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More Squadron Boxes for Federation Commander

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Billiam Inactive Member writes:

I like the old-skool look as well, though the Selatorians really need to be re-sculpted. The Gorn also need some work -- the fills they did to build-in the nacelles is pretty rough-shod, IMO.

My biggest problem with the line is that some of the older models really need new moulds made. Some of the casts need an incredible amount of work to make them useful. I generally don't recommend the line to people who don't have much miniatures experience.

The best bang for your buck is the FedCom Border Boxes. At $100 USD for 24 ships (ignoring the battleship box) it's one of the best deals in starship miniatures.

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Michael Sparks of Amarillo Design Group writes:


Prime Directive d20 Modern: Final Frontier!

Final Frontier

Done for the most-used modern/sci-fi RPG system around, this new book is everything players need to visit strange new worlds and meet interesting new species, completely rebuilt for the "modern" rules set.

SKU 8721, $24.95 USD

Fed Commander: Squadron Box #19: Lyrans!


Six-foot aliens that look like a lynx and are almost as easy to deal with, the Lyrans are the ferocious allies of the Klingons, with a heavy battlecruiser, heavy cruiser, dreadnought, destroyer, and frigate.

SKU 4319, $34.95 USD

Fed Commander: Squadron Box #20: Hydrans!


Methane-breathing aliens from a world two hundred degrees below zero, their dreadnought, heavy cruiser, heavy battlecruiser, destroyer, and frigate are armed with devastating short-range firepower.

SKU 4320, $34.95 USD

Fed Commander: Squadron Box #21: WYNs


Defending the edge of their radioactive nebula, the WYNs are a polyglot empire including renegades and rebels from five different empires. WYN CW, AxBC, and DW; Hydran Mongol, Lyran Jaguar.

SKU 4321, $34.95 USD