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Brigade Models: New British Aeronef

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Today, we're launching a pair of new British Aeronef dirigibles. The first, and smaller vessel, is the LRS class (Long Range Scout) which, as the name suggests, is a patrol vessel with minimal armament, but capable of long-duration missions to scout out enemy fleets.

The large, twin-envelope craft is the Mantis-class Dig Bomber. These vessels carry significant loads of gravity bombs for dropping on ground targets or, if the bomb-aimer is very good (or very lucky), even on enemy vessels below.

British Digs

Both craft have non-rigid main envelopes using the distinctive tri-lobe design employed by British WWI airships, with multiple independent ballonets inside each lobe to provide some measure of redundancy and damage-proofing.

Both craft can operate with the Ark-Royal-class Dig Tender. A group typically consisting of an Ark Royal, several conventional escort vessels, and six to eight digs would be deployed as an independent, long-range scout unit. The digs would be sent off on patrol missions of several weeks' duration, returning to the tender for refueling, rearmament and replenishment of their gasbags. The tender can handle either two LRS class or one Mantis class on deck, with room in the large hangar for two LRS.

VANFP-107 – British Patrol Fleet – £22.00 GBP
VAN-126 – LRS-class Patrol Dig – £1.00 GBP
VAN-127 – Mantis Dig Bomber – £2.00 GBP

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