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TodCreasey Supporting Member of TMP writes:

I just read the Musocvy's Soldiers book in this range and it was fabulous – really looking forward to getting this one at Cold Wars

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Dave Ryan Sponsoring Member of TMP of Caliver Books writes:

The first thing we have to do is commend the Peter Snayers book to all the C17th enthusiasts out there.

Cruel Seas is shipping now, as are the new Flames of War books and Clash of Kings 2019 from Mantic. Note that we are able to ship the new Ospreys well in time for Xmas

We also have just restocked on the very popular Fighting 20s plastic WWII Germans from Valiant.

With that little bit of news out of the way, here is this week's releases.

H26873 Wargames Illustrated WI375 January – With £6.00 GBP worth of free Cruel Seas boats – Note that 374, also with a freebie, sold out so get your pre-order in. (Note that WI has increased in price.) £5.25 GBP

Cretan War

H26875 Cretan War (1645-1671): The Venetian-Ottoman Struggle in the Mediterranean / Mugnai, Bruno 272p. v well illus including eight full-color plates by Bruno, superb as ever. £26.50 GBP

H26876 Superguns 1854-1991 – Osprey New Vanguard – shipping now. £10.00 GBP

H26877 Division Leclerc: The Leclerc Column and Free French 2nd Armored Division, 1940-1946 – Osprey Elite 226. Shipping now. £11.25 GBP

H26878 South American Battleships 1908-59. Brazil, Argentina and Chile's great dreadnought race – Osprey New Vanguard – shipping now. £10.00 GBP

H26879 Mutina 43BC: Mark Antony's struggle for survival / Fields, N –Osprey Campaign 329. Shipping today. £13.99 GBP

Battle Painter

H26880 Peter Snayers: Battle Painter 1592-1667 – Large-format hardback. English edition. Fantastic book, the one we've all been waiting for. 420 pages with over 200 mostly colored illustrations: double-sided reproductions of the paintings, many detailed views, maps and contemporary engravings. £85.00 GBP

H26881 Costumes of the Armies Engaged at Waterloo, Volume 1: British Army – Paperback, 75 full-color illustrations. 116 pages. Drawn from authentic sources by Charles Lyall, 1894, captioned and annotated by modern Napoleonic uniform experts. £27.50 GBP

H26882 Holiday Hellboy – Mantic – limited-time pre-order ends at the end of December. Will not ship until late February. £28.50 GBP

Soldiers II

H26883 Frostgrave Soldiers II: Female Fighters – 20 x 28mm plastic multi-part. Post-free worldwide. £20.00 GBP

H26884 Tactica II: Ancient & Medieval Rules – 110 pages. Large-format paperback. After years of global play, Tactica receives an updated, upgraded version – Tactica II – that keeps the same streamlined system using multi-based units, clarifies the existing rules, and incorporates improvements to all aspects of this game. Tactical formations represent ancient armies with movement and command control intertwined within the course of a battle. £34.50 GBP

H26885 Marlborough as Military Commander / Chandler, David. One only near-mint hardback in library-style plastic jacket. £35.00 GBP

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