenge you can't pass up!

  • The largest d20 book ever made.
  • Every monster in the OGL is included
  • Hundreds of monsters, NPCs, and random encounters
  • Unique encounters with tactics and advice for keeping the PCs on their toes.

Of course, all this real estate will do you no good unless you can find enough tenants to properly fill its meandering corridors and cavernous rooms. To help budding dungeon keepers along their merry way, the Little Shop of Magic has married AEG's incredible dungeon with Reaper's outstanding fantasy miniatures in the following bundle deals:

Neophyte bundle: $100.00 USD
  • 1 Copy of The World's Largest Dungeon +
  • $20 USD Worth of Reaper miniatures (your choice)
Apprentice bundle: $120 USD
  • 1 Copy of The World's Largest Dungeon +
  • $50 USD Worth of Reaper miniatures (your choice)
Adept bundle: $140 USD
  • 1 Copy of The World's Largest Dungeon +
  • $80 USD Worth of Reaper miniatures (your choice)
Master bundle: $150 USD
  • 1 Copy of The World's Largest Dungeon +
  • $100 USD Worth of Reaper miniatures (your choice)
Overlord bundle: $175 USD
  • 1 Copy of The World's Largest Dungeon +
  • $150 USD Worth of Reaper miniatures (your choice)
Dungeon cover

All bundle deals can be ordered by contacting our Live customer support on our website ( or via email at